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Top 5 Upscale Dating Apps for Picky and Wealthy Singles

Want to know where to meet the elite and wealthy online? Read this post to find out the best five upscale dating apps for elite singles.

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Online dating is surging, with a majority hopping over dating apps to find love. Unfortunately, where online dating platforms provide several great opportunities, it has become a common ground for people with poor and fake profiles to catfish or scam people online. 

Naturally, discovering love on regular dating apps is nothing but uncalled-for trouble, especially for the elite. However, for singles on the high end, upscale dating apps have become a beacon of hope in the land of love and romantic relationships. 

In this article, we will discuss the best five upscale dating apps that are fit for elites to find someone they prefer, rich and famous. 

Upscale Dating App


The League – Overall Best Upscale Dating App

The League is the best high-end dating app, perfect for elitists. In addition to that, there are a few features that make The League the Harvard of dating apps.

The League

  1. A waiting list is required to get into The League.

Quality control at The League is none like others. Instead, they closely monitor each profile and run several checkpoints to ensure that only crème de la crème is added to their platform. 

You will be required to carefully craft and submit an application and wait, possibly months or until the League review team decides whether you qualify to join the club of the elites. 

  1. High price tag to make sure users take it seriously.

The League is known for bringing together ambitious, successful, and high-end singles to breed what’s best known as the Power Couples. And they want their members to take the platform seriously. Accordingly, they charge a very high monthly fee, from $199.99 to $999.99. 

You may want to know how to find a rich man online for free.

  1. Link to LinkedIn and Facebook to make sure of authentication. 

Unlike many dating apps, The League is more interested in knowing and enlisting genuine A-list people than the ones with random information and pool-party selfies with lousy lighting. 

So, they request you to link LinkedIn and Facebook to validate your identity. Then the app automatically syncs information like education, career, and interests to your League profile for others to know about your achievements and stature.  

  1. Block out people in the same industry.  

The League has the option to block out everyone who might be in the same business as you. This is helpful because now you don’t have to worry about matching with your co-worker or someone in your LinkedIn contacts. 

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SugarDaddySeek – Best Free Upscale Dating App

Sugar Daddy Seek

Paying bundles of cash is not something every elite might be comfortable doing. Plus, some people would like the opportunity to meet amazing people with good backgrounds without selling off their kidneys for a membership fee. 

This is where SugarDaddySeek captures the market. It is the best free upscale dating app to connect elite individuals. 

  1. Exclusive sugaring arrangements can be found on SugarDaddySeek.

Besides finding great romantic relationships, SugarDaddySeek is also the best to find potential and secure sugaring arrangements among the elites of society. With a pool of high-end individuals, the chances of meeting someone established, rich, and interested in sugaring are incredibly high. 

  1. A great number of rich and high-quality profiles.

Many other dating apps host millions of profiles where the good and the bad ones get intermingled. However, with SugarDaddySeek, you can access many rich and well-put-together profiles with ease. 

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  1. Unlimited profile viewing with no charge.

Upscale dating apps are all about promoting exclusivity and quality members. But, viewing unlimited profiles is a feature only available to premium members. With SugarDaddySeek, you can view all the amazing and rich profiles without an additional fee. 

  1. Strictly identified membership to avoid scams.

SugarDaddySeek ensures that members are selected via a strict process to avoid scammers and fake people lurking online. They are also serious about maintaining their high standards by running regular audits and profile checks. 

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How to use SugarDaddySeek to find elite singles

Signing up with SugarDaddySeek is much more straightforward than other competitors in the market. You can enter the world of elite and wealthy singles at SugarDaddySeek with just a few clicks and a genuine profile. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Log in, create your profile, and complete the validation process. 

Step 2. Search for your ideal sugar daddies/babies based on your preferences. 

Step 3. Get in touch with your sugar match and start your elite sugar dating journey. 

Luxy - Upscale Dating App for Millionaires

Luxy Upscale Dating

As the name suggests, Luxy is an online dating platform marketed to be known as the place where singles and millionaires meet. Their members are mainly CEOs, bankers, investors, doctors, and all the other big shots one can think of. 

  1. A strict sign-up process that takes more than 24 hours.

Luxy is another upscale dating app that keeps a thorough check on applicants. However, signing up on Luxy takes more than 24 hours. Once you submit your application, your profile will be vetted based on your occupation, appearance, background, and income. Only those who fit well with Luxy’s requirements are chosen as members.

  1. Meticulously filtered accounts to ensure maximum validity.

If you thought The League’s verification process was a spun ball, Luxy is not far behind. Luxy requires their prospective members to submit their passports, driver’s licenses, or tax return documents to ensure maximum authentication. 

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  1. LinkedIn is required to be bound to Luxy for verification.

Like The League, the members must link their LinkedIn profiles with Luxy profiles. This helps Luxy cross-check the information entered and showcase your accomplishments and experience to other prospective candidates to find the best match for online dating. 

  1. Premium packages are offered, including the Black and Platinum plans.

Luxy’s screening and matching processes highly support their aim to bring together the best elite matches. However, anyone who wishes to go one step forward with their premium packages is offered Black or Platinum monthly plans for $99 or $333.99, respectively. 

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eHarmony – Best Upscale Dating App with High Success Rate

eHarmony is one of the first dating platforms that developed the 32 Dimensions system to match single individuals. The members are required to complete a personality quiz. Then the system narrows down the prospective partners based on the key areas of the personality. 

Among other advantages, these are the three most prominent things about eHarmony:

  1. A rather high success rate in a relationship on eHarmony.

The 32 Dimensions system is designed to find partners best suited for each other. eHarmony takes pride in creating a model that helps simplify the online dating process and provides members with a positive online dating experience. Hence, the consumer satisfaction and success rate of eHarmony is soaring high. 

  1. Good dating experience on eHarmony reported by users.

Traditional online dating and finding a stable relationship can be a tough nut to crack for most individuals today. However, eHarmony ensures that you get in touch with potential partners who share the highest compatibility with you, which results in a good dating experience and possible happily ever afters. 

  1. Large user base with more than 2 million messages sent weekly.

The consumer base at eHarmony is one of the largest. Although they have people from every walk of life, the screening process ensures that you get elite matches according to your liking and preferences. With more than 2 million messages sent weekly, you can imagine the depth of this market leader's vast candidate pool. 

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Elite Singles – Best Upscale Dating App for Educated Singles

Elite Singles is an upscale dating app that delivers the most relevant and active dating matches online. They use an intelligent matchmaking algorithm that filters and finds the most suitable potential partners on the platform. 

  1. 85% of members on Elite Singles take above-average education.

Like other major high-end dating apps, Elite Singles focuses more on bringing together like-minded and educated people. Undoubtedly, more than eighty-five percent of their members have received higher education and are bright intellects. 

  1. Memberships are spread over 25 countries worldwide.

Elite Singles is an international and diverse platform that invites people with different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and nationalities to find love on their dating app. As a result, the chances of meeting someone special on Elite Singles are noticeably high.

  1. Hundreds of thousands of new members per month.

Although Elite Singles is an established brand in the market, they are keen on validating and authenticating every application they receive. Even after a strict validation process to ensure quality and genuine people, hundreds of thousands of new members are added to the platform. 


Finding love online may seem like a usual business, but it is more complicated than ever. A similar case is with elites and high-end members trying to match with people with similar backgrounds but end up getting scammed or catfished. 

Nonetheless, with the right and best upscale dating app, elites can fully explore their dating options and find the true relationship they have been searching for.


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