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What is Sugar Momma Scam? Don’t Get Scammed By Them!

Sugar momma scam is becoming a trend now, learn a few tips to spot scammers easily! And meet with real legitimate sugar momma of your life!

Kathy | Updated:

Sugar daddies and sugar mommas pamper their sugar babies by providing them weekly or monthly allowances. Nowadays, many sugar babies are talking about different scams happening based on this type of relationship. Among them, the sugar momma scam has been taking place a lot, leading to many people losing money.

What is Sugar Momma Scam? Don’t Get Scammed By Them!

Here, we will walk you through various tips and ways to help you reduce the chances of falling prey to these scams.


What Is Sugar Momma Scam? - Who are They?

Sugar mama scams have been happening around us for some time, especially with the growth of social media, dating sites, and similar sugar daddy sites. Recently, the Better Business Bureau scam tracker revealed one such sugar momma scam, tricking people via dating/ social media platforms.

Known as a romance scam, the scammer acts as a sugar mama and approaches people promising they would provide weekly allowances in return for affection.

Once you get involved, the con artist will say that she has transferred money to your bank account and also give fake proofs. The con artist will then ask you for a small favor, where you will have to send a portion of the amount received to their friend or donate to a charity.

But in reality, you will be remitting money to the scammer's account. In one such similar scam, a victim lost around $20,000. Therefore, it is integral to stay alert and aware to reduce the chances of facing such issues. Also read how to find a sugar momma.

Easily Spot Sugar Momma Scam - Simple Tricks

Although there are many sugar momma scams happening around us, you can avoid them by being cautious and employing a few simple tricks. Here, we will walk you through some easy ways by which you can spot a sugar momma scam.

Simple Tricks to Spot Sugar Momma Scam Easily

● No Profile Headline & Few Words Describing Themself

Remember that a scammer's aim is to get money from you. They won't often focus on having a fun profile headline or description. If it is on social media, they won't have a lot of images, content, or engagement. Therefore, by looking into these factors, you can identify if a person is a scammer or not. However, there could be scammers who would go the extra mile to set up an exemplary profile, so, you have to take the necessary precautions.

● Asking for PayPal or Other Cash Apps After Small Talk

After meeting someone on the sugar momma dating app and having an initial small talk, if the person asks for your PayPal or other cash app details, think it through before taking the next step.

Here, there is a high chance of a sugar momma cash app scam. Therefore, avoid moving forward with the conversation to reduce the chances of falling prey to a scam.

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● Asking You to Pay in Any Circumstances

Have you ever been in a situation where your sugar momma or sugar daddy messages you and asks you to transfer some funds to their friend's account?

If yes, what were your next steps?

It might not be a problem if you and your sugar momma have had a long-lasting relationship for several years. But, it can be highly suspicious if you met your sugar momma a few days back and stated that she had transferred funds to you. If this is the case, the bank transfer could be fake and you have to be careful.

● Usually Appears on Social Platform

Most of these sugar momma scams happen on social media platforms. Instagram sugar momma scams and Snapchat sugar momma scams have increased recently.

Sugar Momma Scammers Usually Appears on Social Platform

Therefore, it is best to reduce the usage of your social media accounts to meet new sugar mommas. Instead, you can try trusted sugar momma and sugar daddy dating sites like this 100 percent free sugar momma dating site SugarDaddySeek.

Ways to Protect Yourself from Sugar Momma Scam

Taking the right initiatives to protect yourself from a sugar momma scam is integral. Here are some ways to do that:

● Never Easily Trust Any Incoming Funds

To protect yourself from a sugar momma scam, verify and cross-check the funds you receive to your account. Some scammers would only start working on their scam once they have gained your trust. Therefore, the scammer might send you money for real for the first couple of transactions. After that, the scammer would start taking money from you slowly and steadily by using their tricks.

● Beware Strangers Say They Will Send You Money

If your sugar momma says she will send you the money in a couple of days and doesn't provide it, this is a sign of a sugar momma scam.

Try to get the money before going on another date or sharing your affection. In addition, it is best to end the connection as it is a sign of a possible scam.

Ways to Protect Yourself from Sugar Momma Scam

● Attention to All Links Sent by Strangers

If a stranger, who could be a con artist presenting as a sugar momma or daddy, sends you a link, try not to click on it. These links could attain your bank details, passwords, or other vulnerable information. Therefore, as a precaution to stay away from a sugar momma scam, avoid clicking these links.

● Free Gifts are Always a Red Flag

Yes, gifts can be a concern as they can be the beginning of a scam, where the scammer tries to attain your trust. Therefore, it is essential to avoid taking gifts if you and your sugar momma haven't included this as part of your agreement.

Meet Real Sugar Momma at SugarDaddySeek - Zero Sugar Momma Scam

Meet Real Sugar Momma at SugarDaddySeek - Zero Sugar Momma Scam

SugarDaddySeek is the most secure platform for sugar dating, where you can find trustworthy sugar mommas. Here, you don't have to worry about anything, as the SugarDaddySeek team verifies every member by looking into their income and other factors. What’s more, in order to protect members’ safety, every member will go through real-person verification after signing up, so that users won’t worry about meeting a fake person or scammers.

Simple Steps to Join in

Step 1 Create a New Account

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Step 2 View Various Sugar Momma Profiles

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Step 3 Start Conversation & Meet Up

Next, you can easily send direct messages and get on a date with a sugar momma.

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By following these tips, you can avoid such sugar momma scams. In addition, using legitimate and trustworthy platforms like SugarDaddySeek can assist you in finding verified and credible sugar mommas.

So why not use SugarDaddySeek to connect with your prospective sugar momma online? Join now and meet the perfect sugar momma of your life!

About the Author

Kathy is one of the top writers among sugar writing field. In order to collect practical information, she has interviewed many sugar babies and sugar daddies in the past 3 years.

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