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Your Complete Guide to Get a Sugar Mummy in Dubai 2023 

Looking for a rich sugar mummy in Dubai? Learn how to seek them out, say the right things, and attract them! You also get to earn well at the same time.

Robin | Updated:

Sugar Mommy Dubai

Want to be well taken care of and pampered? Dream of securing a well-paid job in Dubai without attending dozens of interviews? A sugar mummy in Dubai can make all of that happen and much more! To put it in a nutshell, a sugar mummy is simply an older woman who is looking to have some fun with a younger man. It is a form of financial arrangement where the woman will pay for the man’s expenses, help him to get a job, or even secure a visa if required. In return, she gets to enjoy his company and also enter into a sexual relationship with his consent. It is quite a thrilling proposition indeed! How to find a sugar mummy in Dubai? You'll know the answer after reading the most comlete guide.


Who Are Sugar Mummies in Dubai?  

Sugar mummies in Dubai are middle aged women, in their late 30s to 50s, who date younger men (known as sugar babies) and support them financially as well. Such a relationship is often based on pragmatic expectations, where younger men are expected to accompany their female partners. But then again, the money being paid out to the men could be for companionship, sexual intimacy, or both.  Sugar mummies have the following characteristics: 

They are middle-aged and usually divorced or separated.

They are quite rich, and thus, can afford to spend a good amount of money for dating a younger guy.

They look for companions to take to movies, parties, restaurants, or even on trips.

They are seeking male attention and compliments, which make them feel confident and desired.

The main goal is to be satisfied from a short-term relationship without seeking any commitment, making them very practical. However, the sugar mummy in Dubai might enter into a longer relationship with her sugar baby if they are compatible.

How to Find a Sugar Mummy in Dubai? 

A sugar mummy in Dubai can be found both online or offline. Some women look for companions in places like resorts, restaurants, and even at the gym or yoga classes. However, most tend to turn to specialized sugar dating sites, regular dating websites, social networks, and others.

Use the Best Sugar Mummy Website in Dubai

It is understandable why most potential sugar babies choose to search for a sugar mummy online. It is easier, more comfortable, and also effective. One of the most popular sites is SugarMummySeek. It is a highly trustworthy platform where you can find the best sugar mummy in Dubai as per requirements. All you have to do is create a profile, filter searches, start chatting and then schedule a meet whenever you feel ready. 

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All members are verified, and the website uses facial recognition technology to ensure all registrations are authentic. For advanced search functions, there are several filters like distance, location, occupation, height, body type, etc. so you can use them to find the perfect sugar mummy. Registrations are accepted only from richest countries that have members with powerful financial backgrounds. You can view user profiles totally free of charge, and chat with them too – there are more than 100K matches on this site. 

Find a Sugar Mummy in Dubai on Social Media  

Social media has fabulous reach, and you can easily use it to locate a sugar mummy in Dubai. Most popular sites are Facebook and Instagram. There are several profiles of single successful women, which you can locate free of cost. The best part is if you already have an account on these sites with good reach, you have access to a wider audience with many potential sugar mummies. As both Instagram and Facebook are not initially meant for a sugar momma relationship, not many use it this way. But some mature women still are open to contacting hot younger men on social media which can grow into full-on sugar relationships.

Show Up Where Sugar Mummies in Dubai Frequent

If how to find a sugar momma online isn’t your cup of tea, you can search for sugar mummies at restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. You will be surprised to know that lonely sugar mummies often frequent such places in search of companions. And if you can score an invitation to the hottest society parties, you are really in luck, as you will come across lots of rich women who are ready to spend money for companionship.

Look for Sugar Mummy Dating Apps in Dubai 

These dating apps have really soared in popularity, especially in the last few years. They usually have the same services and features as websites but they are easier to use, and can be accessed on-the-go. They are exclusively tailored for convenience, so you can search whenever you wish to. 

How Much Does a Sugar Mummy in Dubai Pay Her Sugar Babies?

Each sugar mummy in Dubai will differ slightly in terms of pay and services. Payments can vary depending upon whether the relationship is long-term, or for a specific period. If it is the latter, then the sugar baby can ask for an allowance. Sugar mummies are willing to pay between $2,000 and $5,000 a month.

There is a pay-per-meet option too, when sugar mummies pay based on the number of dates. This is a better choice if it is a short-term, no-strings attached relationship. After all, there is no guarantee that both parties will like each other, so even if it is a couple of dates, the sugar baby does earn something. For sugar mummies, it is beneficial because if they don’t want to meet a sugar baby too often, they don’t have to pay the average allowance, which starts from $1,000 per month. In this case, the average price is around $200-$300, but it could go up to $500 too. It all depends on how well the date goes, and the rapport you strike up. In Dubai, the sugar mummy might be willing to get you a visa and job if you treat her right.

What Do Rich Sugar Mummies in Dubai Want?

Even though monetary benefits are involved in a typical sugar mummy-sugar baby relationship, it is not just about a transaction taking place. It is a relationship more than a business deal. So here is what a rich sugar mummy in Dubai wants:

Dissipating loneliness

Most sugar mummies are lonely, middle-aged women, often divorced, who are looking for love and affection. That is why, they look for attractive younger males to take care of; it makes them feel happy and content.


It is not always about sex, but someone to talk to and have a good conversation with. Sugar mummies usually look for men who listen, are attentive to their wants and needs, and take an interest in their lives. At times, they are simply looking for a friend to whom they can pour their heart out to, at the end of a bad day. They are seeking someone to pamper and shower with affection.

Sexual Satisfaction

Even though sex isn’t the end-all and be-all, it is still quite important. Some women are clear from the start that they want a sexual relationship only. They wish to feel desired and satiate their sexual wants and needs by engaging with sugar babies. They often strive to have some form of control in this way. However, it might not be so cut-and-dried. Some relationships might naturally progress from dating to sexual intimacy. 

Contrary to common misconception, sugar dating isn’t only about physical stuff. Some women look for a deeper connection, some wish for a companion to take them to social function, while others seek someone who will spend all of their time and affection on them. It is up to both parties to decide on limits, discuss them, and then take it further. 

Tips to Attract a Sugar Mummy in Dubai

Be confident when you pursue her: it will definitely win her over and make her feel amazing about being around you. 

Dress the part: if you want her to take you seriously, you need to dress in a suave and sophisticated manner. You have to live up to her standards if you wish to have any chance with her. The grooming should be top notch!

Being a good conversationalist is a must-have if you wish to catch the eye of an older woman. Stay updated regarding current affairs, listen to what she says, and take a keen interest. Being well-read can come in handy as well, because you will have loads of stories and ideas to share.

Don’t automatically assume that she is in the relationship just for sex. Unless they ask for it, avoid sending lewd and raunchy pictures, because it is often the last thing she wants to see, and could be a major turn-off. She will appreciate your sensitiveness regarding this aspect. 

Be cordial when you DM her. A sugar mummy in Dubai is still a normal person, so be pleasant and ask questions about hobbies and interests instead of approaching them like a sex object. 

Be supportive whenever you can. She probably has lots of lofty ideas and dreams. It might be a business she wants to start or a change in career. It is necessary to show support and share ideas, so she can see that you are genuinely interested in her.

Last but not the least; be honest about your intentions. Women prefer men who are open when it comes to communication, even if it is sugar dating. So tell them upfront about whether you would like a relationship or something more infrequent and casual. 


Dating a sugar mummy in Dubai can be quite fun, once you get the idea of what it entails! So now that you know exactly what you are in for, you can get your head in the game right away! If you search for sugar mummies online, make sure to use only credible apps and websites, or else you might get scammed. On the other hand, if you wish to frequent places where sugar mummies hang out, it is fine to approach single, available women, but always do some research, so you can be 100% sure about them being genuine. Good luck!

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