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How to Do When Sugar Daddy Asking for Cash App and Email? Ignore Them

What is going to happen when sugar daddy asking for cash app and email? This page reveals the scam on Cash App.

Raya | Updated:

Getting paid from sugar daddies is not that easy. Some scammers will use Cash App to trick your money. So far, numerous sugar babies have lost money because of the cash app clearance fee. Typically, sugar daddy asking for cash app and email is a scam. We want to make sugar dating safe and enjoyable for all. If you are a sugar baby and fear losing your money on the Cash App, read on. We will expose how this scam works and show you a 100% safe method to date real sugar daddies.

Cash App Scams Cover 


Sugar Daddy Asking for Cash App and Email – Beware of Scammers

It’s hard to say no when someone offers you hard cash. Students struggling to pay rent or youngsters living on meager income can feel elated when someone promises to bear their expenditure. And be careful, sugar daddy asking for cash app email can cast a shadow on your sugar world.

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Why Do So Many Sugar Babies Fall for This Type of Scam?

Users of Cash App are conned by a sugar daddy asking for cash app and email. Sugar dating is the hitting trend that college sugar baby want to try, and it’s natural that the scammers should target innocent groups.

1. Cash App doesn’t implement strict vigilance. 

The wallets are not protected fully, and it is easy to fool the users. The scammers look for gullible users whom they con for money.

2. The fake rewards are set pretty high as bait.

The users are enticed by messages and emails declaring rewards that can be claimed only after paying a small amount. Naturally, people falling for this trap end up paying money but don’t get any reward.

3. Scammers are posing as sugar daddies. 

The scammers target innocent sugar babies by posing as sugar daddies. They engage the girls in conversation as sugar daddies. They pretend to be wealthy and ready to splurge on sugar babies. The girls easily fall for this and pay them money to prove that they are not fake.

4. The clearance fee seems plausible.

Fresh hand sugar babies do have difficulty spotting the Cash App scam, and the clearance fee is partially blamed for it. The rewards behind the clearance fee can be canceled anytime while the clearance fee does not. That’s the core of the scams.

So, if you find any sugar daddy asking for cash app and email, beware. The best way to protect yourself is by keeping a tab on your online activities.

Where Do Most Scams Occur? Social Media and Cash App

Get Allowance From Cash App Where do scammers lurk? In the social media. Researchers have found that social media is the most common breeding ground for scammers. Instagram and Facebook are the most popular with young boys and girls, and hence scammers lurk here, looking for prey.

What’s Happening? How Do These Scams Work?

Most youngsters use social media to express their thoughts and ideas. Girls who want to find a sugar daddy will check out sugar daddy ads. Since it is easy to track someone’s posts on Facebook and Instagram, the scammers trap innocent girls by sending them private messages. They converse with these girls posing as sugar daddies and flirt with them. Once the girls fall for them, the scammers promise to pay handsomely for getting intimate. However, to prove their authenticity, they ask the girls to pay a small amount. As you can guess, the fake sugar daddies disappear with the money.

Advice to Avoid Fake Sugar Daddies

If you want to become a sugar baby, please use a website dedicated to sugar dating. Social media is not the right place to find your sugar daddy. Social media is only meant to connect to your friends. Don’t use it for other activities, especially where money is involved.


We all know how unsafe social media is. Since it is easy to create fake profiles and entice people, pranksters and scammers use these sites to fraud people. It is not safe for sugar dating. So, if you are interested in sugar dating, try a place where only authentic sugar daddies are found. Websites for sugar dating contain verified accounts where benefits are assured.

Real Sugar Daddy Never Asks For Money!

Date a real sugar daddy is easy only if you choose a reliable sugar daddy dating website. SugarDaddySeek is the most popular and dependable website where you find real sugar daddies who are ready to pay you cash.

The site follows stringent policies regarding cons and scams. It grants membership to authentic sugar daddies and sugar babies after checking their information. With SugarDaddySeek, you can be a sugar baby and earn real money. So, no worries about Sugar daddy asking for cash app and email.

How to Date A Real Sugar Daddy Who Sends You A Lot of Money?

To enjoy sugar dating, you have to follow some steps. 

Step 1 

Provide your basic information - Create an interesting profile that will attract real sugar daddies. Provide correct information so that you can have a great dating experience.

Step 2 

Be honest – Whether it is about your choices or what you seek from life, be honest. Your profile should allow others to see the real you. 

Step 3 

Use the auto-match feature to find a rich, handsome and supportive sugar daddy. Swipe right if he is exactly the right one. The filters are also desirable ways to sift out your ideal profile. The distance, age, occupation, etc.,are all customizable.

The First Interface

Step 4 

When you are successfully matched, it is time to talk to your sugar daddy. Click this link to see the tricks and taboos when you don’t know how to start or proceed.

Bonus Tips in Dating:

1. Respond to messages and friend requests – Whenever anyone sends you a message or desires to converse with you, respond properly. Don’t ask too personal questions, nor provide your personal details.

2. Harbor realistic expectations – Don’t expect anyone to splurge on you or cover all your needs. Sugar daddies pay for a service, and there must be a contract about what you will provide and its price. So, give time to know your sugar daddy and start earning.

3. Safety is the most important thing. Click to See the safety tips for dating a sugar daddy.

Extra Tip: How to React When Sugar Daddy Asking for Cash App and Email?

When you use any online application, the first thing that you should learn is how to protect your interest. The same holds for sugar dating. Here are 5 vital principles that you should keep in mind to prevent sugar daddy scamming.

1. Don’t hasten to make a decision

If something sounds too good to be true, it surely is. Make this your mantra when you interact with potential sugar daddies. So, whenever anyone approaches you, take your time in knowing that person. Chat with him, learn about his hobbies and interests, and most importantly, don’t reveal your personal details. No matter how convincing he sounds, don’t get into any relationship in a haste. Usually, cons are in a hurry to get money. They will give up if you don’t give in.

2. Use a sugar daddy app without any clearance fee

The most widespread method of conning sugar babies is asking for a clearance fee. This method has become very widespread in Cash App. So, beware of such apps and use only sugar daddy websites for dating.

3. Verify your Cash Shop if you receive any unsolicited email

Did anyone send you any unsolicited email offering you a huge sum of money? Immediately verify your account to protect your details. Also, don’t reply and never send any clearance fee to receive the amount.

4. Use a safe payment

When it comes to paying online, always choose a safe method. Go for a site that follows trusted gateways and implements strict safety norms.

5. Reject anyone who asks for money

The sugar daddy who claimed to be super-rich is asking for money to check your credibility? Block him. That’s the policy to stay safe in the online dating world.


Now you know how people are scammed online. Sugar daddy asking for Cash App and email is a scam and be on your guard. So, don’t use social media sites to find sugar daddies. Most of these profiles are fake. For a real sugar daddy, register yourself on SugarDaddySeek. It is the only site that doesn’t tolerate scams and has real sugar daddies waiting for you.

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About the Author

Raya’s been a sugar baby since college. She paid off her education loan with her sugar daddies' financial support. Now, she is a sugar baby with 6 years of experience who deeply knows how to work out with the sugar dating stuff.

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