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5 Sugar Daddy Scams You Should Watch Out For! How Do They Work & How to Avoid?

What is the sign of a scammer sugar daddy? This blog will explain 5 common sugar daddy scams for you to avoid losing money.

Robin | Updated:

NatWest, the largest business and commercial bank in the UK, knew at least 40 women were scammed on the sugar daddy site in 2021, not including those who are too embarrassed to report. In recent years, sugar dating is popular, especially during the Covid pandemic. Seeking Arrangement, the biggest sugar daddy website, saw 74% increase in sign-ups from March to June in 2020, compared with the same period of time last year.Sugar Daddy Scams

Many young girls mistake sugar dating for an easy way to earn fast money, however, there are more challenges than you think. Since the sugar relationship is based on mutual benefits rather than romantic love, scammers in the sugar industry are more than any other dating apps. Without being cautious, beginner sugar babies fall into sugar daddy scams easily, causing themselves to be more debt-ridden than before.

So, when you’re looking for a sugar daddy, you’re better off educating yourself first. How do the sugar daddy scams work? How to spot and avoid them? You’ll learn all that information in this blog.


Sugar Daddy Wants to Add Me to Payroll

Scammer sugar daddies want your bank information more than anything. They’ll find all kinds of excuses to get the username and password of your bank account. A common example is to make a deposit through their account officer so that you’ll get payroll allowances weekly or monthly. In that case, they claim that you need to give them your bank information. Actually, as long as you've read some sugar baby tips for beginners, you'll know that sugar babies never reveal their bank details. They receive allowance through cash apps or by cash. 

Unfortunately, once you give in, scammers can do anything they want and the bank is hard to retrieve your money. Even if you give them a new account with no money in it, they can use it to do criminal things. If you’re not being careful, you'll eat your own bitter fruite in the end. So you should never ever share the password of your bank account to any sugar daddy, no matter how convincing their excuses can be or how much they're going to offer. Sugar Daddy Scam To Steal Your Bank Information

Can You Get Scamed on Cash App Sugar Daddy?

Cash App protects sugar babies’ anonymity well to receive money, however, scammer sugar daddies still find ways to rip sugar babies off. The sugar daddy cash app scam doesn’t only refer to the scams on Cash App, but it also applies to any third-party money transfer app such as Paypal, Venmo, etc. 

Scammers will ask for your Cash App tag to send you money when they think the bond is built. After you give it to them, they will send a picture that shows the money transferring to your account but pending because of transaction fees needed. Or, the pic shows the money transferred to your account successfully but you get nothing when you check your Cash App. At this moment, the scammer sugar daddies will persuade you to pay them a small amount of transaction fees in order to receive the allowance. Of course, the pic is a fake one. Cash App charges nothing, nothing, nothing for transferring money! There is no such thing as a cash app clearance fee.

Sugar Daddy Cash App Clearance Fee

Sugar Daddy Cashapp Email Scams

But sometimes, scammer sugar daddies are tricker. You might encounter sugar daddy cash app email scams. If you give your email to them, you will receive a counterfeit email with a Cash App logo and fake customer service reply asking for a clearance fee. Don’t click any link and never pay for it. Cash App or Paypal won’t send you such an email. You can spot the fake email easily because Cash App or Paypal email URL won’t include 

Sugar Daddy Loyalty Test Scam 

This sugar daddy scam lures sugar babies to pay them in advance. They promise you a large amount of allowance first. Then they’ll make up a story that tells you how they were betrayed before, so they don’t know if you’re trustworthy or not. The only way to prove it is to send them a small sum of money or gift cards to assure them. It is called the sugar baby loyalty test. But as a sugar baby, your job is to offer companionship in exchange for money. Will it be sketchy that a sugar daddy asks you for money? The answer is yes for sure. Any sugar daddy who tries to get money from you is a scammer sugar daddy. 

Sugar Baby Loyalty Test

Sugar Daddy Temporary Payment Scam 

While the aforementioned sugar daddy scams can be childish to you, the sugar daddy temporary payment scam is the most deceiving. That is because you’ll get the payment or check in your account for real. 

How the Sugar Daddy Temporary Payment Scam Works? 

When sugar babies see the money arrive at their Paypal or bank account, many of them will be too amazed to think twice. However, the payment or the check will eventually bounce back. You own that money only temporarily until the bank notices that the money is from a stolen credit card or the check is suspicious. Sometimes, it even takes a long time for the money to disappear as the YouTuber Safiya Ayana encountered once. The money she got from her sugar daddy bounced back six months later. By that time, she had already spent all of them, consequently, she became hugely in debt. 

How Can Scammer Sugar Daddies Rip You Off If the Check Will Bounce Back? 

In a milder situation, scammer sugar daddies might just ask you for $100 or gift cards as a return. If you fall into this trap, don't worry, you won’t lose too much when the payment bounces back. But the worst thing is, they will lie to you with exuces such as donation. You’ll feel hard to reject it because you think this scammer is really doing you a favor. Abc7 News reported a case that a teen received $8500 from a scammer sugar mamma and she cajoled him to keep $500 and deposit $8000 into his Zelle and make a donation on his behalf. Undoubtedly, the check he deposited bounced back in the end, leaving him and his family burdened with the debt. Though they called the police, there was nothing they could do but the family had to pay off the $8000 debt.  

Sugar Daddy Scam Instagram DM/Twitter/Sugar Daddy Sites

Sugar daddy scam Instagram DM is the combination of the scams mentioned before. The scammers will DM you with nice words and promises that sound too good to be true. They call you baby and mention loyalty all the time. At last, they might steal money from you with the cash app scam, try to get your bank information, demand a sugar baby loyalty test, or send you payment that will eventually bounce back. We believe you can spot them easily after you’ve read the scam formats explained prior. On top of that, scammers will approach you not only from Instagram, they also try to scam you on Twitter, Facebook, or sugar daddy sites. You have to be meticulous to read the signs of a scammer sugar daddy and never tell them anything private, much less send them money or gift cards. 

Sugar Daddy Scam Instagram


Sugar daddy scams are various and tricky but you can avoid it with a little bit of thought. In a word, they come in two different formats, either by demanding payment in advance, such as the clearance fee and loyalty test, or scamming you with a bounced payment or check. You can get away with it unharmed only if you’re not desperate to reveal your bank information or send your money to scammers. But if you really receive the money in your account, don’t touch it until it is cleared or contact your bank to tell them you find the transaction suspicious.

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