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How to Tell A Sugar Daddy What You Want Properly and Smartly

Don’t know how to tell a sugar daddy what you want? Wonder how to ask a sugar daddy for money properly? Read the article and learn how to talk about the money topic with your sugar daddies.

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Is it difficult for you to express your desires to your sugar daddy? Are you concerned about coming across as too greedy or materialistic, or are you afraid of scaring off your sugar daddy when it comes time to discuss your desires? Don't worry; you are not alone! Almost all sugar babies, including yourself, have no idea how to express their desires to a sugar daddy.

Though telling sugar daddies what you want can be sensitive, sugar babies should understand that discussing benefits is essential to any sugar relationship. We will give you quality pointers on how to tell a sugar daddy what you want so that you can have a successful sugar relationship in this article. Keep reading!

How To Tell A Sugar Daddy What You Want

But first, let's discuss how to overcome your fear of approaching your sugar daddies – they are not wolves. Hahaha….


How to Conquer Your Fear to Tell a Sugar Daddy What you Want

You must understand that overcoming your fear of telling a sugar daddy what you want is all about changing your mindset. Asking for your desires or benefits is always imminent. If both of you have agreed to the sugar relationship, you have the right to discuss all benefits. If you do not discuss it now, there is a good chance that problems will arise later if your benefits issue remains unresolved. You don't want a situation where your time, affection, and other efforts into the sugar relationship aren't compensated with monetary values or different rewards. This is why you must learn how to express your desires to a sugar daddy.

How to Tell a Sugar Daddy What You Want: Sugar Baby Allowance

We believe you know that there are various sugar relationships, such as sugar dating for sexual pleasure, spending time together, or providing attention. With these different kinds of sugar relationships, the compensation differs. What they all have in common is the sugar baby allowance. Here are a few things to keep in mind to say to a sugar daddy to get money (sugar baby allowance)

How to Tell Sugar Daddy What You Want - Sugar Baby Allowance

  • No hurry

You might be tempted to discuss your sugar baby allowance with him as soon as you meet him. Don't! Before they started looking for a sugar baby, most sugar daddies knew they would pay you for your services. They simply want to see what you will be offering them. If you ask too soon, you may appear desperate. Instead, in the sugar relationship, you can talk about his expectations.

When the relationship is confirmed:

  • Set an anticipation

There is no right or wrong how much sugar daddies pay for allowance. This is why, before you become his baby, you should set an expectation and learn about allowances. You could calculate and set a number range for costs such as groceries, cosmetics, rent, and bills. Of course, these figures are dependent on both parties' locations.

  • Be direct, clear, and polite

Always maintain a polite and non-aggressive demeanor when conversing. You can discuss this with him once the relationship has begun and you have identified a time when he is comfortable talking. It is preferable to have direct discussions with their sugar daddies and keep the topic clear in case of a future disagreement.

  • Be confident 

Most importantly, you must be self-assured during the conversation. Confident sugar babies are attractive, and most sugar daddies are obsessed with this type of woman.

How to Tell a Sugar Daddy What You Want: Other Benefits 

How To Tell A Sugar Daddy What You Want Other Benefits

Aside from the sugar baby allowance, there are other perks or benefits that you may enjoy in the relationship. You should also talk about them.

How to Tell a Sugar Daddy What You Want on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day is a holiday for lovers like any other standard relationship. You could also enjoy the moment, tell them what you feel about the celebration, and ask him what he wants too. Be clear and direct. To make things spicier, you could surprise him with a gift on that Day. For example, if you prepare Valentine's Day gifts for your sugar daddy, it is almost certain that he will reciprocate with gifts or money to show his appreciation.

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How to Tell a Sugar Daddy What You Want on Your Birthday?

Mutual agreements and the expression of desires are the foundations of sugar dating. When you're contributing to the relationship, telling him you want gifts on your birthday shouldn't be a problem. This isn't required, and you should make it appear that way when telling him. You can "accidentally" mention your birth date to sugar daddies and coquettishly request a birthday gift from them. Also, never put too much pressure on your sugar daddy.

How to Tell a Sugar Daddy What You Want during Back-to-School Season?

As previously discussed, once you have greased the right wheels and gotten to know your sugar daddy, you can then address other benefits, such as your back-to-school gifts. Even most sugar daddies would expect you to receive something if they knew about your education. If you think they might have forgotten, simply remind them coquettishly. The same is true when you are looking for work.

Where to Find a Sugar Daddy Who Gives You Whatever You Want

Now that you've know how to ask your sugar daddy for money, to reap all these benefits, the first step is finding the right sugar baby and sugar daddy match. Not every sugar daddy is willing to go above and beyond to satisfy their babies outside the arrangement. That is why you should look for reputable platforms where you can find the best sugar daddies. SugarDaddySeek is one of them! 

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This article should have taught you how to tell a sugar daddy what you want. It's also important to remember that not all sugar daddies think the same way about sugar relationships. Some will only give you a sugar baby allowance, whereas others will add gifts, visits to places, and other benefits to the relationship. That's fine, but you should talk about it before the relationship begins.

This is where sugar dating websites and apps come in. It simplifies everything for both parties. You can talk about it on the platform, and their bio can tell you much about what they might offer. Sign up for SugarDaddySeek today to find the best sugar daddy match.

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