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Can I Really Be a Platonic Sugar Baby? & How to Find Platonic Sugar Daddies?

No matter what naysayers say, there are platonic sugar babies involved in friendly relationships. Read this blog to learn how to do it.

Robin | Updated:

Is it only about money and intimacy? Do young girls become sugar babies for adventure? There are so many myths related to sugar babies that worry people who look for sugar dating. One such misconception is about platonic sugar babies. People are skeptical about platonic sugaring and think it is only fictitious. Most people think sugar dating is about earning money and enjoying companionship, and hence nonsexual dating is impossible. Sex and intimacy are part of the package. Do you believe that too? Do you want to be a platonic sugar baby? Is it possible to find a sugar daddy who wants your company only?Platonic Sugar Baby


Can I Be A Platonic Sugar Baby?

Yes, you can. No matter what naysayers say, there are sugar babies involved in friendly relationships. We have talked to several platonic sugar babies who are happy with the arrangement. Some of them were like you, apprehensive of sugar dating. Still, they went for it and created platonic sugar baby profiles. Being honest and clear about what they were looking for, these girls found sugar daddies interested in dating without physical intimacy.

We interacted with many such sugar babies and learned that their sugar daddies mostly communicated online. They find sugar daddies texting only about movies, sports, etc. and discussed politics. These sugar daddies travel extensively and meet their sugar babies only to have great conversations. Of course, they go shopping, skiing, and on holidays, but the arrangement is non-physical as specified in the beginning. The sugar daddies love their platonic sugar babies to accompany them to events and dinner dates.

One sugar baby shared her experience of being in a nonsexual arrangement wherein her sugar daddy occasionally visited her city and wanted her to show him the places around. They went on coffee dates. He was happily married and wanted her to give him company whenever he needed to talk.

There are cases where senior sugar daddies only look for a companion. No matter how unbelievable it sounds, elder men are not dying to have sex with every young woman they meet. They long to have someone to talk to and share their worries with. For platonic sugar babies, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a great life without getting physically intimate.

So, if you want to be a sugar baby in a no-sex arrangement, you can be one. No matter what people say, it is possible to be only friends with your sugar daddy and enjoy the relationship.

What Are The Possible Situations to Find A Platonic Sugar Daddy?

So, you aspire to be a platonic sugar baby but are not sure how to become one. Let us explain the situations favorable for finding a platonic sugar daddy. Did you know any nerd in your college who always shied from girls? He may have earned a few degrees and silver hair but is still nervous about talking to women. Yes, successful men in their late forties and fifties look for platonic sugar babies to make pure friendships. Being busy and shy, they prefer online sugar babies to relax and talk freely. They may want to meet you in person and share their ideas.

Some busy men travel around the world for work

These men love to have a sugar baby in a city they frequently visit. They look for someone who can show them around and go for dinners. These dates are usually fun. These men are generous and shower their sugar babies with gifts and money.

Older men are a good option for no-intimacy sugar dating

They are happily married and don’t look for sex anymore. They yearn for companionship, and sugar babies fit their bill. In some cases, their family is not available to spend time with them, so they look for sugar babies.

Men with unmet emotional needs often get into sugar dating

They want someone to care for them, spend time with them, and provide emotional stability. Men in unhappy marriages or open marriages are prone to look for platonic sugar babies.

Nonsexual arrangements for mentoring and providing support 

Successful men love to mentor young girls and help them get established. They may seek someone to follow a hobby together or go for hiking tours.

There can be many such situations wherein you can find your platonic sugar daddy.

How To Find A Platonic Sugar Daddy?

Now we come to the real issue – finding a platonic sugar daddy. Starting at the right place will make your task easier, hence begin searching for a legit sugar daddy website. Since most people depend on online sites to find sugar babies, you must choose reliable platonic sugar dating sites to hasten the process. SugarDaddySeek is one of the best sugar daddy sites for platonic sugar babies. It has a vast membership base and is one of the most dependable sugar dating sites. Before registering, you can check its members’ profiles to get an idea. The site offers free registration, so you can always try it for fun. 

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If you are serious about being a platonic sugar baby, choose SugarDaddySeek as your chances of finding platonic sugar daddies are higher here. The site contains only real sugar daddies and babies looking for mutually beneficial relationships.

Registration is easy and takes only minutes, but your information will be verified before granting you membership. This is for your safety. Once you are in, create an interesting profile that will catch sugar daddies’ attention. This is a vital step as people will come to know about you from your profile. Include your basic information so that members who browse your profile will come to know about your interests, hobbies, and passion.

Upload real and HD-quality pictures of yourself. Write a catchy introduction that will attract sugar daddies. The About Me section helps in filtering search and should be framed nicely.

Do not forget to mention that you are looking for only platonic arrangements. Check platonic sugar baby profile examples to learn more about creating such profiles. SugarDaddySeek has an excellent filter to narrow down your search. Use it to find potential platonic sugar daddies. Go through the profiles and send messages to those whom you find interesting. Do not haste, but take your time to message strategically so that your honesty and intentions are clearly expressed.

 As you browse the profiles of sugar daddies and send messages, you will get many responses. Be firm on your boundaries, and don’t get carried over by the offers. Converse with interested sugar daddies to find out what they expect from you. It may take time to find a platonic sugar daddy whose vibes and interests match yours. However, once you find him, you will have a satisfying sugar dating experience. Don’t forget to explicitly mention the terms and conditions of the agreement. 

The Bottom Line

With a trusted and dependable sugar daddy site like SugarDaddySeek, you will surely find a platonic sugar daddy. Not all men are looking for sex, and many sugar daddies on dating sites look for platonic sugar babies. These men are wealthy, successful, and attractive. They live to interact with young girls and have a good time. So, be open about your preference and don’t hesitate to let others know that you are looking for platonic arrangements only. Your attitude and confidence will help you find a sugar daddy with whom you can enjoy a great relationship and earn good parks. 

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