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5 Things You Need to Know About PPM Sugar Baby

What is PPM in dating? What does ppm sugar daddy/sugar baby mean? And how about ppm sexually? This page tells you everything about the word - PPM!

Raya | Updated:

Is PPM (pay per meet) one of the hardest terms when you first step on the territory of Sugar Dating World? PPM sugar baby literally indicates the mode when sugar babies are paid each time they date sugar daddies offline. Actually, pay per meet brings the most stable allowance and in the meantime,  ppm is the quickest way to earn some real money. Well, if you are new to the sugar bowl, then you can have a lot of questions.

What’s the average PPM sugar baby allowance? What’s the sugar baby pay per meet price? What are the best pay-per-meet websites? No worries, in this article you will find all the details you want to know.

Ppm Sugar Baby Allowance


Pay Per Meet Sugar Baby / PPM Sugar Baby Definition

If you are a new arrival in the Sugar Dating World, and feeling confused when your sugar daddies talk about PPM, arrangement, and allowance, then lucky you! Here are the quick answers for all the PPM definitions - ppm in dating, ppm sugar daddy, ppm sugar baby, ppm sexually, and the pay per meet website!

  • PPM Sugar Baby Definition

PPM is short for Pay Per Meet. One of the commonest ways for sugar daddies to pay their sugar babies. Basically, ppm sugar baby tends to be paid by a sugar daddy every time they meet up. The price varies from district to district, but one thing is for sure - sugar babies and sugar daddies are all fond of this method.

  • PPM Arrangement Definition

The arrangement is a kind of transactional contract where two parties provide what they have in exchange for things they demand. Arrangement in the sugar dating world indicates the date that involves money from daddies and company from babies. PPM Arrangement (pay per meet arrangement) split this money-and-companionship whole thing into every single date. 

  • PPM Meaning Sexually

Some sugar daddies and sugar babies prefer to involve SEX in their relationship, for the feeling of more intimacy or receiving more allowance. PPM sexually means that every single date must be sex-related. Of course, this is a bilateral thing without any compulsory will. 

  • PPM Sugar Daddy Definition

PPM sugar daddy represents this type of daddy who prefer meetings in reality instead of the Internet. He pays to meet sugar babies, having meals or drinks with them then decide if there is any future between them. 

  • Pay Per Meet Website

Any sugar dating website is actually a pay per meet website - if you put PPM in your bio, or nickname, everybody will know what you mean. BTW, the most recommended PPM website is SugarDaddySeek, which will be specifically introduced in the following part. 

  • Types of sugar daddy that prefers pay per meet sugar baby

1. They prefer fresh sugar babies

2. They want to have a test before a long-term sugar relationship

3. They are too busy to keep a stable relationship with one sugar baby

Weekly/Monthly PPM Sugar Baby Allowance [Pay Per Meet Price]

Ppm Sugar Baby Cover

  • What are the factors that influence the allowance?

1. The education degree of sugar baby - college sugar baby (or higher) deserves more allowance

2. The frequency of meet-ups in a period - the allowance is basically counted on the times of meet ups

3. The appearance - good-looking sugar baby is never short of generous offers

4. The age - young sugar baby is always more welcomed

5. The hours you spend with sugar daddies - 2 or 3 hours’ allowance is way less than 12 hours’ allowance

Most of the factors above are fixed, basically, you cannot do anything to change your countenance, your degree, or your age. But you can totally decide how you like your allowance. Here are 3 types of payments that are similar to Pay per meet. Let’s take a look.

1. Pay Per Month Sugar Baby

Pay per month allowance is way more than pay per meet allowance. Average pay per month baby gets around $3000-$4500 ($2000 more acceptable, capped at $6000) allowance, and the aggregate earnings are basically determined by how many times you meet up in a month. And the sexual thing is also an important add-up to your allowance.

2. Weekly Paid Sugar Baby

The weekly allowance is approximately one-fourth of the monthly allowance. The only factor that restricts sugar babies from earning more is that they basically cannot meet sugar daddy much in a week’s time. And the math comes out a weekly paid sugar baby will earn an average allowance of $750-$1125.

3. Pay for a travel/luxuries/hotels

Sugar daddies’ ideal lives with a sugar baby are that they wish to share the good things in their daily lives. And when you are asked to go on a travel with him. No hesitation, it will be as sufficient an offer as you can ever imagine. The allowance is not limited to gifts, money, jewelry, luxury hotels, etc.

How to Be a PPM Sugar Baby on A Sugar Dating Website?

To be a ppm sugar baby is easy. But a ppm sugar baby that earns a lot can be a little bit difficult. Here are the tricks of having as many dates as possible with sugar daddies. 1. use the right platform to keep in contact with more than one sugar daddy. 2. schedule your time and meet them.

Finding the right platform is halfway to success and SugarDaddySeek is a wonderful platform that gathers the richest sugar daddies and the most beautiful sugar babies. Let’s spend 3 minutes and see how to work with this best sugar daddy site.

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
  • Unlimited right swipes to meet local sugar baby, daddy, and momma
  • Large and active user base with quick responds
  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy
  • [Tutorial] How to Be PPM Sugar Baby on SugarDaddySeek?

Step 1 Register and create an account.

Step 2 Complete your profile, making it simple, explicit, and attractive.

Step 3 Use SugarDaddySeek’s handy feature to find a sugar daddy. You can swipe to find the right daddy or use the filters to search for your ideal future mate.

Step 4 Before the match, you can send 3 free greetings to a profile. And When you are completely matched, all the features are unlocked. You can chat freely, see each others’ private pics and make a date offline.

Bonus Tips. Before Bing A PPM Sugar Baby

  • Your attitude and words matter a lot

The fact is that sugar daddies are 100% aware that it is the money that spins the sugar world. But that does not mean that they prefer relationships to be all about money. Deep inside their hearts, they are longing for a supportive soulmate that has good looks, and a perfect figure. So the wrongdoings are asking sugar daddies for allowance straightforwardly and leaving them if they cannot offer much. Also Read >>> Safety Tips in Dating Sugar Daddies

  • Taboos in dating a sugar daddy

1. Ask for money directly

It is not recommended to start a conversation with allowance topics. Sugar daddies know how the game is played and they accept the rules and also deeply repel the way it operates. Deep in their hearts, they want to find someone who is really suited to them, who is a perfect lover to date with. So, you can bring up this topic when things are about to get on the right track.

2. Playing hard-to-get

Remember one thing, sugar daddies are dominant in the sugar bowl. They have way more choices than you can imagine and they can easily dump you whenever something goes wrong. So, don’t add up your risk by adopting ‘defendable intros, cold intros, and bad attitudes’.

3. Don’t respond in time

Yep, the trick of putting off your sugar daddy is not a good idea. It may work with your boyfriend, your lover, but definitely not your sugar daddy. It’s the same philosophy that follows: they are reaching more than one sugar baby simultaneously, and he can be taken by other competitors.

4. Money-oriented

Money or allowance is definitely the most-cared-about stuff on your dates. But it is exactly a topic that should be avoided if you wish for the best result. Please mention it when you feel you have to do it.

Also Read >>> How to Talk to A Sugar Daddy


PPM sugar baby literally represents the most common types of payment that both sugar babies and sugar daddies are fond of. Make the best advantage of this role and you can get a significant allowance from more than one sugar daddy. SugarDaddySeek is the most suitable website for you to meet a rich sugar daddy near me. Please feel free to register and start your online/offline dates.

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Raya’s been a sugar baby since college. She paid off her education loan with her sugar daddies' financial support. Now, she is a sugar baby with 6 years of experience who deeply knows how to work out with the sugar dating stuff.

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