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Sugar Daddy Want to Add Me to Payroll to Avoid Tax? Scam!

The allowance is an essential part of sugar dating. And sugar daddies have so many types of ways to clear the payment, when sugar daddy wants to add you to Payroll, should you accept?

Raya | Updated:

Does it also occur to you when a ‘sugar daddy wants to add me to payroll?’ Well, this is a typical scam that you must know.

If you ever encounter this type of sugar daddy who claims that he owns a company, and insist to pay your allowance by adding you to his payroll? Then you must tell yourself that he is a salt sugar daddy. And this scam has derived from several types of other scams. Without a careful and clear mind, you can easily fall prey to this sugar daddy payroll scam. But no worries, finish reading this passage, and you can easily figure out the real rich sugar daddies that own a company and those who want to scam you with a payroll lie. Let’s dive in.

Sugar Daddy Payroll Scam


“Sugar Daddy Wants to Add Me to Payroll” Why?

Generally, Paypal is the top choice for any kind of sugar baby allowance, especially when taxes play a big role in your relationship. Normally sugar daddies won't send you allowance by treating you as his employee, but when mentorship sugar daddy is really your case, you should know the facts & the thoughts behind some of his attempts:

  • He tries to mix up your allowance with the salary

Taxable benefit - Some sugar daddies use this way to reduce their personal taxes. But rarely do real sugar daddies adopt such action because this is so complicated and the accountant’s involvement will make things become even more complex. Also learn >> Is it illegal to pay for companionship?

Tax fraud - e.g. he may ask you for about $50 for the employment or what else. And if you really send him the money, he will disappear immediately.

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  • He tries to ask you for $50 before you get the payroll

Working similarly to the clearance fee scam, the sugar daddy payroll scam charges you a $30-$50 fee right before you become one of the employees of your sugar daddy's company. If a real sugar daddies wish to pay your allowance in a payroll way, make sure the payment is on PayPal and give it a try.

  • He wants your personal info and account info to deposit your money?

When the suspicious sugar daddy asks for your bank account info, you have to realize he is seeking opportunities to send you a forged email. Without a clear mind you might leak your password and account number.

  • Is it illegal?

The payroll allowance you receive should be reported on taxes. And you will get a lot to explain to the authority including the content of your work.

Besides, given that you are recruited by your sugar daddy’s company. The accountant must deduct your allowance on the company’s tax return, and once caught up, it can be regarded as fraudulent.

  • Is it taxable?

Only gifts are considered taxable. And any income of yours should be taxed. The laws have made it clear that even if you are earning your income by offering companionship, you need to pay tax.

However, for sugar daddies, it is taxable to deduct their personal taxes by adding you to the payroll. But it is not a big deal of money so wealthy sugar daddies normally won’t care to make such a fuss.

  • Reddit's Verdict for Sugar Daddy Payroll Scam

One funny fact about sugar daddy payroll scam is that users from Reddit's biggest sugar community reflect that such scams nearly come up daily. So it is really not worth the time and energy contacting with whoever wishes to add you to his payroll for paying your allowance.

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How to Avoid Fake Sugar Daddy - A Verified Sugar Dating Website

To stay alert, cautious, and aware. It is essential for you to reject it when ‘sugar daddy wants to add me to payroll’. But no worries, the loss of this sugar daddy is not a big deal. A professional sugar dating website will offer you more reliable chances to date thousands of quality sugar daddies. This site gathers the richest sugar daddies in the world with Income verification. The App/Website will warn you whenever any potential scams or sensitive operations are looming in. Besides, you can always turn to its support team for in-time assistance.

  • Tutorial for how to find a real sugar daddy

Step 1  Register or Download SugarDaddySeek App.



Step 2  Create an attractive profile to let sugar daddies know about you.

Step 3  Start to select the perfect sugar partner. SugarDaddySeek allows you to swipe left or right to sift the profiles. And also using the ‘search’ function to accurately pick up sugar daddies near you is a good idea too.

The First Interface

Step 4  Talk to your sugar daddy, show your interest in him and discuss the details.

There is no room for a salt sugar daddy on SugarDaddySeek. For one thing, the scammers will be reported and banned by the support team. For another, SugarDaddySeek will automatically spot dangerous operations and warn users from falling into scammers’ prey.

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What Personal Information Should You Give Your Sugar Daddy?

A little leak of information can help your sugar daddy know you better. But when it relates to private info, it cannot be emphasized too much to keep your private information.

Here is some info that does no harm to your privacy:

1. Your habits

2. Your age/nation/country

3. Your degree & major

4. Your Real Name/Nick Name

Information that should not be leaked:

1. Not your address

2. Not your Workplace or school

3. Not your bank account number

4. Not your Identity number - even for travel ticket

What Are Other Types of Sugar Daddy Scams?

1. Sugar daddy asks for a cash app allowance fee and email

This is also a typical scam. The mechanism of this scam has things to do with the ‘clearance fee’. Normally a salt sugar daddy will reach out to you and tell you that they are willing to offer you an allowance. But this payment must be on the Cash App.

When you give him your email and he sends you 100$ saying you must pay him 15$ for the clearance fee before taking the 100$ away. Be cautious! This is how the game goes. When you finally pay him the 15$, he will disappear and never show up.

2. Sugar daddy asks to open up a new bank account

The mechanism of this type of sugar daddy scam is that the scammers can take advantage of your bank account info and send you a really convincing phishing email. You can enter a fake website and leak your password by mistakenly hitting the fake' login' button.

Bonus Tip

Are there any real sugar daddies who give you allowance by adding you to their payroll? There actually is one type of sugar daddy - the mentorship sugar daddy. Some sugar babies do prefer this type of relationship given it really paves the way for a bright future. The question is whether you can find a reliable sugar daddy that actually owns a company and is willing to offer you a prospective position and looks after you.

SugarDaddySeek provides such an opportunity for you to meet all kinds of sugar daddies. Please feel free to register and start a fresh online date within clicks!


This passage reveals the secret of a typical sugar daddy payroll scam - Sugar daddy wants to add me to the payroll. To make a wrap-up, scammers typically use this method to obtain sugar babies' bank accounts & other private info for subsequent blackmail. To avoid getting scammed, you are suggested to keep a wary eye on your personal privacy and be aware of any accidental leak of information.

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About the Author

Raya’s been a sugar baby since college. She paid off her education loan with her sugar daddies' financial support. Now, she is a sugar baby with 6 years of experience who deeply knows how to work out with the sugar dating stuff.

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