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6 Tips to Find a Sugar Daddy in Vancouver, British Columbia 2023

Vancouver is only second to Atlanta to be the city with the most sugar daddies! Vancouver sugar babies will find it easy to meet one after learning the 6 tips.

Robin | Updated:

Sugar Daddy Vancouver

In Canada, undergraduates pay 40% more in tuition fees than they did 10 years ago; rent went up by 7% between 2021 and 2022. While the cost of living continues to increase, the unemployment rate reached a new historic low of 4.9% in June this year. Young Canadians, who aspire to have a fancy lifestyle yet barely make ends meet, are looking for more ways to achieve their goals. Seen as a shortcut, sugar dating is very trendy among them. 

According to Seeking Arrangement, the biggest sugar daddy website, B.C. university has become one of the fastest-growing sugar baby schools in Canada. In addition, Vancouver is only second to Atlanta to be the city with the most sugar daddies. As a  result, whether you want to find a sugar daddy in Vancouver or a sugar baby, you’ll find it easier than in most cities. Here are the 6 tips for Vancouver sugar babies to meet your sugar daddies. 


1. Select a Vancouver Sugar Daddy Website or App That Works for You

Indeed, there are plenty of sugar daddies in Vancouver, but the chance to stumble upon one on the street is still slim. Not all rich men are looking for a beautiful young girl’s company or some of you may find it awkward to approach a stranger. Most sugar relationships start online as people who sign up at sugar daddy websites have the same goals, be it a mutually beneficial relationship or a friendship. 

Vancouver sugar daddy websites are various and each one has its unique features, pros and cons. It is hard to tell you which one is the best. But 5 popular sugar daddy sites will be introduced in detail to help you find the one that works for you. 

Seeking Arrangement is the first-picked sugar daddy site, the biggest one. It claims to have more than 40 million members in 130 different countries. In Seeking’s breakdown of the top sugar cities in Canada in 2020, Vancouver ranked in 7th place with 5,230 sugar daddies and 17,357 sugar babies. 

SugarDaddySeek is not a bad choice, either. This sugar daddy website is unique in the way that only sugar daddies from the top 20 richest countries are allowed to enter. The high standard helps get rid of as many salty sugar daddies as possible. 

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Ashley Madison is made for married sugar daddies. It sounds sneaky but the website is best for sugar daddies and sugar babies who’re open-minded and care about privacy. 

WhatsYourPrice makes it possible for sugar babies to be paid even at the first meet-up. How much it depends on the bid negotiated between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. According to the site, the average bid for the first sugar date is about $125.

Miss Travel attracts sugar babies and sugar daddies who want to have a travel companion. A sugar baby can travel to any place in the world for free if a sugar daddy accepts the offer. 

All those 5 sugar daddy websites mentioned above are free for sugar babies, inclusive to join, and easy to use. Sign up now and find a sugar daddy in Vancouver to get pampered!

2. Know What Places Sugar Daddies in Vancouver Like to Go & Things to Do

With a Vancouver sugar daddy website or app, you can curate your sugar baby profile and connect with the sugar daddies you’re interested in. However, the number of sugar daddy profiles near you is limited. Or, when you strike a few conversations, you don’t find those sugar daddies are compatible. To have a better chance, it is necessary to change your location and frequent those places where sugar daddies in Vancouver like to go. 

Every city has its wealthy neighborhoods, and so does Vancouver. Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale, or West Vancouver are usually where the rich people live in Vancouver. If you Google or ask your friends, you’ll probably get more ideas and details. Although you are not able to move to those affluent areas, it will be no problem for you to spend an afternoon in a coffee shop nearby, have a nice dinner in a luxury restaurant, or grab a drink at one of the high-end bars. The more you show up in those places, the easier you’ll meet a sugar daddy in Vancouver. 

Sugar daddies are workaholics and they are also good at entertaining themselves. Golf, tennis, horse riding, etc. are sporty sugar daddies’ favorites. You can sign up for courses in those clubs to mingle with rich people if you like sports too. Besides that, sugar daddies like to attend charity affairs, enjoy classical concerts, or visit art galleries. If you can be one part of those events, for example, a volunteer or an assistant, you’ll rub elbows with sugar daddies every day. 

3. Don’t Start a Sugar Relationship in Vancouver Only for Money 

Most people lump sugar relationships into a way of prostitution. But the facts are far more varied than they think. The newspaper Vancouver Is Awesome interviewed two real sugar babies in Vancouver. Both of them shared that sugar dating is not sex work. 

One named Tia said it was not transactional because she felt it more like she wanted to know the person and they wanted to get to know her, but they helped her out. Another one named Jenn also emphasized that she was not a sex worker. Jenn defended herself by questioning the conventional relationship in which her boyfriends before also helped her out with money. 

Furthermore, according to sociologist Maren Scull, her study revealed that there are 7 types of sugar relationships, ranging from compensated dating and companionship to sugar friendships and sugar friendships with sexual benefits, etc. 

Therefore, money shouldn’t be your sole purpose of entering a sugar relationship. Otherwise, you may become too desperate to notice the dangers you are in. 

4. Do a Lot of Filtering to Avoid Salty Sugar Daddies and Scammers

Sugar dating is not about fast money. On the sugar daddy website, if you encounter something too good to be true, trust your instinct. This world is full of cheap ones - “salt daddies” - who want to get laid without giving anything. Or various sugar daddy scams are trying to set you up. You must be careful to read the signs. 

Real sugar daddies long for connection so they’ll take time to read your profiles, they won’t be too affectionate by calling you baby all the time, and most importantly, they are not in a rush to promise you how much they’re going to offer, inquire about your bank information, or ask for a sugar baby loyalty test. 

5. Aim High for Your Allowance While Seeking Arrangements in Vancouver

Some sugar daddies are going to take advantage of you. The only way to prevent it is to stick to your standards. Based on the research from Seeking, sugar babies in Toronto get about $4898 a month on average. Vancouver sugar babies might earn a little bit less but you’re always advised to aim high for your allowance while you’re looking for a sugar daddy. 

You’re advised to sit down and calculate all the expenses you need in a month, such as rent, books, gas, etc. so you’ll have a minimum allowance you expect to get. Then you can register a sugar daddy account and use it to check other sugar babies’ profiles to know how much they demand. After doing that, you’ll be more confident and know your worth better.

6. Safety First When You Are Looking for a Sugar Daddy in Vancouver

It sounds like a nagging parent but safety first! Except for not revealing your bank information or sending money to your sugar daddies, there are a few more things to consider when you’re seeking arrangements in Vancouver. 

Before your first sugar date, you should video chat with your sugar daddies to see if he is the person he claims to be. 

While meeting in person, you can choose expensive and public places so you have more control over when to leave or seek help. Of course, don’t forget to mention your dates to someone you trust even if it is kind of socially awkward to admit that you’re going to meet a sugar daddy. In addition, don’t accept the drinks your sugar daddy prepares before you are present. 

At last, if two of you feel so attracted to each other that you want to have a wild night. It is not embarrassing to ask about your sugar daddy’s latest std test and please always practice safe sex by wearing condoms.


How to find a sugar daddy in Vancouver will be easy when you find a sugar daddy website that works for you. Inevitably, you might also meet some sugar daddies that don’t connect or scammers. As long as you don’t tell them your personal information, such as your address, bank information, etc., you’ll be fine to enjoy dating a sugar daddy in Vancouver who spoils and mentors you.

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