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Consider These 4 Methods to Find Online Only Relationships for Money

This page provides 4 practical methods for you to find online only relationships that repay you real money. But also be aware of the scams that fake sugar daddies are plotting.

Raya | Updated:

Dating is more effective when online methods are involved. Yet with dating Apps Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and numerous dating Apps competing for attention, you can easily find a qualified partner to hook up with. But finding someone who can love you and give you financial support, these general dating Apps are not ideal at all.

How to build online only relationships for money? Well, let’s make our minds clear first. General dating Apps are not good options. Social media is too amateurish and a real money-sending App is our goal today.

Here are 3 types of money sending Apps that we can adopt:

  • Get Paid to Flirt App
  • Pay for a Date Website
  • Sugar Dating App

Let’s save the muddy words and get straight to the point right now!

Online Only Relationships For Money


How to Get Guys to Send You Money on Tinder?

Yep, dates on general dating Apps can bring you real money. Tinder does not allow users to send money to another one. But the ID of the payment App will not be banned so users can still transfer money freely. The KEY is: how to get guys to send you money? Here is a real trick. 

Many of you may hear of this trick before, which simply is an intriguing bio - “send me $5 and see what happens”, written for a curious man that already matched with you.

  • Here are steps for earning money from Tinder matches:

Girls Use Tinder To Make Money

Step 1. In your bio, write down: Send me $5, and see what happens.

Step 2. Respond to the curious prey, and send them your Paypal ID.

Step 3. When money is received, unmatch.

Step 4. Repeat this trick.


This scam has gone viral and may not work anymore. So what’s the newest version of this ‘scam’? Here are some other tricks that are similar to ‘send me $5 and see what happens:

#1. $5 for a special selfie

#2. $5 for my NUMBER

Whether your decision is scamming them or you really send your selfie/number after receiving money. The new tricks will bring you real money. These are all the secrets of using Tinder to build online only relationships for money.

How to Get Guys to Send You Money on Cash App

When you are the beneficiary in the Tinder online relationships for money, you can be a total victim in the Cash App scam, which scam’s core is the clearance fee.

You can come across scammers from all possible platforms who are generous enough to send you money. They ask for your Cash App ID and send you a $50 or $100 payment but ask you to pay the clearance fee ($5) first. If you pay the fee, then he will cancel the payment and disappear. This is how the Cash App scam works. 

Online Money Transfer

The thing is, you really need to keep a wary eye since there is really generous rich man who is willing to send you money on Cash App, but THEY WILL NEVER LET YOU PAY FIRST. Bear this principle in mind and you will successfully avoid 99% of potential scams.

Full Article for Sugar Daddy Ask for Cash App Scam

Sugar Dating Online Only Relationships for Money

Sugar dating indicates a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides get what they want: Sugar babies offer company and spiritual support while sugar daddies reciprocate them with money. But can you be a sugar baby and use a sugar dating App without the sex thing? Of course. There are numerous online only sugar baby jobs out there, without the involvement of sex acts. Flirting talk and selfie exchanges will also bring you significant money from rich sugar daddies Apps.

  • Why you should choose sugar online only relationships for money?

1. Sugar dating App gathers the most-willing-to-pay users.

2. Sugar daddies are more likely to pay for your private pictures

3. Sugar daddies are more willing to pay for a date offline (which means more money too)

4. The highest potential of receiving a long-term allowance

5. The highest potential of receiving luxuries, jewelry, and travels

Yep, here we are talking about online only relationships for money, so if you are curious about how to date a real sugar daddy offline, you can read this ppm sugar baby guide for answers.

To get an online only allowance, you need to do the following 4 things:

1. Find a reliable sugar dating website/App - SugarDaddySeek.



2. Find a sugar daddy/reach out to as many sugar daddies as possible.

3. Unblock your private photo or have dirty talk when anyone is willing to pay for that.

4. Video talk can also be regarded as paid service too.


1. Dating more than one sugar daddy to obtain more chances of being paid.

2. Flexibly lead sugar daddies to pay you. Not restricted by selling selfies, providing flirting, etc. Any curious parts of you are worthy of money!

3. Accept offline dating when you are prepared. Offline dates are usually a basement for long-term relationships and entries of luxury lives.

SugarDaddySeek is an all-in-one sugar dating platform and App that is embedded with advanced local-searching features, private messages features, and spotlight features. Be at ease for placing your real pictures on this platform and have nice online dates with those charming, successful gentlemen.

Easily Find Sugar Daddy & Sugar Momma
  • Rich,Generous sugar daddies, sugar mommas
  • Authentic, active sugar daddy & momma profiles
  • Lead a brandnew lifestyle-luxuries, gifts,hotels and more

Phrendly Online Relationships for Money

Phrendly is an online flirting App that allows you to get an allowance without a credit card. An $5 is set as a welcome gift for every newcomer. Through all types of chatting (messages, pictures, phone calls, and video), you can have a good seggsual time with hotties.

This site is pretty easy to operate. Once you get the hang of the mode, you can easily get hundreds of $5. Although it may not sends you a large amount of money at once, many a little makes a mickle.

Online Dating Video Chat

  • How does the money transfer?

No credit card is required, all the money is transferred in the form of ‘drinks’. Your target sends you a drink, you accept it and it can be deposited into real dollars in your own account.

  • Here is an all-around Phredly review for you


Free login-in

High response rate - 93%

No string-attached relationships

No offline meeting


The money that can be deposited is less than you think

There are deposit fee

A talking head is required, which may not be as private as you think

Seggsual tendency is inevitable


This page tells how to build online only relationships for money. You can try the 3 methods provided on this page - Tinder, Cash App, Sugar Dating App, and Phrendly to make money without meeting. One thing worth mentioning is that when there is money, there must be scams alongside. So do keep a wary eye on your pocket. BTW, find a sugar daddy is still an optimum choice when you feel difficulty in entering an online only relationship for money. 

Easily Find Sugar Daddy & Sugar Momma
  • Rich,Generous sugar daddies, sugar mommas
  • Authentic, active sugar daddy & momma profiles
  • Lead a brandnew lifestyle-luxuries, gifts,hotels and more
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