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What Is Secret Sugar Daddy? How to Get Secret Arrangement?

Secret sugar daddies are special in the sugar dating world. They tend to be extra rich, or they are married already. This page tells you how to find & how to deal with them.

Raya | Updated:

Being in the sugar dating bowl for a period and you are bound to meet one peculiar group of sugar daddies. They do not have clear avatars on their profiles, their personal info is incomplete and you are not very willing to reach out to them, being afraid ‘am I meeting salt sugar daddies’. Well, your concerns could be right. But you are more likely to meet another type of sugar daddy - Secret Sugar Daddy!

Secret Sugar Daddy 


What Is Secret Sugar Daddy

You definitely have met this type of wired sugar daddy profile - they have blank profiles, no self intros, no bios. Basically no clues about this user. So, does it mean that this sugar daddy is a fake one? Well, keep reading and you will know that it is not a good idea to let go of this type of sugar daddy.

Here is some analysis of secret sugar daddies, with which you can clearly know the people behind those blank profiles.

1. Married sugar daddy

The first type of secret sugar daddy must be those who are already married. Their activities are in strict control just like their wallets. So they would not wish to use their true information on any sugar dating websites. This kind of sugar daddy is less generous and can involve you in mass family problems.

2. Super rich sugar daddy

Celebrities, successful businessmen, and government staff need sugar babies’ quality companions just like ordinary people do. But given the fame and reputation, they hold high, the leak of info on a Sugar dating website/App is better avoided. So they choose to hide their real identity from the public. This kind of sugar daddy is more than premium. They can offer you the highest rank of sugar baby allowance and introduce you to luxury lives. Also Read >>> Rich Sugar Daddy Apps

3. Sugar daddy that wants to date more than one sugar baby

There are times when sugar daddies consent to an exclusive relationship with one sugar baby only. When they exchange their WhatsApp or Phone number, it will be inappropriate to login the sugar dating website/App again. In this condition, some sugar daddy attempts to have extra dates and choose to use another account. This type of sugar daddy is willing to offer you with significant allowance too.

Generally speaking, the 3 types of secret sugar daddies mentioned above share some common traits - they prefer to use fake avatars or do not use avatars at all. Their profiles contain little info and are less likely to be active.  

Where to Seek Secret Arrangements?|Secret Sugar Daddy Website

The dedicated sugar dating website is definitely the right place to find a sugar daddy. Well, you will never know if a secret sugar daddy is super rich or super salt. And the best result deserves a round of exploration.

So what’s the best site to find the secret sugar daddy near you? Where to earn real allowance from sugar daddies? SugarDaddySeek is your choice today.

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  • SugarDaddySeek Introduction

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  • How to get a secret sugar daddy?

Step 1  Register SugarDaddySeek.

Step 2  Create your profile, add up some crucial information about yourself and then begin the search for sugar daddies.

Step 3  Remember rich sugar daddies are not frequently seen, so do not omit any possible chance.

Step 4  Use the ‘Match’ or ‘Search’ feature to choose your ideal sugar daddy.


Safety Tips in Dating Secret Sugar Daddies.

Secret Affairs Done by Secret Sugar Daddy

The mode of secret sugar daddy is quite easy to understand. Basically, the core is avoiding exposure. Luckily the versatile sugar dating website provides convenient features for secret sugar daddies.

But in the first place, the simple profile and blank self-intros won’t help them win over sugar babies’ preferences. So the swiping and matching is not the territory for secret sugar daddies. The truth is that they rather prefer the ‘search’ function with which they can ‘customize’ the sugar babies, the height, age, locations, and color skin.

They make their moves when ideal sugar babies, reveal themselves, open private photos, agree to make date in a local bar, etc.

For sugar babies, one thing to remember - do not easily omit users who do not have good profiles, or have wired behaviors, including:

1. Late respond

This could be because the account is not the main account. And when he switches to this account, he can respond to your messages.

2. They avoid extra exposure

You will not find any useful information about this person. No matter his career, his addresses, his personal pictures, etc.

And when you have a nice talk and plan to seek some secret arrangements.

When dating with secret sugar daddies, things are a lot different from dating with ordinary sugar daddies.

1. They prefer quiet and secret places for dates

A secret cafe hidden in the throat of an ally, a jazz bar that is open until the dawn of the night. So, be cautious when you are asked to meet up in a never-heard-of bar, it can be a blessing in disguise.

2. They cannot settle down a regular dating

When you decide to have further contact with this mysterious sugar daddy only to find that he cannot settle down with you at all. You cannot have regular dating because he is too busy to arrange his time.


 This page gives a comprehensive analysis of the mysterious group of sugar daddies - secret sugar daddy. After reading, you will know that they hide their true identity for good reasons and you can really give them another chance. SugarDaddySeek is the handiest platform to seek all kinds of sugar daddies, feel free to register as one of the members and start your datings now!

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Raya’s been a sugar baby since college. She paid off her education loan with her sugar daddies' financial support. Now, she is a sugar baby with 6 years of experience who deeply knows how to work out with the sugar dating stuff.

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