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How to Talk to a Sugar Daddy: Secrets to Sweet Talk and Mingle

Want to learn how to talk to a sugar daddy and find a successful & happy arrangement? Check this article to get secrets and skills.

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It’s not a secret that money can buy you a lot of things. Whether it is a fancy car, an expensive house, private school tuition fees, or even a date with someone.

There are plenty of rich people out there who would be happy to give you money in exchange for some company and time. Many people find it difficult to approach a sugar daddy, even the most confident ladies.

So if you are thinking about getting your affluence on by a sugar daddy, then here are some tips on how to talk to a sugar daddy, draw him and leave him smitten.

How To Talk To A Sugar Daddy


How to Talk to a Sugar Daddy for the First Time

Knowing how to talk to a sugar daddy for the first time is crucial. However, sugar babies may get very nervous that they might make a bad first impression. That is not what they want. Here are some tips on how to do the first conversation with a sugar daddy and how to be a sugar baby properly.

Be a sweet and gentle lady. Don't be too aggressive, demanding, or rude.

It may be tempting to be aggressive when you first start talking to a Sugar Daddy. You want to stand out from the crowd, after all. But being aggressive and demanding will only push him away. Instead, try being polite and respectful at all times.

Be blunt but have class!

As a Sugar Baby, you should be direct about what you want. You’ll get what you ask for if you know what that is; if not, it may be time to reevaluate your approach. If a person says in their profile that they want an older man who can take care of them financially without being too clingy or jealous (which is basically every 20-something woman's dream), then she could expect some suitors who fit the bill.

Be a great listener.

One of the most important skills in talking to a Sugar Daddy is to be a good listener. A great listener will allow your partner to feel heard and valued, and it will make them feel comfortable talking about their feelings. Of course, listening isn't easy: it takes practice and patience!

Never lead him on in the beginning.

In the beginning, it's important to be clear about what you want. Don't lead him on by flirting or playing hard to get. If a Sugar Daddy is interested in you, he will make his intentions known quickly enough.

Keep communication simple.

If you want to get the most out of your sugar relationship, you’ll need to keep communication simple. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though! Keep the conversation light and fun by avoiding any topics that might make him think you’re a drama queen or get him riled up. Don't bring up your exes or money—and definitely avoid talking about your family or friends if possible. 

Communicating Effectively With Your Sugar Daddy

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How to Talk to a Sugar Daddy (Allowance, Money and Needs)

Having a good talk with a sugar daddy can rouse a sugar daddy’s protective streak, and make him want to pamper a woman badly and give her support financially, mentally and emotionally.

Allowance is a regular payment that your sugar daddy gives you on a regular basis. You should know how much you will be getting on a regular basis. Do not ask too much and at the same time do not make an agreement on a little allowance as well. This is the best way to talk to a sugar daddy on allowance.

You should also plan ahead for any financial needs you might have. If you're going to be moving into a new apartment or paying off student loans, let your sugar daddy know in advance so that he can help pay for it.

However, don't talk down to your sugar daddy or ask for too much; this may seem like a bad thing, but it's a good way to weed out men who only want casual arrangements.

Before you start messaging your sugar daddy, it's important to know what his expectations are.

  • Is he looking for a long-term relationship? If so, how often will you be talking with him?
  • How much allowance will he be giving you each month?
  • Will he give any gifts as well as money (and if so, what kind)?

It's also good to talk about boundaries and expectations before getting started. Some people prefer that their sugar daddies do not contact them outside of the regular allowance dates (for example, in the evening).

Others prefer less formal arrangements where they can message someone when they like and talk more casually about their lives and interests.

How to Sweet Talk a Sugar Daddy (Dos and Don’ts)

Knowing the rules when talking to a sugar daddy is also important for finding a successful arrangement. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts you need to know when you sweet-talk a sugar daddy.

6 Dos

1. Be Coy and Graceful

You do not want to appear too eager. You want to make him feel like he’s won you over. You want him to feel like he has to work for your affection and attention. You want him to feel like he has to impress you and that it’s something he’s striving for. This is what will keep him interested in you for longer and prevent him from losing interest and leaving. 

You want him to feel like he’s got something to prove to you because he wants you to see him in a certain way. You want him to feel like he’s got to work for you and that he’s wooing you like you’re a queen. You want him to feel like he has to work hard for your attention and affection so you feel special.

2. Compliment him

This will make him feel special. He will feel like he’s won you over and that he’s gotten under your skin. You want to compliment him on how he looks, how he dresses, how he holds himself, and how he handles himself in public. You want to be vocal about how impressed you are with his business sense and how much you admire his career. 

You want to tell him about how much you admire his car and how neat and tidy his house is, and if he has kids, even mention how sweet and well-behaved his children are. If he has a pet, tell him how cute and adorable that pet is. You want to make him feel like you have no other choice but to compliment him.

3. Be confident

You can show your confidence in many ways. You should talk about what you want, instead of focusing on what you don't want. For example: "I'm looking for an older man who can give me nice things and make me happy." This is much more appealing than saying: "I'm looking for an older man, but he needs to be nice too."

That kind of statement makes it sound like you're only interested in being with someone who's going to take care of you. 

This will turn off potential sugar daddies and make them think that all they have to do is buy things from you and treat you well—but if they don't do either then there's no point in taking up their time or yours!

4. Be polite

Be polite. The sugar daddy you're speaking to maybe a self-made millionaire, but he's also a human being. And humans like being treated with respect.

Don't use bad language or swear words when talking to your sugar daddy; they don't want their precious little girl coming across as uneducated or rude (unless they’re into that sort of thing).

Don't be too flirty. Just because you meet someone online doesn't mean you should act like you're at a bar trying to pick up an older man—if anything, it makes him more likely to turn down your request for money!

Make sure that when speaking with your potential sugar daddy, there's at least one friend around who knows what exactly is going on so that everyone stays safe and happy from the beginning until the end of their relationship together...which hopefully lasts forever!

5. Be a good listener

You’re going to want to listen. And ask questions. Let the other person talk. You can be a good listener by repeating what the other person says, but don’t do it too much—you don’t want them thinking you are an echo or robot! The key is that you are listening and not interrupting, so they feel like they have your full attention and they can trust you with their secrets.

Be A Good Listener

6. Be careful of a lair

Honesty is the best policy. You should never lie, especially to your sugar daddy. The only thing that lying would accomplish is getting you into trouble and possibly causing your relationship to end before it even gets started.

If a sugar daddy asks you what he looks like, it's okay to tell him exactly what you think of his appearance rather than saying something nice just to be polite.

If he asks if his body odour is offensive or not, it's okay for you to say "No" rather than "Yes" because he will know that answer was false and may suspect that other answers are also false.

4 Don’ts

1. Don’t force the conversation

There are many reasons why someone might choose to become a sugar daddy, but there is no one-size-fits-all reason. People have different motivations for wanting to spend their money on others, and some of these reasons are deeply personal.

In fact, when it comes to the sugar baby-sugar daddy dynamic, it is actually more common for the sugar baby to be the one who has experienced a change in life circumstance that has left them in need of financial support.  

This is why you should never try to force the conversation. The best way to learn about your prospective sugar daddy’s motivations for joining the site is to let him share those things with you. Let him choose his own pace for the conversation.

And if he doesn’t seem inclined to talk about the reason he is on the site in the first place, then let the conversation take a different turn.

Force The Conversation

2. Don’t pursue him aggressively

Don't be pushy or forward. Women can sometimes come off as aggressive when they are trying too hard to get something, which isn't how a sugar baby should act if they want their sugar daddy to fall madly in love with them quickly.

You also don't want your sugar daddy thinking that you're just after his money so try not to be too forward with what you ask him for; instead, let him know what's important to you by talking about it first before asking outright (like saying something along lines of "I really need new clothes").

Remember: He has needs too! Don't forget this fact when conversing with potential suitors because otherwise, it might come across as rude or insensitive when all we're trying do is help them fulfill another person's happiness through generosity."

3. Don’t be too quick to ask for an allowance

There is a strong chance that at some point during your first sweet talk session with a potential sugar daddy the topic of money will come up. This is because it is often the primary reason why people engage in this type of relationship in the first place.

However, it is important that you do not let the conversation focus entirely on money right away. 

In fact, one of the best ways to avoid coming off as creepy is to go out of your way to avoid talking about money altogether. Doing this shows that you are more interested in getting to know your prospective sugar daddy as a person than you are in what he can do to benefit you financially. And that is precisely the type of person that a sugar daddy will want to spend time with.

4. Don’t be a slut

You're not going to get anywhere being overly flirtatious with your sugar daddy. This is a red flag for them and will make you look like a gold digger, which you don't want to do. You want to appear as if you're just interested in the money, not him as a person.

After all, that's how they like it! Don’t be too much of anything at all when trying to sweet talk your sugar daddy! You want to keep things casual so that he doesn’t think you’re trying too hard or coming on too strong and this can also come across as being really desperate which nobody wants (unless they are looking for something serious).

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What Topics Can You Talk about with a Sugar Daddy?

Finding reasonable topics when talking to a sugar daddy can fuel the sugar relationship effectively

Tell him who he looks like

Think of someone who can pull off both classic and edgy fashion choices (a la James Bond), while also being able to bring out the best in any suit or tuxedo. Your sugar daddy needs someone who is comfortable with their own body and makes sure they don't just look like a hot guy but instead capture everyone's attention in every room they walk into. 

Look Like Someone

Let him talk about himself

If you are a sugar baby, you might have noticed that your sugar daddy spends a lot of time talking about himself. This is not because he is egotistical or wants to brag about his accomplishments: it's because he's lonely!

Talk about his achievements and effort

Talking about your wealth is a way of showing off but in a very subtle way. By talking about money, you’re telling people that you have it and they don't. You're saying, “I am better than you!” The more successful sugar daddies are used to being around people who admire them and look up to them.

To feel important and wanted again, they need to show off their wealth in some way. This can be done through bragging about expensive items like vacations or cars or boats on social media; buying expensive toys for their children

Talk about your talent

Some people are into really strange hobbies, while others have more mainstream passions that they enjoy. If you have a hobby or passion that you have been pursuing a while, this is a great topic to talk to a potential sugar daddy about. Passion and hobby topics are great because they show someone who you are without giving away too much about your personal life.

Talk about common interests

You need to find out what your sugar daddy interests are and what your interests are as a sugar baby. Compare them and see the common interest between the two and talk about them to him.


There is no better way to get to know someone than by exploring the world with them. If you are a frequent traveler who enjoys the company of others and exploring new places, this is a great topic to start with as a potential sugar daddy. Many sugar daddies are interested in travel because of the added benefit of tax-free living and purchasing.


Sports are a great thing to have in common with your sugar daddy. Sports are something that everyone can enjoy and appreciate, regardless of age or gender. Some of the best conversations you will have with your sugar daddies happen while discussing sports, from diving into stats and history, to trash-talking about teams we hate (or love).


If you are a frequent foodie or like to dine out often, this is a great topic to talk to a potential sugar daddy about. Many sugar daddies are very interested in their food, where it comes from, and how it is prepared. If you are interested in pursuing a relationship with someone who is interested in food, you now have a specific interest in common. If you are at a loss for what to talk about, this is a great topic to steer the conversation towards.


Dogs are the most popular pet in the world. In fact, most people  Including sugar daddies prefer dogs to cats! There are so many different breeds of dogs that it's easy to find one that suits your personality.

The Best Place to Find a Sugar Daddy to Talk with

With the tips on how to talk to a sugar daddy, your chances of succeeding in finding an arrangement with a sugar daddy are high. It is important for you to know where to find a sugar daddy in order to talk. There are various websites and apps for this job, some of them include

1. Seeking: This is the best overall sugar dating site for sugar babies. Seeking, also known as Seeking Arrangement, is a great sugar daddy app if you’re looking for an option that will help you get a sweet batting average of almost 100%.

2. SugarDaddyMeet: it is the best for finding verified sugar daddies. SugarDaddyMeet is one of the best sugar dating sites if your primary concern is security. If you’re in the market for a sugar daddy then this is the excellent choice for you. 

3. Secret Benefits: Best for finding secret arrangements. It helps you connect to a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy depending on your own interests. Whether you are looking for a genuine relationship or just a hook-up with sugar daddies. Everything you need is right there. 

4. SugarDaddySeek: Best sugar daddy site free for sugar babies. On SugarDaddySeek, the best platform to find the sugar daddy is provided and who will indulge you with all the luxuries in life. At the site, you will find a diverse collection of sugar daddies who are eager to spoil you. This site is unique in that, it shows you how to easily, connect and also provides sugar baby tips for beginners for talking to sugar daddies.

5. Millionaire Match: This is the best site for finding millionaire sugar daddies. If you are looking for a millionaire sugar daddy then this is the site to go and look for them. The websites make it easy to find someone who shares similar interests and financial standings without ever having to leave the house! 


There are a lot of reasons the sugar daddy dating phenomenon has become so popular. Some people see it as a mutually beneficial relationship, where both partners are getting something out of the deal. Others see it as a way to explore their own financial power dynamics, or just have some fun in an adventurous way.

Whatever your reason to be a sugar baby to seek an arrangement, it’s crucial to learn how to talk to a sugar daddy. That way, chances are higher that you’ll fuel a sugar relationship effectively. 

By the way, if you’re still looking for a sugar daddy site that works for you, you can turn to the proven site like SugarDaddySeek which offers the best sugar dating service and gives you helpful and safety dating tips on how to find a sugar daddy and how to talk to a sugar daddy online.

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