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Sugarbook Review in 2023: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Is Sugarbook worth the time and money? Check this Sugarbook review before you actually step into the sugar dating world.

Alex | Updated:

Like Sugarbook's slogan says,” Where romance meets finance,” this dating site is one of a kind as it connects sugar daddies and sugar mummies with sugar babies for mutually beneficial transactional relationships. Sugarbook

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time browsing dating apps, you probably know that many options exist. But one, in particular, has carved out its own niche: Sugarbook. It’s not your typical dating app; instead of searching for potential mates and going on dates, users on the Sugarbook dating app find others who want to date for money. It is an online dating site that links sugar babies with wealthy patrons. This platform allows people to connect, meet, and build mutually beneficial relationships.

But how does it work and is SugarBook legit? Keep reading to learn more in this Sugarbook review.


What Is SugarBook? 

Sugarbook is an online sugar dating app. It operates similarly to other dating apps, but with one major difference: users on the app connect for mutually beneficial relationships. Users are either sugar daddies (wealthy men) or sugar babies (young women or men who use their youth and look to exchange sex for money). The app is available on iOS and Android. 

SugarBook Members Overview

Sugarbook has about 1.4 million users in more than 190 countries around the world, so it has a large reach. It’s available in multiple languages, so users from different countries can easily navigate the app. 

Sugarbook’s members are as young as the average dating app user; the average age of a user on Sugarbook is 18 years old. This sugar daddy app has a lot of sugar babies in their mid-20s to early 30s. While the sugar daddies and sugar mommies are between 35-50 years of age.

The Sugarbook dating site has more females to males ratio because of its student program that admits more female college students as long as they can show proof of enrollment, thus making the females on the dating site than the men. 

Sugarbook Features

The app features various tools to help you find sugar mummies and sugar daddies to find sugar babies for relationships and dates. You can use the search field to filter by age, location, and sexual orientation. 

You can also use the message feature to let other users know you like their profile. You can also send a message with a GIF or sticker as a way to lighten the mood and draw attention to what you want to say. 

Another great feature is the message before matching the feature. This allows you to message up various potential matches for free before deciding who you want to match with. 

Finally, Sugarbook is designed for influential men to connect with beautiful women for transactional relationships. The app employs moderators to ensure a safe and positive experience for female users. Plus, you can report and block anyone who’s being abusive or inappropriate.

Special Features

  • Sugarbook Livestream

Livestream allows users to stream videos to other people on the app. It can be used for a variety of purposes, like showing off your house, car, vacation spot or yourself. 

Sugar Babies can also have video calls with sugar daddies, and there’s a feature to view other users’ profiles while you’re on the app. 

Users may now watch and live stream from anywhere in the world.

  • All-new Live feature

- New Gifts section

- Improved user experience

- Improved Messaging feature

- Live Video and Live chat

- Communicate, entertain, and live

- Better streaming experience

It should be noted that Sugarbook users have access to a list of the platform's unique features. Sugar daddies and their sugar babies may meet in a secure and confidential setting. Furthermore, several qualities will be of interest to pupils. Female students receive their premium membership for free if they present proof of current enrollment. It is quite beneficial for individuals who desire to get a luxurious and wealthy career while attending university.

Sugar daddies have shown knowledge of ladies, their beauty, and their personal attributes. All of the available matches have been confirmed, and you will not be disappointed or dissatisfied throughout your discussion.

  • Sugarbook Student Program

The Sugarbook student program enables college students to sign up with their official school email addresses to access their premium features. As we all know, making rent or finding a summer job can sometimes be difficult for college/university ladies. Sugarbook, on the other hand, assists these ladies in efficiently managing their costs and incomes by letting them use their premium features for free simply by doing the above. 

Furthermore, using Sugarbook, college students may organize their tuition, rent, and maintenance. This type of agreement is between the sugar daddy and his sugar baby, but Sugarbook facilitates it. Sugarbook also requires users to produce confirmation of enrollment in order to be linked to sugar daddies.

How to Use Sugarbook

Registration - You’ll need to create a free account and provide basic information to start the app. 

You would then be prompted to provide information such as your name, referral code, email address, and other details. You are now prepared with your Sugarbook account. Keep in mind that users must wait for the email immediately after completing the registration procedure. The user receives access to the profiles area and further only after verification. 

Sugarbook Registration

Verification - Like many dating apps, Sugarbook will ask you to verify your identity with a government-issued ID. 

Once the verification procedure is complete, the account access will be opened immediately. Users will be unable to accomplish basic functions such as sending messages or exchanging photos with other members until after making an upgrade to premium.

Discover and match - browse through profiles to see if there are any users who catch your eye. However note that to continue enjoying the app, you have to upgrade to premium. Registration and verification are free, but matching isn't, and chatting isn't either. 


You can use the Sugarbook free trial when you sign up on the app for the first time. However, you cannot send messages for free. You can read the first message in your mailbox for free.

Duration Cost Total
1 Month $71.90/Month $71.90
3 Months $55.95/Month $167.85
6 Months $39.95/Month $239.70
Free services Premium services
Registration Join date, hide your online status
Profile creation Advanced Search Filters
Basic search and use of filters You can unlock read recipes to know if someone read your messages
Free messaging, however, limited to other users If someone read your messages
Add users to favorites Unlimited messages to all users
  View who saved your profile as favorites
  See who viewed your profile

Sugarbook - FAQs

Is Sugarbook legit?

Sugarbook is a legit dating app that connects sugar daddies and sugar babies for mutually beneficial dating. It has more than 1.4 million users from more than 190 countries, making it one of the most popular dating apps out there. 

Is Sugarbook free?

While signing up on the app is free, using the features isn’t. However, if you are looking for a free sugar daddy app, or want to browse unlimited profiles for free, you can turn to a free sugar daddy site like SugarDaddySeek.

Also, female college students are given access to the premium features as long as they should proof of being in school such as a school ID.

Can you use the Sugarbook app?

Yes, you can use the Sugarbook app; all you need to do to locate the ideal Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies is sign up for a free Sugarbook account. However, to use the premium features, you need to pay for them. 

Simply create your profile and search for sugar daddies on the app. After the first message on the app, you can’t send messages for free unless you upgrade to the premium account.

How to delete a Sugarbook account?

Head to the app settings to delete your account and click on the “delete account” button. You’ll see a pop-up window asking if you’re sure you want to delete your account. Click “yes,” and your account will be deleted. Your account will be deleted within 48 hours. Another option is to contact the customer support service and request assistance.


This Sugarbook review has shown that the mutually beneficial dating app is not a scam; it is legit and connects sugar babies with sugar daddies and mummies for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sugarbook is a high-end and pricey dating platform for successful and rich guys. If you want to discover your sugar baby, you should subscribe to and pay for a premium account. Only then will a customer have access to a large number of attractive and fascinating females. 

Sugarbook is quite adventurous and open in creating a platform that attempts to connect people looking for an honest, mutually beneficial transactional relationship. With the capacity to remain private, it benefits sugar daddies and sugar babies worldwide. This is a fantastic website that may help anyone spice up their love lives. 

About the Author

Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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