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Sugar Daddy in Ireland: Meet Irish Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby

This guide will help you get into sugar daddy dating in Ireland. Check it out to learn how to find a sugar daddy/sugar baby in IE and other things you need to know.

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If you’re searching for a rich sugar daddy in Ireland to ease your financial woes or looking for a goal-oriented Irish sugar baby to pamper and further her lifestyle, you are in the right place. This guide is going to show you everything you need to know about sugar daddy dating in Ireland. Let’s check it out before you actually dip your toes into the sugar bowl.

Ireland Dublin


Where and How to Find a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby in Ireland

If you want to get into sugaring and embark on a sugar relationship or arrangement, jumping right on the sugar daddy site should be the most effective way to post your “ad” and start your sugar dating journey in Ireland. So you’re able to connect to tons of stunning, intelligent, attractive women and wealthy, generous and successful men.

Then, SugarDaddySeek is such a sugar dating site where you can meet thousands of Irish sugar daddies and sugar babies near you. It caters to various relationship goals from basically FWB, NSA and Sugar Relationship to other arrangements; financially, emotionally and conversationally, either long-term or short-term stay.

4 Steps to find an Irish sugar daddy or sugar baby

Step 1. Sign up for a SugarDaddySeek account within 5 minutes.

Step 2. Discover and search for someone you prefer and be fond of with advanced filters.

Step 3. Contact with matches. Have sweet talks, discuss allowances and what kind of relationship you want to have and plan a date based on mutual agreement.

Step 4. Go through with actually meeting someone and going on a date.

Best sugar daddy sites and apps in Ireland

Surely, taking advantage of sugar daddy website could increase the chances of finding your desired arrangements. Here are other sugar daddy sites and apps in Ireland that work well for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. They cater to your needs of seeking arrangement in Ireland and finding companionship, mentorship and unique life experiences. So, now you can easily compare and find an app that meets your requirement.

No. Name App Version Available Pricing Best For
1 Seeking Arrangement Y

Sugar Daddy: €88.34/Mo

College Sugar Baby: Free

Largest sugar daddy dating site and app
2 SugarDaddyMeet Y

Sugar Daddy: €49.11/Mo

Sugar Baby: €29..46/Mo

Upscale sugar daddy site with a strict vetting system
3 WeLoveDates N €39.29/Mo - €88.39/Mo Well-designed dating site for Irish sugar daddies and sugar babies

Characteristics of Sugar Daddy in Ireland

Compared with other sugar daddy lands like the US, UK, and Australia, Ireland has not as many sugar daddies. Still, there are decent and wealthy men, mostly luxurious businessmen in this particular sugar lake looking to enjoy the company of younger women themselves.

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Irish Sugar Daddy

The average age of a sugar daddy in Ireland is 41. They earn an average annual income of €250,000. About one-third are married and with children of their own. Dublin is the top city. Around 43% of sugar daddies and sugar babies are from Dublin, followed by Cork with 26%, Limerick with 12% and other cities with 19%.

Specifically, most sugar daddies living in a big city like Dublin have a stable and high income and career. There are also sophisticated and free-spirited. So, they can help out young ladies beyond the finances. They can be their life partner and teacher, share their future, broaden their mind, and offer opportunities for their career.

Here are the top jobs that sugar daddies do in Ireland:

No. Top Sugar Daddy's Profession in Ireland Average Annual Salary
1 CEO €163,000
2 Finance Director €139,000
3 Technical Architect €103,000
4 IT Project Manager €96,000
5 Dentist €91,000
6 Engineering Project Manager €87,000

Characteristics of Sugar Baby in Ireland

Sugar dating has been surging in college sugar babies in Ireland because living in expensive cities for college costs a lot of fortune. It could cost a lot of money for books, tuition bills, rent and living expenses. So well-educated and informed Irish college students would like to become sugar babies and find a long-lasting sugar relationship. That way, they can hit two birds with one stone: get a monthly allowance for college loans and have their mentors guide their feature or professional world.

Sugar Baby Ireland

With the dividends of sugar arrangement so big, it's easy to see why sugar babies in Ireland, especially college students, are interested.

The average age of a sugar baby in Ireland is 27. Around 65% of them are in their 20s and 42% of them are college sugar babies. Others do the full-time job with 20% and a part-time job with 38%. The average monthly allowance they received is €2,150. About two-thirds are Dublin-based sugar babies followed by Cork with 10%, Limerick with 8%, Galway with 5%, Waterford and other cities with 11%.

And here is the approximate payment for an Irish sugar baby:

Activities Price
First date €100-€250
Meals only €100-€150
Date (with gift) €200-€350
PPM €50-€180
Monthly Allowance €1,000-€3,300

Tips for Sugar Dating in Ireland

Attractive younger woman and successful older man combination will always be the perfect recipe for a relationship if you maintain it well with tactics. Here are some helpful tips for having a wonderful sugar daddy online dating experience and arrangement in Ireland.

Post your “ad” with the personal characteristic

Surely, uploading nice photos on the profile is key to attracting more potential dates on the dating site. While we can’t deny that a good profile should represent your personality. To do this, you can have a good mix of different photos from candid to artistic photos. You can also represent your funny, ambitious and even sentimental side. It’s always nice if you have a big smile and show what you’re into in your profile, like be it dance, fitness, golf, traveling and lots more. Those are all the ways to make your personal “ad: stand out.

Meet as many sugar daddies or sugar babies as possible

You could feel it’s difficult to find a successful arrangement when you actually plunge into surging. And you may feel you’re not a sugar daddy or sugar baby material. Don’t worry. It’s normal to meet random people that you’re not into. The key is to adjust well to the mental condition. Try to talk to and meet as many Irish sugar dates as you can. You will find someone who is compatible with you and would love to make some agreement. That’s where the story begins.

Be careful to be safe

We all know that there are good and bad eggs in any sugar daddy app or dating site in Ireland. That’s why many sugar dating platforms encourage all of their users to complete the verification process. So, we advise you to connect to verified members and be cautious about sharing personal information. That way, you can avoid a lot of fakes, flakes and troubles. What’s more, you shall learn ways of spotting fake sugar daddies and sugar babies and safety dating tips for your sake of security for all time.

Dress up yourself

Do you think LV leather goods can help you to impress others? It might be. Similarly, being well dressed and well groomed with a clean look is crucial to making a good first impression. Looking inside is primary when it comes to maintaining a long-lasting or long-distance sugar relationship. It can’t be said that we should judge a person based on appearance. But it’s a plus for impressing others with pretty and clean looks. So be careful with your clothes and appearance and lean dress up yourself.

Recommended Places to Date a Sugar Daddy/Baby in Ireland

Meet up with your sugar daddy or sugar baby is crucial to fuel the relationship and build a deeper connection unless you just want a platonic sugaring instead. If you’re planning a date and seeking some spots in Ireland to meet up, here are some of the best places selected for you.

Fancy restaurant

Food has always been a staple of romance. Rather than just essentially buy gifts or get lavished with gifts to do something, find some restaurants to have nice dinners and attract your mate, representing a significant step in the deeper sugar relationship.

Sugar Dating in Ireland Restaurant

Go on a wonderful trip

Ireland is naturally a country of beautiful and diverse landscapes. There are many towns, national parks, castles and coasts to discover in this heavenly land. You can visit several spots in Ireland with your sugar daddy or sugar baby to enjoy the beautiful days.

Pubs and bars

Work and life can be frustrating. Even a rich sugar daddy should have pressure. You have clearly good reason to relax and enjoy unlimited entertainment with your sugar partner at the same time. The best pubs and bars in Ireland should be your go-to place for fancy cocktails and recharging yourself.

Bar in Ireland

Sugar Dating Ireland - FAQs

Is it illegal to be a sugar baby in Ireland?

If you step in the wrong direction, sugaring probably gets a load of abuse. While there are real sugar daddies who genuinely care about the sugar babies’ financial situations and want to help them out with their financial woes, understand their limitations, and guide their careers. So, sugar dating is allowed if people can maintain a healthy sugar relationship properly and in agreement.

Is sugaring actually prostitution?

Indeed, the sugar dating world has a stigma and bad reputation. People call sugar babies the "Gold digger", and call sugar daddies the “benefactor”. And said it’s basically the glorified or renamed prostitution. Actually, escort and prostitution are not allowed on sugar daddy dating sites. “sugar dating is a supportive relationship, not a one-off transaction.”

Is it safe to seek an arrangement in Ireland?

Many sugar dating sites have teams that try to monitor suspicious activity and reports from members. This is a way to filter a lot of fakes and scammers. Also, there are safety dating tips posted on their websites and blogs. You can read them to learn how to meet a sugar daddy safely, how to spot a fake sugar daddy and sugar baby, how to have a safety routine and lots more.


Sugar dating has empowered successful men and attractive women to date outside their circles. This article showed you the best way to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby in Ireland, listed the best sugar daddy sites and apps and introduced other things you need to know about sugar dating in Ireland.

SugarDaddySeek is a good place to start your sugar dating journey in Ireland. Join us to find sugar dates to improve your lifestyle and have more fun.

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