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How to Scam a Sugar Daddy Scammer? 4 Secret Tricks

Sugar babies who want to revenge on sugar daddy scammers from IG, CashApp, and Paypal should read this tutorial for how to scam a sugar daddy scammer.

Raya | Updated:

It feels so bad when you finally realize that the POT you’ve been contacting for months might be a sugar daddy scammer. It might be your bluntness that should be blamed for, but I shall more attribute this to the blind mind of love. Every fresh sugar baby will come across once or twice experience of being scammed by well-disguised fake sugar daddies. On this page, this editor will tell you how to discern a salt/fake sugar daddy and ‘How to scam a sugar daddy scammer’.

Let’s get straight to the point.


How to Scam a Sugar Daddy Scammer

How to Scam a Sugar Daddy Scammer? Some Workarounds

Everyone becomes cautious and wary when things are related to money. And sugar daddy scammers know this better than anyone else in the sugar bowl. And speaking of scams, no one understands more tricks than they do. So actually, it is very unrealistic to scam a sugar daddy scammer. But guess what, you can be a sugar baby scammer too!

#1. Send me $5 and see what happens.

This is a very successful trick used to be adopted by sugar babies to get money without meeting on mainstream sugar dating platforms (seeking, SugarDaddySeek, etc.) The mechanism of this scam is pretty simple. You write this context on your bio, upload some sexy pics of yours, and then a flow of blind male users will message you, sending you real money before you blocked them. 

One thing worth mentioning is that this trick has been there for a long time and it is not that easy to hook innocent sugar daddies. But you can totally give it a brand-new look - let’s see the second trick of the updated ‘send me $5 trick’.

#2. Send me $5 for unlocking my private photo.

Follows the same principle of the ‘send me $5 and see what happens trick’, you don’t need to unlock any private picture of yours, just block the chap after receiving the money. This method can finally evolve into many other forms. If you are interested, you can read on.

#3. Send me $5 for my phone number/WhatsApp number.

Yep, just give them your fake phone number and WhatsApp number.

#4. Send me $5 for a video chat.

One thing worth mentioning is that you can actually not block the POT and earn dozens of $5 by continuously having video chats with your POT. When the timing is right and the atmosphere is harmonious, you can even have a real date - that shall bring you hundreds of money at once.


The vicious spiral kills the natural passion for the pursuit of a healthy relationship. Although the $5 scam can bring you piles of money without a meeting, you are wasting the opportunity of earning a PPM (pay-per-meet) allowance from POTs. Given that one normal PPM date usually equals to 200-300 dollars in the wealthiest places of America, you may have lost thousands of money. 

Finding the Most Legit Platform Is the Key to a Real SB SD Relationship

It should not be emphasized too much that the tricks for ‘how to scam a sugar daddy scammer’ are not suggested to use. We should always concentrate on developing potential sugar daddies in the districts and make allowances for them. The revenge of scamming innocent sugar daddies near you will kill many juicy opportunities.

Speaking of reaching out to the sugar daddies in your district, a sugar dating App is indispensable. SugarDaddySeek is a good App that should be installed on your phones. Its ‘Search’ and ‘Swiping’ features are ultra-effective for sifting out nearby sugar daddies. What’s even better is that this App strictly verifies its sugar daddy users, including their income and background. You can rest assured to enjoy the least possibilities of meeting sugar daddy scammers in SugarDaddySeek.

  • How to Find a Sugar Daddy Near Me?

Step 1  Download SugarDaddySeek app or register SugarDaddySeek by hitting the button below.

Step 2  Complete your basic information and try uploading some daily pics of yours.

User Center Interface

Step 3  Switch to the ‘Swiping’ tab where you can see the endless recommendations of sugar daddy users promoted by SugarDaddySeek. This app adheres to the nearby dating principle and will send you nearby sugar daddy pics first.

Step 4  Switch to the ‘Search’ tab where you can use several filters to sift out all the qualified sugar daddies that match your requirements.

Search Interface

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How to Discern Sugar Daddy Scammer? 6 Typical Sugar Daddy Scams

How to scam a sugar daddy scammer? Well, if you still wish to give sugar daddy scammers a good beating, then firstly you should bear the 6 typical salt sugar daddies in mind to avoid hurting real sugar daddies (how to tell if a sugar daddy is real or not?). 

#1. Instagram sugar daddies who send you the screenshot of the allowance

This is the very early stage of sugar daddy scams. They reach out to you and send you screenshots of their allowance to other sugar babies to earn your trust. And then they ask for your bank info, Paypal info, WhatsApp number, etc., Don’t give them your private information.

Fake Sugar Daddy Example 1

#2. Sugar daddies ask you to pay CashApp clearance fee

The mechanism of such a scam is pretty simple, your fake sugar daddy launches a payment for you on CashApp. But he insists you need to pay the clearance fee to get the final payment. Once you pay the money, you will end up getting nothing back including the payment he promised to pay.

Fake Sugar Daddy Example 2

#3. Sugar daddies PayPal Scam

Sugar daddies PayPal scams usually aim at extorting their personal info, money, and private account details. When you scent the smell of potential PayPal scams, then you must be cautious at every link and email and redirect. 

#4. Sugar Daddies Grindr Scam

Operating very similarly to the Instagram scam, sugar daddies scammer from Grindr want to buy your nudes, and meanwhile they wish to pay the money via Cash App, Venmo. Just don’t fall prey to their schemes. 

#5. Sugar daddy who wants you on his payroll

This type of sugar daddy may claim that the allowance they give you should be better through the company account - in other words, they wish you to be their employee to avoid tax. (Payment for sex actions and needs to pay tax too). This scenario is rare and you should stay a wary eye over this whole thing.

#6. Splenda sugar daddies who only want to talk

This type of sugar daddy enjoys only your free companionship. When you lead the topics to the allowance part, he either avoids the topic or dumps your conversation. This type of sugar daddy are the worst since you cannot discern them before a long time getting along.

Verdict: Do not believe any sugar daddies who come from skeptical tunnels - Social Media, Email, WhatsApp, etc. So far sugar dating Apps run by authentic companies are the only way out. Please choose SugarDaddySeek as your first choice to meet sugar daddies near you and build mutually beneficial relationships.


This page is for those who suffered fake sugar daddies’ lies. 4 practical answers are ready for the question ‘how to scam a sugar daddy scammer?’ But honestly speaking, the chances of successfully scamming a fake sugar daddy are rare. And the methods for scamming innocent sugar daddies may bring more losses. So the right thing to do is to treat every POT seriously and aim at building healthy relationships while earning reasonable allowance from them.

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