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10 Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners in 2023: What Should You Do & What Should You Avoid?

Being a sugar baby is not as glamorous as other people brag. Read the 10 sugar baby tips for beginners to learn what to do and what to avoid.

Robin | Updated:

Sugar Baby Tips For Beginners

Being a sugar baby is not as glamorous as other people brag. 

Many newcomers are allured by the perks of sugar dating and embark on this journey without thinking. But you might overlook the struggles behind those sugar babies who flaunt their Gucci bags on TikTok. You might also turn a blind eye on the low reliability of the news about sugar babies getting paid to text sugar daddies only. Or, you take the pompous promotions on the sugar daddy sites as a leap of faith. 

Sorry for raining on your parade but the harsh reality must be told to remind you to be careful. Nothing is easy when money is involved. You have to do your research and get more knowledge about the sugar community. Thus, the 10 sugar dating tips for sugar baby beginners are prepared for you. Keep reading to discover the true colors of the world you’re entering. 

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.1. Know What You Want 

As a sugar baby, no doubt you want to elevate your life with the help of your sugar daddy. But how? Through money or sugar daddies’ connection? You need to be specific. 

If it is money, how much do you need? You’re advised to sit down and calculate your expenses every month, like the rent, books, gas, groceries, makeup, etc. You must also want to be spoiled with luxury stuff or travels. By doing so, you’ll figure out the least amount of allowance you’re acceptable with. Then you can compare with other sugar babies and adjust your financial expectations. If you want your sugar daddy to help you forward your career, what kind of job should your sugar daddy do? You’re better off working out all these goals beforehand.

Similarly, you should also consider other aspects, such as what your ideal relationship types are (long-term or friends with benefits?), how often you can meet, etc. With clear aims, you’ll find a sugar daddy more easily. 

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.2. Avoid Going into a Sugar Relationship Only for Money 

Sugar relationship is a relationship at the end of the day. Connection and chemistry matter. But when money becomes your sole purpose, first of all, you turn your sugar relationship into a job that’ll make you feel burned out. Some sugar daddies can be very needy, even if he is a sugar daddy texting only. This can also become dangerous as you are too desperate to be alert to the scams and traps in the sugar industry. Besides, the money is not consistent. Your sugar daddy can break up with you, ghost you, or lie to you at any moment. Worst of all, you’ll feel vulnerable to reject toxic sugar daddies who might force you to do something you are not comfortable with.   

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.3. Communicate with Yourself

Apart from knowing what you want, it is also important to know where your bottom line is. If you are not okay with your sugar daddy leaning over to kiss you, why don’t you stop him at that moment? If you are not ready for sex, why don’t you say that? If you feel unsafe sending your nude pics, why don’t you refuse him? You can’t become a sugar baby without being prepared. This world is filled with all kinds of personalities, weirdos, or some creepy guys. You have to communicate with yourself about what is acceptable or not beforehand. 

How to Communicate with Yourself?

We often tell sugar babies to be firm on your boundaries, how can you do that if you don’t know your boundaries? To figure it out, one of the best ways is to visualize possible situations in a sugar date, then you make hypothetical decisions to feel your different emotions. If you’re not convinced about something, you should say no when it really happens. However, considering you are new to sugar dating, another way you can try is to browse the topics at Reddit, then ask yourself the same questions that other sugar babies encounter. 

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.4. Avoid Being Afraid to Express Your Feelings

Theoretically, you should feel easier to express your feelings after knowing your boundaries. But due to childhood experiences or power imbalance, some of you might still find it hard to let your real feelings out. You are not alone, either the unexpressed emotions you have or the difficulties of opening up. 

You have to know that, at the end of the day, only you can protect yourself in this mutually beneficial relationship. There is nothing to be embarrassed about sharing how you feel with your sugar daddies. Come as you are and don’t worry about losing your sugar daddy. You're more desirable than you think.  

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.5. Be Realistic

Sugar dating is based on mutual benefits, which means both you and your sugar daddy get something from each other. It doesn’t work if you walk off with a bunch of money without giving nothing in return, unless you’re a scammer sugar baby or you meet a scammer sugar daddy. 

In most cases, your sugar daddies want to have sex with you. “They’re going through a midlife crisis and they want to use you to feel young again”,  a sugar baby coach named HeyItsBri warns her fans in her YouTube video. This can be overwhelming for some of you, however, you’d better assume this if you decide to be a sugar baby

But even so, you should never feel forced to have sex. Do it because you like it and always practice safe sex. Or, you can try to find a platonic sugar daddy, though it is very rare to meet one.  

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.6. Avoid Expecting to Get a Monthly Allowance or Luxury Gifts from the Start 

Sugar dating is not about fast money. It takes time to find your sugar daddy and the rapport is not built on the first day. Usually, you won’t get paid for your M&G (the first date with your sugar daddy), however, sugar daddies don’t mind paying for the nice food or covering your cost of commuting. 

A monthly allowance comes even later. Sugar daddies long for connection, so they will date you a few times more to see if there is chemistry. You’ll also get some luxury gifts for sure but it is not realistic to dream that your sugar daddy can spoil you with luxury shopping from the start. 

For the record, this is not saying that you can’t ask for more. The thing is that not every sugar daddy is generous. You should tell them what your worth is, of course,  but you're also better off keeping the expectation low to avoid disappointments and scams. 

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.7. Find Another Job That Keeps You Independent 

Sugar dating is an option not a full-time job. It can be very dangerous if you rely on a sugar daddy arrangement as your only source of income. Your lack of independence allows sugar daddies to be arrogant and think that they are your saviors. When the balance of power perilously tilts, sugar daddies will take advantage of you. Worst of all, you might also become desperate, putting up with things that you don’t like. 

On the contrary, having your own career gives you confidence. You can leave this relationship whenever you feel uncomfortable. Your job will also earn you respect, a topic to talk about, and a chance to get mentorship. 

Sugar Dating Tips No.8. Avoid Getting Attached 

Sugar dating is very much like a paid girlfriend experience. You date with your sugar daddy regularly, you have meaningful conversations, and you become intimate with him. However, a transactional relationship is not a real relationship. You can’t expect your sugar daddy to become your real boyfriend or husband. 

Though nothing is set in a stone, looking for a sugar daddy to get married is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Most sugar daddies try to find a sugar baby because they are tired of the conventional relationship. They want simplicity and control. So you have to remind yourself constantly to not get attached. Otherwise, it will hurt you a lot. 

Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.9. Pick a Legit Sugar Daddy Website 

Despite the popularity it has, sugar dating mostly starts online because of the scarcity to find a sugar daddy in real life. According to YouGov, 3.25 million Americans have signed up to join Seeking Arrangement, the biggest sugar dating site in the sugar industry. 

In 2022, SugarDaddySeek, a new sugar daddy website that is the best for the top 20 richest countries, begins to catch on. You can give it a try because SugarDaddySeek values your safety and privacy. In addition, it allows you to chat with your ideal sugar daddy for free when you’re matched. Best of all, it will be less competitive to find a sugar daddy on SugarDaddySeek than any other sugar daddy app or website. Join it now and start your sugar dating with no worries. 

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Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners No.10. Avoid Sharing Your Bank Information with Your Sugar Daddy

Romance scammers or catfishers exist at any dating platform, so does sugar daddy website. As a new sugar baby, you must stay awake to avoid tempting sugar daddy scams

There is no such thing as a free lunch. When a sugar daddy offers to send you money or deposit cash into your account without ever meeting you, you should stop talking to him immediately. It’s very likely that he will later ask for a cash back so as to take all of your money in your bank account. Experienced sugar babies often receive money via third-party apps such as CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, etc. because those apps provide you safety and anonymity. Scammer sugar daddies will find all kinds of excuses to not send you money with those apps. 

In a nutshell, sugar daddy scams come with various shapes. But as long as you don’t share your bank information, never cash in checks, or refuse sending sugar daddy cash app clearance fee, you will be fine while looking for a real sugar daddy. 


The 10 sugar baby tips for beginners are necessary for anyone who considers being a sugar baby. They are not trying to sugarcoat but to reveal the hard truth about sugar dating. It might be hard for you to swallow but all the good advice is harsh to hear. 

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Robin is a Content Marketer at SugarDaddySeek based in New York. When he’s not busy writing you can catch him playing tennis or binge-watching Netflix series.

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