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What’s Your Price Review (2023) - Is It Legit or Scam?

Want to try luck on What’s Your Price for your sugar dating? Check out the WhatsYourPrice review to learn what’s it all about.

Alex | Updated:

If you’re looking to meet a well-off man to improve your lifestyle or meet an attractive and young woman you can get along with, jumping on online dating should be the most effective way to find a sweet sugar relationship.

So, can What’s Your Price help you with that? Can you have more luck there than on other sugar daddy sites? Is it worth your time? Are you confused as to what’s it all about? Here is the WhatsYourPrice review. Now, let’s take a look at it.



What Is WhatsYourPrice?

Launched in 2010, WhatsYourPrice is a widely-used website to fuel sugar relationships with first-date incentive. WYP makes meeting up a wealthy man or an attractive woman much easier and quicker. Since it totally skips the part where people have to take a step to get to know the other person on the website.

What’s Your Price overturned the traditional sugar dating site, making the initial attraction of both parties much different. That being said, sugar daddies can bid on a date/meet-up with a decent amount of money and sugar babies can get more hits will their youthful appearances and beauties.

So, with WhatYourPrice, you will have chances to meet up someone and have dinner in a high-end place, develop a deeper connection and turn into an arrangement.

  • Simple registration process.
  • Multiple search filters.
  • It’s completely free for sugar babies.
  • Bids can be countered.
  • Tips for a better profile picture.
  • Easy to plan dates.
  • App and email notifications.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Less high-caliber compared with other top sugar dating sites.
  • It’s harder to be given a generous allowance for sugar babies.
  • It doesn’t have a strict anti-scam or verification system.
  • It maybe burn through lots of credits.
  • Only available as a website. No app version.

Membership Structure Overview

WhatsYourPrice has millions of users worldwide with more than 200,000 monthly visitors. Remarkably, around 84% of them are from the US, followed by the UK with 10%, Canada with 4%, New Zealand with 0.5%, and Ireland with 0.23%.

What completely overwhelms our imagination is the female-to-male ratio is 3:7 which is almost exactly opposite the other sugar daddy sites with a ratio like 7:3 or 3:1.

Add that, the overall age distribution ranges from 18-64. There are around 30% of sugar babies are in their 20s and 28% of sugar daddies are in their 40s.

Monthly Visitors


Traffic Share

Average Monthly Traffic
















Gender Split 

WhatsYourPrice - Gender Distribution


What's Your Price - Country Distribution

Age Distribution

WhatsYourPrice - Age Distribution

WhatsYourPrice Cost

There is no premium membership or subscription fee for WhatsYourPrice. Sugar babies can use it for free while sugar daddies or sugar mamas have to buy a bunch of credits/coins to unblock messaging features.



100 Credits


500 Credits


1000 Credits


How does the credits system work?

It’s simple. Those credits are for you to message someone and read messages and the amount of credits is a percentage of the amount you agree on the first date incentive. The higher the offer, the more credits it costs to unlock messaging features.

First Date Incentive

Credits Cost

$5 - $49

10 Credits

$50- $99

15 Credits

>= $100

20% of amount

 What’s Your Price - Special Features

  • Offers

A user has to send an offer to a sugar baby or request an offer from a sugar daddy/momma. Plus, it allows both parties to counteroffer it. Once the first date price is set and an offer is made, you can talk to someone and discuss details in private, planning the date and seeing what to do afterward. This might save a lot of time for both sides if they want to go on a date IRL.

  • Favorites

This feature allows you to favorite someone if you’re interested in their profile. That way, they can see your profile in the Favorited Me list. Also, even if you just view their profile with no favorite, they can see your profile in the Viewed Me list. These are all where two sides can find their potential dates or available dates may have missed out.

WhatsYourPrice - Favorites

  • Free Messages for Sugar Baby

It’s good news for a female or male sugar baby who is low on cash. You don’t have to pay to communicate on WhatsYourPrice. A sugar daddy or sugar mommy needs to pay to start messaging while as a sugar baby, you can message someone and read their message without a single penny or credit.

  • Credits System

Undoubtedly, the success of What’s Your Price in the sugar dating area is also credited to its credits system. It makes it much more fun and interesting to initiate the interaction. Besides, it prompted many sugar daddies to cherish the opportunity to communicate because it would burn lots of credits to finalize the first date if they were half-hearted to arrange.

  • Email Me

WhatsYourPrice not only sends you notifications on the site but will also email you with recent matches, Favorites, new offers and new messages. This makes sure you will not miss out the critical information when you are off the site. 

What's Your Price - Email Me

How to Use WhatsYourPrice - Step by Step

WhatsYourPrice is easy to join and use. Whether you’d like to dip your toe in the bowl or use it to go on a first date, the following simple steps can help you know how to make the most out of it.

  • Step #1. Registration

You can sign up with an email or simply sign up with Google.  

Sign Up For A WhatsYourPrice Account

Then create an account with basic information like choosing to make or receive bids on dates.  

Create A WhatsYourPrice Account

  • Step #2. Verification

In order to get access to the service, you need to verify your email address.

What’s Your Price - Email Verification

You will also need to add at least one photo. The ID verification is optional.

This verification process can take up to a day. You can fill in your profile like your Interests, About Yourself and your Ideal First Date during this time. Make sure your description is cute, sweet and straight to the point.

  • Step #3. Discover & Search

You can discover tons of profiles with advanced search filters such as Location, Distance, What kind of relationship you’re looking for, age, height and lots more.

What’s Your Price - Search Filters


If you are a sugar baby, make sure you have eye-catchy photos to attract sugar daddies/mamas. That way, you will get more hits. That’s where the story begins.

  • Step #4. Request or Make an Offer

For a sugar baby: After finding someone you’re interested in, you can give a request to them to bid for you by hitting the “Make Request” button. They can ignore and counter it when they see your request.

First Date Incentive On WhatsYourPrice

They can also withdraw their offers. So, if you see the right offers come, make sure to respond as fast as you can.

For a sugar daddy/momma: You can hit the “Make Offer” on someone’s profile. Similarly, they can ignore and count your offer.  

Make Offer On WhatsYourPrice

When both sides agree on the offer, sugar daddies/mamas need to spend credits to message someone and plan a date/meet-up and subsequent communications.

WhatsYourPrice - Alternatives

Given the above, WhatsYourPrice is reasonably a great space for finding dinner dates. Sugar daddies can find sugar babies to talk with them and hear their stories and plan future dates. And sugar babies can be wined and dined & earn extra money as well. Basically, it’s sort of like a paid M&G or PPM. Still, some people have a couple of good dates and end up being intimate and have developed sugar relationships.

So, it's safe to say that WYP is between sugar dating and PPM arrangement. If you want to try some more sugar-like sites and apps, here are some other sugar daddy sites and apps that might meet your criteria.

Best alternatives to WhatsYourPrice



Best For


Secret Benefits


Best alternative to WYP with credits system





Best for happy arrangement




Best for meeting sugar daddies online




Best for verified sugar daddies and sugar babies


Elite Singles


Best for career-driven sugar babies

What's Your Price - FAQs

If you still have questions about WYP when you started, here are FAQs answered below that may clear something up for you.

  • Is WhatsYourPrice free?

WhatsYourPrice is free for bid receivers. The free membership allows users to request offers to sugar daddies/mamas, view profiles, and read messages. For bid makers, they need to purchase credits to unblock messages in order to set up the first date with a sugar baby.

  • Is WhatsYourPrice legit?

WhatsYourPrice is a legit website for bidding on dates. It makes setting up a meeting much easier. You can use it to find someone to have fun with, go out with someone to a bar, for dinner, get someone to gift you, do your own arranging and even look for love and lots more. Users who register for WYP for escorting and prostitution will get their accounts blocked or banned.

  • What’s Your Price vs. Seeking Arrangement - Which one is better?

WhatsYourPrice is the sister website of Seeking Arrangement. It works much differently with Seeking.

WYP is undoubtedly a good fit for women who want to get extra money and have dinner in a high-end place and for men who are interested in meeting up an attractive woman for a couple of dates. So, it’s hard for both sites to find someone on WYP who want to sustain a sugar relationship.

The significant difference is that most people come to the Seeking for monthly allowance mentorship and companionship. So it’s suitable for women looking for wealthy men with money who fancies them and for men who are looking for sugaring or a long-term arrangement. Also, Seeking made the online and platonic dates acceptable.

So, which one is better? It depends on what kind of relationship you want.

  • How do you get paid from What’s Your Price?

After two sides agree to the suggested price, a bidder can pay to unlock the messages, have a conversion with you and set up the M&G. You will get paid on your first date. Mostly by cash. You can also get paid online. However, the cash option is better for your information privacy and safety.

  • How do girls get $150-$300 on average and more on these dates?

The bidder would take the offer with a grain of salt. So, many bids are relatively low. You will surely make your profile picture more eye-catching if you want a high price. Due to the nature of this site, you need to give more thought to your photos to attract sugar daddies/mamas. That way, you will be able to accept offers of $200-$350.

Also, make sure you go on there frequently. More frequently, you go on the higher up in the search that you come up. So you can get more hits. That’s the key.

  • Is there a WhatsYourPrice app?

Unfortunately, there is no WhatsYourPrice app available. It’s an online dating website. But it works the same as the sugar daddy app. It’s easy to use and navigate. You can use it responsively on any device like your tablet, Mac, iPhone or Android phone.

  • Is WhatsYourPrice Safe?

WYP is relatively safe to use with a reasonable verification system. Those frauds, scammers and who are looking or offering prostitution services will be banned. However, you need still be careful of who you are dealing with because some scammer is never found. To keep you safe and avoid creepy people, we suggest you read the safety dating tips.

  • How to delete a WhatsYourPrice account?

If you get tired of WhatsYourPrice’s service and want to delete the account, here are the simple steps to delete it.

1. Log into your WYP account.

2. Navigate to Settings by clicking the thumbnail on the top right corner of your screen.

3. Click on Account Settings and find out the Delete option.

4. Confirm your password and click the “Delete account” button.

Delete A WhatsYourPrice Account

Final Thoughts

This is all about WhatsYourPrice review. Something surely stands out as best among the sugar dating websites. Although there are not a lot of high earners, it makes setting up a date/meet-up much easier compared to other top-notched dating sites like Seeking and SugarDaddyMeet.

So, any luck on What's Your Price?

From our perspective, it depends on your situation. For instance, if you’re looking for someone to wipe your loans and pay your bills or help you get through college, WYP is not a good fit. While if you just want to earn some extra money, WYP is a great option.

About the Author

Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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