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Find a Sugar Daddy in the Philippines: Sweet Sugaring in PH

Find a sugar daddy in the Philippines to upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy some fun and excitement. Check this guide to know every aspect of sugar dating in PH.

Alex | Updated:

Do you want to find a sugar daddy in the Philippines to get financial support and be spoiled? Whether you’d like to experience sugaring as a fellow Filipina sugar baby or a foreigner sugar baby, this guide is going to show you the best way to find sugar arrangements in the Philippines safely without drama. 

Sugar Dating in the Philippines


Where and How to Find a Sugar Daddy in the Philippines

Unlike sugaring in the top richest countries, it could be harder in the Philippines since there are fewer rich sugar daddies in the bowl. But you still have humps of opportunities to find a successful sugar arrangement in the right way.

Surely, people don’t have too much time and energy to do social things in everyday life, much less hunting for sugaring. So, hopping online sugar dating should be the most effective way to land in the sugar dating world in the Philippines.

SugarDaddySeek is a sugar daddy dating site and app that gathers wealthy men from developed countries as well as local rich sugar daddies in the Philippines. You will have a chance to find a generous man who can pay for your expenses like tuition, rent, electronics, vacations and lots more.

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
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  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy

3 Steps to finding a rich sugar daddy in the Philippines with SugarDaddySeek

Step 1. Go to the SugarDaddySeek website and complete the sign-up process in a few minutes.

Step 2. Search and match a sugar daddy according to your criteria.

Step 3. Chat and sweet talk to a sugar daddy and make the agreement, plan the first date and follow through.

Best sugar daddy dating sites and apps in the Philippines

If you’re a sugar baby in a metropolitan city like Manila, it will be easier to seek an arrangement compared with living in a relatively remote city. Otherwise, the sugar relationship available will decrease. So, you need to extend the range of searching for a decent sugar daddy. Don't bother with sugar daddies from another city or country which means a platonic sugaring could also be available in certain conditions.

In order to explore a larger pool of sugar daddies, you can try out multiple sugar daddy websites and apps as follows:

No. Site/App Best for
1 Sugarbook Best sugar daddy site app in Southeast Asia
2 SeekingArrangement Largest sugar dating site with a quality member base
3 Sudy Easy-to-use site and app

Characteristics of Sugar Daddy in the Philippines

There are not many native sugar daddies in the PH. Most of them are from a metropolis like Manila, Cebu City and Makati City. However, remarkably, more than 80% of rich sugar daddies in the Philippines are from other countries like the US, UK, Australia, Germany and France. They come here mostly for traveling, business, or just a short stay.

So, it’s harder for a sugar baby in the Philippines to make long-term arrangements with a decent monthly allowance. Instead, many of the SRs are short-term stays. It’s more likely the PPM or M&G in most of the relationships. 

Statistically, the average annual income of a rich sugar daddy in the Philippines is ₱13,190,000.

However, looking at their ages and incomes, it’s not hard to see that age is positively correlated with income.

Age Average annual income
In 30s ₱3,190,000
In 40s ₱69,280,000
In 50s ₱28,650,000

And here is the approximate payment for a sugar baby in the Philippines.

Activities Price
First date ₱800-₱6,200
Meals only ₱1,600-₱11,200
Date (with gift) ₱2,800-₱13,200
PPM ₱1,000-₱15,000
Monthly Allowance ₱18,000-₱56,000

The price may change depending on the agreement with your sugar daddy, such as PPM or monthly allowance. However, if you make a proposal that is less than this amount, you can negotiate it or just find other sugar daddies who can give you the payment you’re satisfied with.

So, let’s briefly summarize their characteristic here:

  • Mostly from foreign countries.
  • Their annual income is lower than the sugar daddies in wealthy countries.
  • The allowance is relatively lower than in other sugar dating areas.
  • They tend to look for a short-term stay.
  • The relationship they want is flexible.
  • It could be hard for them to give you a mentorship.
  • It’s easy to find a short-term arrangement with a foreign sugar daddy. But the price could be various.

Characteristics of Sugar Baby in the Philippines

On the contrary, approximately 95% of sugar babies (mostly college students, ordinary white-collar workers, waitresses, and temporary workers) in the PH are fellow Filipinas, followed by foreign sugar babies (mostly models with good looks) with 5%. They are mainly looking for a sugar daddy who can pay their tuition, utilities and groceries.

>>Also learn, Sugar Baby Allowance Calculator - How Much Can You Get Paid

Most of them would like to have a long-term arrangement rather than PPM so that they can get a monthly allowance financially and have a companion with a sophisticated and mature man mentally and physically. So, sugar babies have to pay more attention to their looks to rival others looking for a wealthy and generous benefactor.

Tips for Finding a Sugar Daddy in the Philippines

Finding a sugar daddy online can be tricky. Here are some helpful tips for finding and meeting a rich sugar daddy easier.

  • Set your location in big cities

If you want to meet tons of sugar daddies in the Philippines, you can set your location in big and popular cities and towns rather than small cities and villages.

Here are some best cities in the Philippines:

Manila, Cebu City, Makati City, Paranaque, Bacolod City, Iloilo City, Davao City and Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

  • Search for sugar daddies who are on a business trip

The downside of local sugar daddies is the likelihood that your relatives and acquaintances might find out about the sugar relationship. So, it’s better to find a sugar daddy who comes here for business or traveling. Plus, they are more generous and wealthier which means you could get more payment. The disadvantage of this is that you can’t maintain a long-term SR.

  • Be pretty

Men are naturally attracted to women with good looks. So, do your hair and makeup and make yourself more attractive to compete again other sugar babies. It’s crucial to drag more attention from potential sugar daddies since that’s where the story begins. Learn how to ask your sugar daddy for money.

Philippines - Beautiful Woman

Recommended Places for Dating a Sugar Daddy

Choosing the right place to date a sugar daddy contributes to developing a deeper connection and sugar relationship. As a newbie sugar baby, you might have no idea where to date a sugar daddy. Here are the best places to date or meet up with a sugar daddy in the Philippines.

  • Bar dating

Going to a bar is a low-stress way to chat with your sugar daddy while drinking cocktails. For example, you can go to a dance bar near you where you can openly talk to your sugar daddy with upbeat music and dance together. This is also the way to show your charming self to your sugar daddy, draw him and leave him smitten.

  • Traveling with a new SD

The Philippines is a perfect destination for a vacation. Surely, there are multiple places to travel with your sugar daddy with a relaxing atmosphere which is crucial to fuel the relationship. Statistically, more than 70% of sugar daddies are willing to travel with their sugar babies in the Philippines. So, plan and visit the finest places to start your sugar dating journey.

Travel - Philippines

  • Meal date

A meal date is also recommended if you want to enjoy food and deliver your love on the table. There are many wonderful restaurants in the Philippines. You can enjoy cuisine in various genres such as Southeast Asian, French, Italian, and Chinese with your sugar daddy. So, why not have meals while sweet talk to your sugar daddy?

  • Face-to-face dating

A coffee shop should be the ideal place to date a sugar daddy in the Philippines if you want to talk to him and enjoy the conversion slowly in an elegant and pleasant environment. Coffee shops are usually located in public areas. So, it’s safe and secure since it has a lot of people who can lend a hand in case you have trouble.

Coffee - Manila

  • Shopping date

You can also spend your romantic time walking with your sugar daddy and going on shopping. Whether you’d like to wander around the Mall or a high-end shop, it’s the best opportunity to chat, communicate and build a deeper relationship. More than anything, it’s in public, so your safety is guaranteed.


If you are a woman living in the Philippines, you need to be patient in finding a sugar daddy in the Philippines since there are not as many rich sugar daddies as in other areas like the US. The sugar daddy dating site and app in the Philippines should be the best place to find a sugar relationship. Also, there are other sugar dating sites and apps covered in this guide that are worth your time. Now, let’s start sugar dating!

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