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What to Look for in a Sugar Daddy? 5 Pieces of Advice from Reddit Sugar Babies & Sugar Daddies

What to look for in a sugar daddy? We've rounded up the top 5 liked threads on Reddit to find out what a good sugar daddy looks like with first-hand sugar dating stories.

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What To Look For In A Sugar Daddy

Setting goals is the cornerstone of any success. This is no exception for sugar dating. But what to look for in a sugar daddy? This question might trouble many young and innocent sugar babies. The best advice you can follow is that given by experienced sugar daddies and sugar babies. They've been through highs and lows, seen what is good and evil, and survived in the sugar bowl. In this blog, we’ve rounded up the top 5 liked threads on Reddit. Let’s find out what a good sugar daddy looks like with first-hand sugar dating stories. 


He Gives You Wings and Sets You Free

Freedom is the first thing to look for in a sugar daddy. The sugar relationship is transactional but it should never be financially manipulative. No sugar daddies have the right to control the way you live or dress merely because he is the benefactor. Instead, a kind and generous sugar daddy puts your needs first, he wants you to be happy, and he encourages you to chase your dream. Even if this means you might leave him, he still respects your decision. 

Sugar daddy RealisticSD’s heartwarming story is the best example, which has garnered the second most thumb-ups on Reddit in the sugar forum. In the thread, he shared that he just ended a six-year sugar relationship. He decided to set his sugar baby free after knowing she made up her mind to find someone to get married to and have kids. Actually, he knew this relationship would never work out from the very beginning. But he still dedicated 100% financial support and attention to his sugar baby. He had been even telling her to look for a husband a long time ago. 

This story is melancholy for RealisticSD but in the comments, a lot of sugar daddies praised him and held the same opinion. They together draw a picture of what a great sugar daddy looks like. 

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He Has Empathy for You

FoxyFreckles1989 is a sugar baby with more than 10 years of experience in the bowl. In her most liked Reddit thread, the first advice she mentioned is looking for a sugar daddy who has empathy to understand the risks a sugar baby might encounter.

“He always makes sure you’re safe, heard, considered, and that you consent to whatever intimacy might take place on a date, every single time.”

She admitted that sugar daddies are often scammed, lied to, or stolen from. But none of those things can compare to the situations where a sugar baby is being threatened, taken advantage of, physically assaulted, or even raped. FoxyFreckles1989 learned this lesson in a very harsh way, so she felt responsible to share it with other sugar babies.

To protect sugar babies’ mental and physical health, she also emphasized the importance of setting boundaries. Some of her rules are that she never partakes in intimacy without receiving the PPM until a sugar relationship is well beyond established; never ignores her gut feelings; never consumes alcohol on a sugar date. 

He’s Happy to See You Flourish & Helps You Grow

Sex is important but connection matters more to a sugar daddy. One of the signs is his willingness to mentor you. That being said, a sugar baby should look for a sugar daddy who finds fulfillment in making a difference in your life, offers you all the resources you need, and cheers for your success. 

Sounds too good to be true? On Reddit, SD_throwaway222 shared his pride in helping his sugar baby buy the whole apartment building of 18 units! 

It all started with the time when he was dabbling in Bitcoins. His sugar baby showed some interest and he paid her 4 Bitcoins worthy of $3K at the time. After she went to grad school, they separated but kept in touch by email. 

Once she reached out to him saying that she lost her phone and all the Bitcoins she had were on it. He helped her recover them. To his surprise, she had accumulated 40 Bitcoins by that time. Since she didn’t know much about Bitcoins, he told her to keep them till they were worth something and taught her how to sell them. 

Later on, someday, his sugar baby emailed him that she sold out all the Bitcoins and bought the whole apartment building of 18 units, each of which rents for 1600 Euros a month. 

He Is Open to Communication 

In a healthy sugar relationship, you should feel comfortable expressing yourself, whether it is about money or sex. So the sugar daddy you’re looking for should be someone who pays attention to your words and tries to understand your situation. If you face judgment or even criticism when speaking up for yourself, it’s time to reevaluate this relationship. After all, you’re not hired by your sugar daddy to put up with everything he wants. 

However, good communication with your sugar daddy also requires some practice and skills. When bumbusaucee was asking her sugar daddy for an increase in her allowance, she thought and planned a lot before speaking it out. She had even practiced the whole pitch many times. Thanks to her meticulous approach, her sugar daddy said yes and went on sharing with her so much about the techniques of asking for a raise or promotion at work, negotiating salaries, and his previous experiences. 

He Doesn’t Think Money Alone Let You Stay

Will you date a sugar daddy who is abusive, unhygienic, and out-of-shape just because he is rich? Most likely not. You will aim higher when you’re looking for a sugar daddy even if the female-to-male ratio is quite unbalanced in the bowl. While sugar babies are investing themselves in their appearance, brain, and body, sugar daddies should do the same.

As Gingerdaddy56 sets the standard on Reddit, a sugar daddy should work on himself instead of taking his sugar baby for granted. 

“Clean yourself up, dress sharp and appropriately. Be a gentleman in the town, give her the ride of her life in the bedroom. If you think money alone entitles you to a sugar baby, you too are doing this wrong.”

This is his advice for all the sugar daddies. 


The sugar daddy you’re looking for should be someone who gives you freedom, has empathy, helps you grow, is open to communication, and never takes you for granted. Those qualities seem impractical but the five most-liked sugaring stories on Reddit are the best proof. Having them in your mind, you, as a sugar baby, should never settle for less.

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