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How to Find a Sugar Daddy in Mumbai? Top Three Sugar Daddy Apps in India

Mumbai tops the list for sugar dating in India. The top three sugar daddy apps are introduced to help you find a sugar daddy in Mumbai. 

Robin | Updated:

Number Of Sugar Daddies And Sugar Babies In India

According to Seeking, the biggest sugar dating site, the number of sugar daddies in India has reached 3,38,000. Mumbai tops the list with 21,464 sugar daddies and 6,246 sugar babies. New Delhi, which has 13,127 sugar daddies and 3447 sugar babies, follows behind. 

Sugar dating was a niche in India’s dating market but it became popular suddenly amid the pandemic. Why? This blog is going to explore the reasons and introduce the top three sugar daddy websites, how much sugar babies make, and the real sugar baby experiences in India. If you want to find a sugar daddy in Mumbai, stay tuned!


Why Mumbai Tops the List for Sugar Dating in India?

Unemployment is the primary reason for the growth. “Through our research with both members directly and credible online sources, it’s safe to say that more users have been drawn to the platform in light of India’s pandemic-injected unemployment,” Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking, told Forbes India

From 2019 to 2020 alone, while the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy was lamenting the 18.9 million job losses, Seeking saw a 158 percent surge of new users in India. 

“Even worse, students find themselves juggling multiple jobs while in university and oftentimes end up dropping out as they are unable to cope with the mounting pressure,” added Wade. 

Therefore, Mumbai, the largest city in India, undoubtedly earns its spot at first place in sugar dating owing to its high literacy rates and open-mindedness. 

How to Find a Sugar Daddy in Mumbai?

Sugar daddies not only support sugar babies financially but also come with networking opportunities, mentorship, career advancements, etc. If you want to find a sugar daddy in Mumbai, you can’t miss the top three sugar daddy apps in India. 


SugarDaddySeek is best for its strict verification. All sugar daddies and sugar babies have to go through e-mail, mobile phone, and real-person verification before making contact with others. It may sound inconvenient to you but doing so can avoid as many fake sugar daddies as possible. When you match with another user in the community, you can chat for free without the worry of talking to a bot or a catfisher. Moreover, SugarDaddySeek’s 24/7 customer service is there for you if you encounter any scams. Your safety is the priority of SugarDaddySeek. In addition, SugarDaddySeek has a lot of fascinating features, such as “Advanced search”, “Spotlight”, and “Hide my profile”. Give it a try if you want to find a sugar daddy in Mumbai. 

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The Best Sugar Daddy App In India Seeking

Seeking is the largest sugar daddy website. Every person that wants to be a sugar daddy or sugar baby in Mumbai should have a profile on Seeking. The site allows you to change locations, search for users according to your preferences, and mingle with sugar daddies in the largest sugar dating pool. Most members are real and honest. They don’t mind exposing themselves with long paragraphs in the About me, which is so rare in other sugar daddy apps. Thus, signing up at Seeking has a much bigger chance to find a sugar daddy in Mumbai. More surprisingly, Seeking is completely free for female sugar babies. 


The Best Sugar Daddy App In India Gleeden

Gleenden, a French dating site for extramarital affairs, also saw a drastic increase in India during the Covid pandemic. The company revealed that more than 10 lakh users in India registered on Gleeden. Strictly speaking, Gleeden is not a sugar daddy app. But extramarital affairs are mostly no-strings-attached, which is very similar to sugar dating. Therefore, many sugar babies also look for married sugar daddies. Best of all, the male-to-female ratio on Gleeden is 36:64. On Seeking, 14 million sugar babies are competing for the attention of 3.5 million sugar daddies. By comparison, you’ll realize which site is more likely to find a sugar daddy Mumbai. 

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make in Mumbai? 

The leading sugar daddy website Seeking once did a survey. The average sugar daddy is 38 and makes $250,000 annually, while the average sugar baby is 25 and makes $2,800 monthly from their daddies. However, how much sugar babies make varies a lot personally. It depends on many factors, for example, the area you live in, your attractiveness, and how often you date your sugar daddies. So the actual sugar baby allowance fluctuates. 

Speaking of India, a sugar baby receives a monthly allowance of Rs 35,000 on average. That doesn’t include the additional perks such as the cost of travel, hotels, and gifts. According to ThePrint,  a 22-year-old college graduate from Bengaluru said that a prospective sugar daddy was willing to offer her Rs 10,000 based on the attractiveness of her body. But she didn’t specify whether it was a PPM (pay per meet) or a monthly allowance. 

What’s the Real Experience of Dating a Sugar Daddy in Mumbai?

On the one hand, sugar dating boasts a glamorous lifestyle supported by a sugar daddy with an endless pocket. On the other hand, sugar babies are going to face all sorts of challenges. It may sound shocking to you but the reality is that not everyone is fit for the sugar baby lifestyle. 

First of all, you should know that most sugar daddies are not George Clooney-type hot daddies but middle-aged men out of shape. Some of them even have creepy requests like what happened to the Indian sugar babies interviewed by ThePrint. They shared their stories of meeting sugar daddies who were into BDSM, nude pictures, or a threesome. 

Sugar daddy scams are another downside. Beginner sugar babies fall prey to those con artists easily if they are desperate. Though the reports about sugar babies in India being scammed are rare, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. You must be careful if you decide to find a sugar daddy in Mumbai. 


Unemployment is the main reason for the growth of sugar dating in India. But everyone has different reasons to be a sugar baby. No matter what it is, you must do your research before looking for a sugar daddy in Mumbai. It will be even better if you can find an experienced sugar baby to guide you or a bunch of friends to share your experiences with. 

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