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Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam: Not All the Sugar Mommies Are Real

Get to know the common Snapchat sugar momma scams that you might encounter. Learn the the safe and effective way to find sugar mommas online.

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Snapchat Sugar Mama Scam


Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with friends and followers.  What's more, young people also try to find a sugar mummy on Snapchat. Some encountered the real rich sugar momma, while some ended up with the Snapchat sugar momma scam. Indeed, reports indicated that 33% of the sugar mommas on Snapchat are scammers, who pretend to be rich and generous, while asking for money from sugar babies with special tricks. How to distinguish the fake sugar mommas and how to avoid being scammed? You’ll get all the answers here.

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scams: How to Avoid 

Every platform has both good and bad people. The same is true for Snapchat. There are scammers on Snapchat, just like any other platform. A potential scam on Snapchat nowadays is the sugar mommy scam.

Many fake profiles of older women pretend to be sugar mommies and try to get young men to send them money. So be very careful of anyone who asks for money on Snapchat, even if they seem like a real sugar mommy.

There are also fake profile accounts that will try to friend you and then message you are asking for personal information or money. So be very careful of anyone who asks for personal information or money on Snapchat.

If you're unsure how to find a legit sugar mummy on Snapchat and avoid the Snapchat sugar momma scam, keep reading this blog post, as we'll help you stay safe from such a scam.

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1. Fake profile photos

When looking for sugar mommas on Snapchat, one of the first things you should check is the profile photo. It probably is if the photo looks too good to be true. Many scammers use fake photos to lure in their victims. So, if you come across a profile with a beautiful and rich woman in the photo, be wary. Search her photos on other social platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest and  Facebook to check if these are real.

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2. Request for money

Another way to spot a sugar momma scam on Snapchat is if the person you're talking to asks for money. Sugar mommas will never ask for money from someone they just met online. So, if the person you're talking to on Snapchat asks for money, she's a scammer. 

3. Sugar momma forges payment screenshots

Are Snapchat  Sugar Mommas Real

Scammers can be very convincing. They may even send fake screenshots of payments they've made to "prove" that they're legitimate sugar mommas. However, these payments are usually forged and can easily be faked using photo editing software.

4. Asks for personal & bank account information

Another red flag to watch out for is if the sugar momma you're talking to on Snapchat asks for your personal information, such as your full name, address, or credit card number. Sugar mommas should never ask for this information from someone they just met online. Asking for a cash app and email is also suspicious.

5. Suspicious links

Be aware if the person you're talking to on Snapchat sends you suspicious links. These links could lead to malware or phishing websites. So, if you receive suspicious links from someone on Snapchat, do not click on them.

6. Sends money and asks for money in return

If the person you're talking to on Snapchat suddenly sends you a large amount of money and then asks for money in return, then chances are you're being scammed. This is known as a "money mule" scam. The scammer will use your bank account to launder money.

You're talking to a scammer if you encounter any of these red flags. So, it's best to end the conversation and move on.

Remember, sugar mommas will never ask for money from someone they just met online. So, if the person you're talking to asks for money, she's most likely a scammer. So, stay safe and avoid sugar momma scams on Snapchat by following the above tips.

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How to Find Sugar Mommas without Worrying about Scams?

Snapchat is not the platform which is designed specifically for sugar dating. There are many sugar momma dating sites, on which sugar mommas are strictly verified. SugarDaddySeek is a sugar momma dating site worth your time and effort. It has a large, active membership base and offers a variety of ways to connect with sugar mommas. Plus, it has a strict anti-scam policy to protect its members from being taken advantage of.

Sugar Momma Scam  On Snapchat

If you're serious about finding a sugar momma, SugarDaddySeek is your site. Some of the reasons why you should consider SugarDaddySeek to find a sugar mummy are;

1. Safe sugaring with verified identification

Unlike sugar mommas on Snapchat, all members on SugarDaddySeek are strictly verified to avoid scams and protect online security.

2. Real-time messaging for a fast connection

You can reach out to sugar mommas on the site through real-time messaging. This way, you can get to know them better and see if there is a connection before meeting in person.

3. Advanced search filters for finding the perfect match

The site's advanced search filters allow you to find sugar mommas based on location, age, appearance, and other factors. This makes it easier to find someone who meets your needs and wants.

4. Free to join and use

SugarDaddySeek is free to join and use, so you can start finding sugar mommas without spending a dime. Also, there are no hidden fees or charges, so you can use the site without worry.

With its large membership base and advanced search filters, you're sure to find the sugar momma of your dreams. So, why wait? Sign up today and start sugar momma dating!

Are There any Real Sugar Mommas on Snapchat?

There's no doubting that sugar mommas are out there. But are they using Snapchat? Of course, there are plenty of ways to find sugar mommas. But one of the latest methods is through Snapchat.

Are snapchat sugar mommas real? Yes, sugar mommas are definitely on Snapchat. But they're not as easy to find as on other platforms. So you'll need to put in a little more effort to find them. But it's possible to find yourself a sugar momma on Snapchat if you know where to look.

Many people claim on Reddit that they found a sugar mummy on Snapchat. We've mentioned a couple of legit stories here;

Story 1:

"I was swiping through Snapchat when I came across a profile of an older woman. She was attractive and seemed friendly, so I added her. We started chatting, and it quickly became clear that she was interested in me.

We met up a few days later and hit it off immediately. She was a sugar momma looking for a younger man to spoil. And she's been spoiling me ever since! We Snapchat each other, and she always sends me money when I need it. It's a great arrangement, and I love it." said David.

Story 2:

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"I was on Snapchat and saw this hot girl adding me. So I added her back, and we started talking. It didn't take long for me to realize that she was a sugar momma. She was older but still in great shape and very successful.

We've been seeing each other for a few months, and it's been great. She's always there for me when I need financial help and loves spoiling me with gifts. Finally, I hit the sugar momma jackpot!" said John.

However, there are also potential dangers of finding sugar mommas on Snapchat. So you need to be careful if you face any of these things given below;

● Unverified Snapchat profile

● High possibility of scam baiting

● Poor profile quality

So, if you're looking for a sugar momma on Snapchat, don't give up! There are some out there. But, you need to put in a little effort to find them.


If you're looking for a sugar mummy, beware of scammers on Snapchat. Many scammers will create fake profiles and try to trick people into sending them money. Instead, always use a reputable site like to find sugar is a safe and trustworthy site that can help you connect with real sugar mummies.



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