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How to Send Nudes with No Trouble - The Comprehensive Guide

Learn the dos and don'ts of sending nudes, including how to stay safe and protect your privacy. Get expert tips and advice on sending nudes properly.

Rhea | Updated:

Everything moves fast these days, especially in the world of dating. People chat, flirt, and then hook up! Even sending nudes is no big deal now – it has become extremely common. In fact, some people send nudes as they find it incredibly exciting! If the person on the other end is trustworthy, then all is well, but what if they use it for blackmail or simply post nudes on social media? There is also the possibility of phones being hacked and those photos falling into the wrong hands. This guide will tell you all about how to send sexy nudes, the risks associated with them, and how you can protect your privacy and be safe!




What Are Nudes and Why Do People Send Nudes?

As is evident from the term – nudes are naked pictures. If you want to send nudes, it takes little effort these days. With apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, it has become super easy to send sexy nudes in the blink of an eye. It could be a partial nude image that has some sort of opaque drape or prop covering a given area including those naughty bits, or they might be visible somewhat via a translucent material.
Semi-nude pictures are also the rage, where the breasts and butt are seen at the same time. For males, it could be the butt and torso. You might be partially clothed, or cover the intimate parts with hands. Fully nude images are those where the person is completely naked, with everything on display and not an inch of clothing.
There could be various reasons to send nudes – people do it as a way to flirt in a more intimate manner and spice up their sexting so to speak. When it comes to the sugar relationship, sugar babies sexting with sugar daddies or send nudes to gain more. At times, they do it to feel good about themselves by showcasing their body in a bold way. However, the most common reason is that they want to ensure the receiver doesn’t lose interest in them or look at photos of other people.

Sending Nudes - What Are the Risks?

Remember - whenever you send nudes there will always be risks, so you have to be aware of them. Take a look:
Recipient sharing them without consent
The recipient could be a total jerk and share them with his friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc. What if you have an ugly breakup and they decide to get revenge this way? Before you know, your picture has gone viral and complete strangers would be gazing, leering and lusting at intimate images of you.

Blackmail nudes
This is one of the more dangerous risks when you send nudes (pics). The recipient threatens to post them online or send them to your friends, family members, and others you know, unless you cough up a certain amount. Blackmailers usually keep asking for money in return for their silence – it goes on till they have milked you dry!

Images or videos being hacked or stolen
The recipient might be trustworthy, but what if their phone is hacked or stolen? Intruders would get access to your nude pictures or videos, which might end up on a porn site. If they get leaked online, you lose all control – clips and images could be posted and re-posted in any number of places. The recipient in turn, could be blackmailed as mentioned above.

The wrong person could see them
You might accidentally send nudes to the wrong person. For instance, what if you are so caught up in the moment that you send it to a family member or your boss? Just imagine what will happen! Moreover, a friend or colleague might look through the recipient’s phone (maybe they don't lock it or use a simple code) and discover those raunchy images.

Your reputation will take a serious hit
If your face is visible and those nudes somehow go viral, then it is a guarantee your reputation will plummet. You have to deal with a great deal of embarrassment, taunts, bullying, sarcastic remark, and much more. People have often been ostracized by loved ones or lost their jobs due to such incidents. 

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How to Talk to Your Partner about Sending Nudes

It is the era of sexting after all, which involves sending nudes eventually! It is crucial to establish trust and honesty beforehand, between both partners. But what happens if you wish to start sharing nudes, but the other person isn't comfortable? Respecting sexual boundaries is a must – you wouldn't want to be pressured into anything you don't want to do, so consider their feelings in the same way. It is important to be patient till your partner approaches that comfort level where they don't feel apprehensive to send nudes.
The reverse could occur as well, where you don't want to send nudes, but your partner keeps asking for them. You aren't obligated to participate in any form of online sexual activity that you don't wish to do. Voice your concerns and tell your partner exactly how you feel. Ask them to give you time so you can get on board with the idea.
But you should proceed with caution as there are always risks associated with such images and videos. If someone keeps asking you for nudes every time you talk, or demands that sending them is imperative for the conversation to continue, it could be an indication of foul play. Trust your instincts and block that person if required.
When it comes to sex, boundaries, and satisfaction, it is all about communication. You owe it to yourself and your partner to speak up and let them know the truth, or else any kind of relationship is dead in the water. 

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Guide to Sending Nudes Safely

Although there are dangers associated with sending nudes, you can still do so safely:

Use Secure Messaging  Websites & Apps

1. SugarDaddySeek
Sending nudes or sexting is one of the best methods for sugar babies and daddies to fuel sugar relationships, especially in long-distance sugaring. If you're a sugar baby wanting to send nudes to your sugar daddy, consider using a more secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption. SugarDaddySeek is a well-known site for sugar dating, and a secure platform for sexting and sending intimate pictures. Every profile is verified using advanced technology, so fake ones are filtered out right from the start. Registrations are accepted from the top 20 richest countries in the world! Your privacy is protected as only you have control over who can get access to photos. In fact, you can set private photos to be viewed just by people you select. All messages are end-to-end encrypted, so you can safely send pictures and videos. There is also an option to be invisible for sometime or permanently – just use the "Hide My Profile" feature.

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2. Snapchat
Users are able to send nudes to others, but the best part is they will disappear immediately after the recipient has viewed them. There is a phone screen-capture that notifies you if the image was captured, but if the recipient uses a third-party app to take screenshots, you won't know about it.
3. Kik
This popular messaging app is free of cost that lets you conduct one-to-one or group chats. If you wish you can chat anonymously as well. You can send pictures, videos, GIFs to users who already have a Kik account.

Crop or Cover Your Face

It is best to remain anonymous when you send nudes. Use sharp angles to keep your visage out of frame or shrouded in shadow, or shoot with a bright flash in a mirror. Even if the nudes do get leaked, no one will know it is you. If the person intends to blackmail you, they won't succeed if there isn't a clear shot of your face.

Don't Include Identifying Features

Please make sure that the camera is positioned in such a way that tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc. are not visible. It is advisable to use a piece of clothing such as a scarf to cover up a bit. You can also blur or censor any identifying marks using apps or tools available online.

Send Nudes to Someone You Really Trust

Make sure you can trust the recipient! You have to be 100% positive they won't blackmail you later on, show those nudes to their friends, or post them online just to get back at you, in case you break up. There is no coming back from this, so establishing trust is very important.

Use a Password-protected File

If your phone doesn't already have a feature to hide photos, you can still keep them stored safely on your own. A password-protected folder on your device or even external storage like an SD card or USB drive can be a safe place to store nudes after you are done editing and sharing them. Make sure the nudes don't get automatically backed up if you use Flickr, Google Photos, iCloud Photo Library, etc.

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What to Do If Your Nudes Are Leaked or Shared Without Your Consent?

Sadly, people who send nudes, often find themselves ending up as victims of blackmail, extortion, cyberbullying, and so on. Here are some steps you can take if your nudes get leaked or shared without permission:
Report the incident
Get in touch with the police immediately and tell them about your situation. This is a serious criminal offence, so you shouldn’t waste time to report it. Try and collect every piece of evidence you can, keeping records of everything – it can be screenshots of the site your photo is on, emails or texts.

Seek legal advice
Talk to a lawyer – they will guide you about the next course of action. If you know the person who has leaked your photo, start out by sending a cease and desist email. This email should outline a settlement agreement wherein they will remove your content and be restricted from being near you in the future.

Put out a statement
This might be embarrassing as you actually have to admit about the nudes being yours, but this is one of the most effective ways to do damage control. State clearly that the images being circulated have been leaked or shared without consent, and anyone who comes across such pictures or videos, should immediately report it.

Remove your nudes from the internet
Most social media platforms ban nude or sexually explicit content, so you can quickly report nude pictures and have them taken down. You can even report the user who has shared those. If your intimate images have ended up on adult sites, you can contact the administrator and get them removed.

Check privacy settings
It is time to revisit your privacy settings. Enable two-factor authentications on all accounts, devices, cloud storage systems, etc., create unique complex pass phrases and answer security questions in unexpected ways. If you store nudes on your phone or computer make sure you do so in a hidden folder that is password-protected.


So it all boils down to whether you should send nudes or not! There is no simple answer to this question, as there are always chances of them ending up on adult sites, public forums, or being shared with others. However, if you feel comfortable to send nudes (photo), then make sure to use secure messaging apps and keep your face and other identifying features hidden. These precautions will greatly minimize the chances of someone using them for the wrong reasons!

About the Author

Rhea is a professional content writer who mainly focuses on sugar dating guides. When she is not working, you can see her in the gym.

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