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How To Avoid Sugar Daddy Scams On Grindr? 4 Tips That Work

Sugar Daddy scam Grindr is quite common and has surged during the pandemic. Read to learn how to recognize and avoid the Grindr sugar daddy scams.

Evelyn | Updated:

Sugar daddy scams have increased over time. The number has increased even more after the pandemic since more girls are considering sugar dating to manage their expenses. This makes it easier for scammers to act as sugar daddies and scam new girls looking to manage their expenses in exchange for sugar dates.

 Sugar Daddy Scams Grindr


One of the platforms that have recently exposed sugar babies to most scams is Grindr. Sugar daddy scams on Grindr are widespread since the platform has no safety measures to avoid such scams. These scammers specially target Grindr and sites similar to it as they can easily find a diversified profile of girls here looking for social interactions, if not sugar dating.

Considering this, you should always be careful when using Grindr or other similar sites. Let’s get into the insights of sugar daddy scams Grindr to avoid falling victim to it.

How Does Sugar Daddy Scam Grindr Work? Spot Them Easily With Signs

 Grindr Sugar Daddy Scams

“I will get straight to the point. I am looking for someone to interact with in an intimate manner and would love to pay you $4000 monthly if you keep me happy. But before we start, I would like you to pay me $50 as proof that you are a real profile.” This is one of the common ways to scam sugar babies on social platforms. There are many fishy things in this message that indicate a potential scam. But unfortunately, not many sugar babies are aware of this and get scammed badly. Let’s discuss the top four sugar daddy scams on Grindr

1. Grindr Sugar Daddy Scammers Like Sending Private Message For Potential Babies 

Private messages are probably the best and most preferred way for fake sugar daddies to scam sugar babies. Since private messages are only available for the two parties, among which the chats are done, a scam can be easily completed. You should be careful if you receive a private message from any sugar daddy without any initial interaction through friend requests or comments.

That said, scammer sugar daddies do not always initiate private messages. Sometimes, you might also receive a private message from an authentic person. But still, you should be very careful while talking to someone who directly lands in your inbox without any previous interactions. 

2. They’d Like To Show Off “Wealth,” Or Even Do Fake Payment In Advance

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Another common way that indicates a scam is when sugar daddies show off their wealth unnecessarily or even make fake payments. They do this to win your trust so they can ask for payments or even your personal bank details. Also learn What is Sugar Daddy Cash App Scam 

This scam is initiated naturally through random messages, calls, or even through the exchange of videos or images. During this, they show you fake screenshots of bank statements, PayPal transfers, or direct funds transfer to banks. They might even make fake transfers to win your trust so they can ask for nudes to blackmail you later. 

3. Sugar Daddy Scams Grindr Typically Require You To Pay Them Back 

This is one of the most common scams on Grindr that most sugar babies fall victim to. Since this scam has the most seamless procedure, sugar babies don’t even realize that they have been scammed. Here is how this scam is carried out.

 Scams On Grindr

  1. The scammer sugar daddy would reach out to you with an estimated monthly allowance they would like to pay for the sugar date. Suppose you both decided for an allowance of $500 monthly.
  2. They will ask you to send nude photos/videos in exchange for a small amount from the whole finalized one. Let’s say you both decided on $100 for the nude photos to confirm the sugar date.
  3.  Now, they will send you the whole $500 or even higher through e-cheques by claiming that their business bank accounts do not allow you to pay anything less.
  4. Then, they will ask you to transfer the remaining amount through PayPal or any other legit way. 
  5. Once you transfer the remaining amount back, you will receive a call from your bank that the e-cheques you deposited were not legitimate and the bank won’t be able to transfer that money to your account. 

This is how this whole scam thing works. Once you transfer the amount back to the scammer’s account, you will get blocked from all their social media accounts, and they will be found nowhere.

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4. Ask For Personal Information For Sugar Daddy Scam On Grindr  

Asking for personal information and threatening to misuse it is another common sugar daddy scam Grindr. This scam is also initiated in the usual way. Sugar daddies would approach you, talk to you, and would even offer you some money in exchange for the chats you already did. 

However, the scams begin when they ask for personal information like your name, address, phone number, or even your Government registered numbers like SSN, etc. They might also ask you to share nudes on platforms that do not offer additional privacy features. 

Once you send them your personal details or nudes, they will start blackmailing you. They will ask for a certain amount to keep your details private. If you disagree with sending them any details, they will threaten you to make all the details public. 

Are There Real Grindr Sugar Daddies? Yes, But Not Too Many

 Real Grindr Sugar Daddies

Grindr is a social networking platform that provides its users with a wide range of people coming from diversified backgrounds. Due to this, you might be able to find legit sugar daddies on the platform. However, finding an authentic sugar daddy is not an easy job either. You will have to do your research to avoid any scams. If you get approached by a sugar daddy, it is better to talk to them carefully.

4 Tips To Protect Yourself From Sugar Daddy Scam Grindr 

Now that you know some of the typical sugar daddy scams on Grindr, let’s take a look at some tips to protect yourself from these scams.

1. Don’t Reply To Grindr Messages From Strangers, Even For Curiosity

Grindr messages are usually the first step in a scam. Most scammers initially try to reach out to you through private messages to begin the scam process. So, it is always a good idea to avoid replying to messages in your personal message. 

2. Keep Your Personal And Sensitive Information Secret

Even if you talk to a sugar daddy through private messages or comments, you should always avoid sharing sensitive personal information. Even if you decide to share nudes for some reason, always ensure to share them through platforms that offer advanced privacy features, such as the sugar daddy websites

 3. Find Trustworthy Sugar Daddy From Scram-Free Sugaring Website

If you are searching for a sugar date, Grindr is surely not the right platform to find a legitimate date. There are different sites specially designed for sugar dating. One of the most famous sites that offer great value is SugarDaddySeek. Here are some of the significant advantages of joining this site.

● Verified profiles of sugar daddies.

● Strict privacy features.

● A wide range of sugar daddies actively seek sugar relationships.

● Private chat features protect you from sharing personal details. 

4. Don’t Pay Grindr Sugar Daddy Scams In Any Situation

Paying for Grindr sugar daddy scams in any situation should be avoided at any cause. No matter if the sugar daddy asks for advance payment or return payment, you should avoid paying the amount. Sending your bank details is not a good option as well. You should only share the details when you are entirely sure about the legitimacy of the profile you are interacting with. 


Sugar daddy scams on Grindr are common. There are different ways by which you might get affected by fraud. So, it is always a good idea to avoid using Grindr for finding sugar daddies and switch to sugar dating sites. These sites are mainly dedicated to sugar dating, and you can easily find your ideal sugar dates there.

One of the best sites that offer great value is Sugar Daddy Seek. The site provides excellent security and privacy features. This helps you ensure the legitimacy of the person you are talking to. Also, the site offers advanced features that help you find the perfect sugar date.

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