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SugarDaddyMeet: Sugar Daddy Site & App for Happy Arrangement

SugarDaddyMeet is one of the most popular sugar daddy dating sites. Check this article to take a deep look at it and learn what it is all about.

Alex | Updated:

SugarDaddyMeet is the new talk of the town. It’s by far the best and most reliable sugar dating platform when it comes to finding the perfect sugar daddy or a sugar baby for you without the worry of putting yourself in any danger.

Upon the overflow of websites and dating apps on the internet does a great job of standing out and allowing its users to interact with well-to-do sugar daddies from the richest areas!


Let’s take a moment to discuss what it is actually all about. Let’s jump right on the through SugarDaddyMeet review.


What is SugarDaddyMeet?

SugarDaddyMeet is a huge online sugar daddy site where rich, refined and well-established sugar daddies search for attractive and aspiring sugar babies to accompany them or it goes the other way around.

Through Sugar Daddy Meet, sugar babies are exposed to rich men who have been verified and are ready to provide them with the life of their dreams. 

SugarDaddyMeet is not only extremely safe but it comes with unlimited options of wealthy men to choose from, for sugar babies it is the perfect place to put your trust in and find your ideal sugar daddy. 

Membership Structure Overview

SugarDaddyMeet comes with its attraction but before you dive into the platform it is important for you to know how it works. Let’s start off by learning more about the membership structures of the platform.

The membership structure works in 3 main aspects:

Female-to-male Ratio:

The website has over 5 million current active users and it stands to have a 70-30 ratio. According to SugarDaddyMeet reviews the website has around 70 percent females actively and around 30 percent male users. 

Country Wise:

SugarDaddyMeet is known to operate in only some from the 20 richest countries in the world. The list goes:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia 
  • Singapore

Age Distribution:

The age distribution on SugarDaddyMeet works in a limit starting form 18: 

  • 18-24 (30%)
  • 25-34 (22%)
  • 35-44 (18%)
  • 45-55 (20%)
  • 55+ (10%)

SugarDaddyMeet – Features

The Sugar Daddy Meet app and the website both come with a bunch of features that are just mind-blowing, in order to use the platform to its fullest you must know how to use the features and that is exactly what we are going to look into. 

The following are the main features of the platform:

Swipe to Match:

Just like any other sugar dating website or dating app the Sugar Daddy Meet online platform also has a swipe-to-match feature, this feature works great in the Sugar Daddy Meet app too.

In this feature, you are presented with options of sugar daddies and if you like them, you simply swipe right in order to match with them and if you do not feel like they are the type you can simply swipe left for a no. 

First Date Gift:

The first date gift is actually the feature that allows you to pick a gift that comes customized with a special note just for you for the occasion of your first date. It’s a sweet and rather comforting feature for sugar babies. 


“Spark” feature is otherwise widely known as “Swipe” the similarity lies in the factor that you are presented with user profiles and you must swipe upon them.

A left swipe indicates a dislike and a right swipe indicates a “like” if you and another member both swipe right on each other a spark is made in the form of a match

Strong anti-scam system:

One of the main reasons SugarDaddyMeet is so reliable and safe to use is because the platform comes with a strong anti-scam policy. 

All the members go through a strict verification process that allows fake profiles and scammers to be cut out of the platform immediately. 

Community-Based Forum:

Another great feature that Sugars Daddy Meet offers is the aspect of a community-based forum where the users can easily log in and share their ideas, safety tips and stories.

It’s open to all members of the platform and it is a great way to deal with any issues as well as to get to know other sugar daddies on the platform well. 

24//7 Customer Support:

One of the most unique features that SugarDaddyMeet comes with is a 24/7 customer support service.

This s great in case of emergencies, if you are dealing with any issues whether they are technical or based on other sugar daddies you have 24/7 support there for you and you do not need to stress out about anything at all.  

How to Use SugarDaddyMeet

Now that you are aware of the features that the platform has to offer you are probably even more excited to become a part of it.  Before you dive right in let’s take a step back and understand just how you can get the hang of the platform and become a member!

The following are a set of aspects you should know how to navigate through when using SugarDaddyMeet:


The first step to becoming a member on SugarDaddyMeet is registration. The registration process is fairly easy and fast to do.

The registration process works like any other application we know, you start by providing your personal details, next you make sure that you are verified through the website or app and finally you write a few facts about yourself. 

Create An Account On Sugar Daddy Meet

To make it easier we can lay the process out like this:

  • Visit the Sugar Daddy Meet website, find the registration form to fill
  • Choose your status, enter your email address and your date of birth
  • Upload a photo of you
  • Add a self-description


Once you have filled out the form and are registered the next step is for you to go through the verification process.

The verification process is timeless and your account is set to be used once your phone number or ID is verified by the website, this aspect ensures the safety of all users on the platform. 


Once you are registered and verified you are ready to go! This means that your account can be used and at this point, you can start browsing and find sugar daddies or sugar babies near you.

The discover feature works best with searching through filters. You can filter where you want your sugar daddy to be from among many other aspects. 

Discover On  SugarDaddyMeet

Moments (Upload videos and photos)

Next up is the feature that allows even sugar babies to attract sugar daddies by the use of uploading pictures as well as videos of themselves.

This feature is pretty easy to use. You just simply click on your profile and add the pictures and videos you want others to see when they are browsing the platform as well.

Moments On SugarDaddyMeet

SugarDaddyMeet – Pricing

One important aspect regarding SDM is that the platform indeed is not free for all users. And there is no Sugar Daddy Meet free trial. The platform comes with membership options. Let’s take a look at the membership options you can choose from:

  • 1 Month Premium: $50 per month, $50 in total
  • 3 Month Premium: $30 per month, $90 in total
  • 6 Month Premium: $24 per month, $144 in total

Using the Premium version on the SDM App would cost a bit more

  • 1 Month Premium: $65 per month, $65 in total
  • 3 Month Premium: $33.3 per month, $100 in total
  • 6 Month Premium: $26.1 per month, $157 in total

SugarDaddyMeet – FAQs

A lot of questions pop up in your mind when jumping into a new experience and it is always better to have them cleared out so you can carry on with confidence.

The following are some frequently asked questions related to SugarDaddyMeet:

Is SugarDaddyMeet legit?

Yes, it is fair to say that Sugar Daddy Meet is a legit website with over 5 million active users and a strong safety program.  

Is Sugar Daddy Meet Free?

Sugar Daddy Meet is not free. If you want to browse unlimited profiles for free, you can turn to a free sugar daddy site like SugarDaddySeek.

SugarDaddySeek is actually a completely free of cost platform for sugar babies and sugar daddies and it comes with many perks of its own such as:

  • Message Before Matching. You can message someone directly without Swiping to match.
  • 10x Exposure with “Spotlight” Feature. It boosts your exposure to attract more potential dates.
  • Female-friendly. It provides sugar babies more opportunities to find incredible matches like giving more times of “Spotlight” for a sugar baby per day.

Does Sugar Daddy Meet App Work Same as Website?

Yes, the sugar daddy app and website are very similar. They both work pretty smoothly however there is a change of price when buying the membership program. Using the platform on an app relatively costs a little more. 

How to unsubscribe and delete Sugar Daddy Meet?

You can very easily delete your SugarDaddyMeet membership by simply going to the settings on the website or the application, scrolling to the very bottom and clicking on the “Delete Profile” setting.


In conclusion, SugarDaddyMeet is a rather safe, smooth and exceptional option for those looking to find their dream sugar daddy without having to deal with any security issues or scams or even the hassle of going about places themselves.  The platform is definitely trustworthy and opens doors for wealthy, famous and refined sugar daddies for those looking to mingle! If you’re ready to find a sugar baby or sugar daddy, download it to start your sugar dating adventure.

About the Author

Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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