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What Makes You a Good Sugar Baby? 10 Qualities Every Sugar Baby Must Have!

What makes you a good sugar baby? Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that every sugar baby must have in order to make your sugar daddy happy.

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What Makes You A Good Sugar Baby

Sugar babies have a responsibility of making their sugar daddies or mommas happy, so they must be capable of doing that in order to get financial benefits in return. But the question, “What makes you a good sugar baby?” is still misunderstood by many. Some consider good communication with sugar daddies and mommas to be needed, while others think loyalty is the key. Some people just portray themselves on dating sites to look like good sugar babies. However, mutual understanding is the key to good communication and is also required in this regard. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that every sugar baby must have in order to be good enough to satisfy your sugar daddy.


Create Good Sugar Baby Bio!

One of the most important things to be done by sugar babies in order to be attracted by sugar daddies is to create a good sugar baby bio. It is mainly a profile in which you add all your details, which anyone can access and judge you based on. So, try to keep it straightforward and brief and write the most important information about yourself, such as your age, location, interests and what qualities you want in a sugar daddy. Avoid using negative and abusive language, and highlight your hobbies so that sugar daddies actually get to know what you enjoy doing. Besides that, write an eye-catching sugar baby profile headline and add pictures that represent your appearance in the best possible manner. In order to take an example of a good sugar baby bio, you may visit the website SugarDaddySeek and see how sugar babies portray themselves. That’s all you need to create a good bio.

Have good conversations with your Sugar Daddy!

As mentioned earlier, communication is the key that makes or breaks a bond. So, it’s important as a sugar baby to have good conversations with your sugar daddy in order to understand what makes you a good sugar baby. A sugar relationship isn’t all about having sex all the time; it’s about how you treat each other as well. Never try to be judgemental, and never be too personal to make him feel uncomfortable. Discuss different topics and get as much information as possible while being open-minded as well. Avoid talking about his partner if she left him or cheated on him. Having good conversations leads to healthy relationships that last longer also.

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Set Boundaries Right from the Start!

Defining the limits and setting the boundaries with your sugar daddy right from the start is really important, as this is the factor which drives your relationship till the end. Though he’s hired you to fulfill his desires, you can also say no to things when you’re not feeling well or uncomfortable. If you want the safety of your privacy, you must ask him about it instead of being fearful about what he’ll think. Be clear with him about what you want to do and what you don’t. Once you don’t let your sugar daddy cross his boundaries, nor do you cross yours, the relationship will be strong and healthy.

Show Interest to your Sugar Daddy!

Sugar daddies not only keep sugar babies for fun but also want attention. They want someone to listen to them and talk to them about various things. So, as a sugar baby, except for asking your sugar daddy for money, it’s your responsibility to learn about his life events, what he likes to eat, what kind of places he wants to go to and what kind of women he likes. This will make him feel like you’re interested in him, and that’s what attracts sugar daddies more. So, try to be in touch with him and be there for him whenever he needs you, because that’s what makes you a good sugar baby.

Look Glamorous for Every Sugar Date!

The first thing sugar daddies notice in a sugar baby is the appearance, how the girl looks, how she maintains herself, and what kind of body structure and figure she has. So, a sugar baby must keep working on her appearance, buy makeup to look good and keep exercising in the gym to stay fit and attractive. Since babies spend a lot of time with sugar daddies, they also get an idea of which appearance attracts the former the most. So, get ready in that way for every sugar date so that whenever he looks at you, he feels happy to have you and considers you a good sugar baby.

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Keep Dramas to Yourself!

Since a sugar baby spends a lot of time with her sugar daddy, they get to know each other’s habits and interests. But since sugar daddy wanted the baby for fun, he would never tolerate any drama. For example, if he wants a sugar date and you make lame excuses in order to avoid going out just because it’s cold outside or for similar reasons, he’ll understand it straight away and may not like it. Similar is the case with having sex. So, if the purpose he’s kept the sugar baby for isn’t fulfilling, he won’t take much time to get rid of the baby. That’s why sugar babies must behave nicely and act like they’re interested in sugar daddies.

Open to Sex

Men have a habit of getting ready to make love without thinking about time or place. So, the sugar baby should prepare herself mentally in a way that she’s open to sex. Always look beautiful in front of him, and attract him in different ways, i.e. by wearing sexy clothes or the ones he likes the most. This will excite him and he’ll be happy after sharing the bed and spending some moments of love. However, remember that sex is not a must. Do it only when you feel like doing it and it is also possible to have a sugar daddy texting only!

Be a True Friend to your Sugar Daddy!

Being a true friend of your sugar daddy doesn’t require much effort; you can share your daily routine and thoughts with him, ask him about how he spends his leisure time, which books are his favorite ones, and try to give him those as well. Listen to him carefully about what life events he has to share with you. Most sugar daddies want sugar babies because they were either cheated by their partners or their partners were no more in this world. So, you may ask about how he got divorced and what challenges he faced during his married life. This emotional stability is what a sugar daddy is also in need of, and no one can offer it better than a sugar baby.

Keep Promises

It doesn’t matter whether you are with your partner or a sugar daddy; you’ve to be nice and honest at the same time to keep things smooth. The same thing applies to being in a sugar relationship. You must be honest with him, keep your promises and be readily available for him all the time instead of asking for a date and then making excuses. This will ultimately create a good image of you in front of the sugar daddy, and your companionship with him will last long.

Be Smart Enough to Avoid Sugar Daddy Scams!

Some online dating apps and sites work in a way that they don’t even bother to check and verify the profiles of their members. As a result, some people create fake profiles, come in contact with sugar babies and call them at home, rape them and offer them nothing. Such sites must be banned, and sugar babies must be aware of such sugar daddy scams as well because safety must be their top priority under any circumstances.


A sugar daddy is always looking for certain qualities in a sugar baby in order to have fun and make love. And each sugar baby must know the answer to “What makes you a good sugar baby?” in order to understand what exactly the sugar daddy is looking for. Don’t try to be over-smart in front of him, nor look for shortcuts to avoid him. Make him get attracted to your body and talk to him quite often in order to make him feel comfortable. And in order to avoid any kind of scams, do look for some authentic websites like SugarDaddySeek and try your luck.

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