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How Does Sugar Daddy Scam with Amazon Gift Card? How to Solve It?

The article will provide an overview of the sugar daddy scams of Amazon gift cards and what you need to do if you become a victim of this scam. Find out in detail.

Chelsea | Updated:

Nowadays, Amazon gift card scams are very common. Some scammers pose as sugar daddies to trick you into falling for their Scam. Do you know how sugar daddy scams with an Amazon gift card? If you are unaware of the Scam, you are at the right place. Anyone who demands payment with a gift card can be a scammer. However, the question is how they do it. This article aims to inform you in detail about everything you need to know about the Amazon gift card sugar daddy scam. So that you can keep yourself protected from fake sugar daddies.

Amazon Gift Card Sugar Daddy Scam


How Does a Sugar Daddy Scam with Amazon Gift Card? 

Generally, people use online dating platforms and dating apps to find sugar daddies. However, there are a number of fake sugars out there who are capable of scamming you. They portray themselves as kind-hearted but lonely benefactors who want to spoil someone with all their money. By promising hundreds of dollars as an allowance, they prey on people's desperate situations and send links to buy Amazon gift card. When you buy the card, they ask for the coupon code. The money you paid for the card will be transferred as soon as you supply the coupon code.

In some scams, the victim is promised payment after being sent a gift card code. Usually, they demand it as proof of loyalty from their prey. Basically, it's an advance-fee scam. Let's check out how sugar daddy scams with amazon gift cards. 

  • Claim to Be Sugar Daddy on Social Media or Dating Apps: These scammers pretend to be sugar daddies on social media platforms or dating apps. They make attractive profiles so that girls will be interested in them.

  • Show His Wealth and Win Your Trust: To make you believe that they are real sugar daddies, they will show you their wealth in a trickery manner. They can send you fake vacation pictures, luxury watches, party pictures, etc. This will make you believe that they are real and wealthy people.

  • Ask You for Amazon Gift Card Before Paying You: They may want to pay you after chatting or video calling. But before sending you the check or money, they ask you to buy Amazonas gift cards for them. For proof, they ask for a coupon code once you have purchased the card. The money (gift card buying money) is transferred to their account once you send the code. In other cases, scammers will try to make their lies convincing by sending false checks or "paying" the victim's bills or expenses. Afterward, victims believe the scammer is legit, so they send him the gift card code and get scammed. They use various tricks to get you to buy the Amazon gift card. 

What to Do If You're a Victim of an Amazon Gift Card Sugar Daddy Scam? 

What should you do if you have been a victim of an Amazon gift card sugar daddy scam? If you fall into the Amazon gift card sugar daddy scam, it's nearly impossible for you to get their money back since Amazon doesn't refund used or unused gift cards unless required by law. But still, you can fight back against the Amazon gift card Daddy scam. Most people don't tell anyone about it after falling for a sugar daddy Amazon gift card scam for shame. But you can take a few steps immediately after falling into such kind of Scam. 


How to Solve Amazon Gift Card Sugar Daddy Scam

Call the Amazon support team

Call 1(888) 280-4331 and follow the instruction provided by Amazon. Keep the Amazon card details as proof. So that you can claim your money.

Report the Scam to the Authorities

If you have paid a scammer using a gift card, you must immediately notify the company that issued the card. Keep the card, receipt, and any other information that can help you during the reporting process. You can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which handles complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices.

Banned the scammer

It would help if you took action to prevent others from being scammed like you. You must ban the scammer's profile from the platform where you found him. Additionally, search for him on the other platform as if they are trying to scam people on the other platform. 

Customer support team  

If you believe you have fallen victim to or been exposed to a scam, connect with our Customer Protection Review team member.

How to Beat a Sugar Daddy Amazon Gift Card Scam? 

You must be very careful while using online platforms to avoid scams. You can follow some simple steps to avoid Amazon gift card sugar daddy scam types scams. You mustn't provide personal information to so-called sugar daddies. Be careful if the sugar daddy asks for an upfront payment, such as an Amazon gift card. Keep in mind that no real sugar daddy asks you to buy an Amazon gift card on his behalf. To avoid both Amazon gift card scams and other sugar daddy scams, you must know how to tell if a sugar daddy is real and use a reliable platform to find real sugar daddies. Are you looking for a trustworthy, dedicated sugar daddy dating site? SugarDaddySeek is recommended here.

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
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With SugarDaddySeek, you can find real sugar daddies and avoid Amazon gift card scams. The platform offers a completely secure platform to find your desired sugar daddy. It only accepts real sugar daddies with multiple verification processes. With several unique features, the algorithm protects you from scammers very well. Take a look at what SugarDaddySeek can offer you 

  • Large sugar daddy base

  • All the sugar daddies are verified; scammers are not allowed here.

  • When the amazon gift card is mentioned, there will be a warning of scams

  • Advanced search option for your needs


The sugar daddy amazon gift card scam involves fake sugar daddies asking their victims to purchase gift cards. The fake sugar daddies contact you through dating apps or social media platforms. Therefore, you should be careful when chatting with strangers claiming to be sugar daddies. The best way to avoid sugar daddy scams is to use a reliable sugar daddy dating platform like SugarDaddySeek to meet genuine wealthy sugar daddies interested in dating you.

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