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Table of Contents

6 Methods to Find a Rich Old Woman on Instagram

Learn about the 6 useful methods to find rich older women on Instagram, detailed steps explained here.

Chelsea | Updated:

Finding a rich old woman on Instagram is a great idea for people who are searching for a perfect date without spending. Instagram is a famous social media platform for posting images, videos, and stories. Although you won’t find women on Instagram posting directly to seek a date, you can utilize different techniques to build a bond with an older woman and ask for a date later.  This article discusses how to find rich old ladies, a sugar momma for example, on Instagram. 

Find Rich Old Woman On Instagram


Let's take a look at the top six methods that can help you find a rich old woman on Instagram. 

Method 1: Search for Rich Older Women Using Hashtags

The best method to find your desired rich woman on Instagram is through hashtags. Since you don’t exactly know the names of rich women, you can’t search for them directly on the platform. You will either need to search for direct hashtags or hashtags that are relevant to what you are looking to get on the platform. Here are some of the best hashtags that can bring you relevant results. 

  • #richoldwomen 

  • #oldwomen

  • #oldbeauty 

  • #maturewoman 

  • #maturebeauty 

  • #richwomen

  • #cougarwomen

  • #sugarmommy

Search Rich Old Women On Instagram

After applying hashtags, it is also important to ensure you don’t end up in any fake profile or an Instagram blog. You need to filter out genuine rich women on Instagram and use these hashtags randomly without any specific intention. Once you find them, you can send them a follow request and leave a DM.  

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Method 2: Follow Accounts Related to Rich Older Women

Another great method is to follow old women pages on Instagram. These can be Instagram blogs that write on random topics related to old women dating. By following these accounts, you get a chance to view profiles and images of old women on Instagram who are older and searching for a date. You can also track such profiles from these page followers by checking women's likes and comments. But watch out for sugar momma scams on instagram.

Go through the entire Instagram pages and filter out real old women's Instagram profiles. Once you have the profiles of such women, you are free to send them a follow request and leave a DM. If their accounts are public, you should comment on their posts without any spam. This will make them notice you, and they might accept your follow request. Here are some of the rich old women accounts you can look out for. 

  • @luxurylifestyleinspo

  • @richwomenclub

  • @richolderwoman 

Method 3: Connect with Rich Older Women through Instagram Groups

The next method is to find relevant older women group chats on Instagram. Older women dating younger men is more and more common, you can find these group chats through other social media groups or by building connections with blogs that run private group chats. The best method is to search for groups through relevant hashtags. Applying these search filters allows you to find accounts running private group chats. You can either ask them to add you to the groups or ask them to create a new one. 

Method 4: Connect with Other Influencers or People in Related Fields

Rich Older Women Account On Instagram

The next method is to connect with other relevant people and influencers. You should search for people who talk about dating and relationships on their Instagram profiles. This will allow you to access the Instagram profiles of old rich women who have similar interests and might be searching for a date. You should consider the ladies' age when filtering out the profiles. The profile description and pictures can easily judge their age. Once you have a similar profile that meets your expectations, you can send them the follow request and the DM. 

Method 5: Use Instagram’s Advanced Search Feature

The next method is to utilize Instagram’s advanced search features to filter out posts relevant to your search. You can search by different keywords and utilize the search filters to either get results for only videos, posts, or reels content. Since Instagram, like another social media platform Twitter, focuses more on shorter format content, you can drive your required results through reels. When you search for specific keywords and filter the results to reels only, you can see the result only. The results will be the latest, and you can easily filter out the profiles you want. 

Method 6: Browse through Instagram’s Suggested Accounts or Stories

Instagram’s suggested feed is another effective way to filter out rich women's Instagram profiles for your needs. You need to tailor your interests in such topics so that you can see relevant posts. Once you can see the posts in your Instagram feed that are relevant to your search, you can reach out to the profiles by sending them a follow request or messaging them.  

These are some of the best ways to filter out the best rich old woman on Instagram. While approaching any of the women using this platform, it is important to approach without spamming the profile, likes, or comments. 

Easier Way to Find Rich Older Women Online – MeuDoce

If you are looking for an effective way to find a rich old woman, Instagram might not be a great option. Instagram is a social networking application, and you will find it harder to filter out women looking for a date. This is why it is better to search for women on dedicated dating applications like MeuDoce. The application is a dedicated space for people searching for an online date. Let’s take a look at some of the features of MeuDoce. 

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1. Easy Methods To Find Sugar Dates 

The application allows you to find rich old women willing to date younger men easily. Since it is a dedicated space, you will find out women who have listed their profiles for finding a date. 

2. A Large User Base 

MeuDoce has a large user base of rich women ready to start a sugar dating. With this application, you can easily find women of your choice and build a connection with them. Once you are comfortable, you can ask for a date without hesitation. 

3. Advanced Search Filters

The search filters offered by MeuDoce are extremely effective for determining the type of rich woman you are looking for. You can apply filters such as age, location, etc., to ensure you get your desired results on the platform.  

4. Direct Messaging 

 The application allows you to send a direct message to the profile you like. The message sent to the user is delivered on the spot, and they will be able to see what you have sent. It is one of the effective ways to reach out with a personalized note to the rich old woman you liked the most on the platform. 

Now that you know the benefits of joining MeuDoce, let’s take a look at the steps to create a profile and start finding dates on the platform. 

  1. Signup on the platform using your name. 

  2. Get your profile approved by entering all the relevant information. 

  3. Create a compelling profile. 

  4. Search for rich old women profile on the platform. 

  5. Send messages to the profile you like the most. 


Finding rich old women on Instagram is a free way to find a rich woman with whom you can date. However, Instagram might not bring your desired results since it is a social networking platform, and it is harder to find rich old women looking for a date. So, if you are looking for a desired result, try joining MeuDoce. The platform will surely bring you an ideal result. 

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