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How to Do Foreplay: 30 Tips for Mind-Blowing Foreplay

Have you and your partner been neglecting pre-sex play? It’s easy to slip into that routine but it’s easier to add foreplay back in your sex life.To help you add foreplay in your sex routine, this article will show you 30 tips for how to do foreplay.

Evelyn | Updated:

Foreplay allows you to strengthen your bond with your partner. It also is crucial for good sex. It allows both sexual partners to get aroused, so the main intercourse becomes much more enjoyable. Let’s get right into it.

How To Do Foreplay


30 Foreplay Tips for Spicing up Your Sex Life

1. Start by setting the mood

Mood is the basis of any sexual encounter. Try lighting some candles, dimming the lights, and putting on some nice music. If you are the female partner, you can use sexy lingerie to give your partner a hint. If you are into whipped cream, bring it out, and start by asking your partner to lick it off your finger, before things get intense.

2. Take your time

Take your time to shower your partner with affection. Take attention for yourself too. Take your time to remove your clothes. If your partner takes an article of clothing off, focus on their newly revealed body part with kisses and licks. Men should slowly make their way upwards and suck on their female partner’s nipples.

3. Whisper sweet and dirty things

You can ask your partner how you look in a certain lingerie. Take the dirty talks forward. Tell them the things you love during sex. Whisper things like “I love getting naked for you” or “I can’t wait to go down on my favorite person”.

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4. Use toys and other props

Oftentimes, massages lead to steaming hot sex. Try different massage oils, and take turns rubbing them on each other. You can also try using sex toys, and explore them together. It’s a different kind of sexy to see your partner play with themselves. If you are into soft handcuffs, use those to restrain your partner, or yourself, to the bed. Let things flow forward.

5. Experiment with different types of touch

Sex should start with some extended eye contact. That flirt in your eyes will tell your partner you want to have some fun. Kissing is vital too. Kiss your partner beyond the lips, including their neck, forehead, breasts, back, etc. Take time touching every part of your partner’s body.

6. Try different positions

It’s always fun to change things up. If you are a missionary person, try the cowgirl position. You can try the figure-8 technique as it is bound to arouse both partners. Sit in your partner’s lap and rub your butt on his penis.

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How To Have Foreplay

7. Incorporate role-play

Role play can be as simple as wearing a costume, but if both of you are into it, you can be more detailed. Opt for characters of your liking and interact with your partner as them, and not as yourself. Keep the appearances, banter, and manners different to get those authentic feelings.

8. Play with temperature

Well, technically play with your partner, but use temperature as well. Explore ice cubes or warm massage oils to see what both of you like. If you are into BDSM, try incorporating some wax play, (remember safety first).

9. Get wet together

“Wet”; the base word for sex. However, this wet is the one you get in the shower. While having sex in the tub might not be as smooth, try it as foreplay. Strip each other, get in the tub, and explore the intimacy of touch.

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10. Strip for your partner

Strip teasing is a surefire way of getting your partner aroused. Take off your clothes slowly and in a naughty way, let your partner touch you a little. Do a sexy dance for them. Make foreplay fun and enjoyable.

11. Wear sexy underwear

First step of how to do foreplay is to wear something that makes you feel good, and which looks good to your partner as well. You can choose lingerie with your partner, or surprise them with lingerie that makes you feel like a true sexual icon.

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12. Mix in some BDSM

If you are wondering how to have better foreplay, then bringing some BDSM in your bedroom may be the answer. Communicate about your boundaries, but other than that, if getting spanked or chokes is what turns you on, then what’s stopping both of you to get serious about foreplay?

13. Give a lap dance

This is symbolic of how to do foreplay. Wear a sexy outfit and make your partner sit on a chair. Play some sexy music if you want. Walk towards your partner, bend forward, and show your breasts. Don’t let your partner touch you during the lap dance as this builds anticipation. Rub your body on their lap.

14. Switch locations

If the bedroom is your go-to place for sexual activities, try staying on the couch. Get close to each other, flirt with them, and let things proceed from there. Even when you are fully aroused, stay on the couch and have sex right there. Try different positions, some which might not be possible on a bed.

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15. Take charge

Some people like taking charge, so feel free to grab your partner’s hand and take them to the bedroom. Lay them down, and undress in front of them. Have them play with your body, but tell them which position you want.

16. Let your partner dominate you

Many people fantasize about giving all control to their partner during sex. Being submissive can be arousing. You can hint them by showing them some handcuffs, or blindfold. Do keep a safe word, to utter during sex, in case things get uncomfortable for you.

17. Play a kissing game

Have your partner lay on the sofa, and kiss them all over. This includes their face, hands, chest, neck, etc. The catch is that your partner has to stay totally still. They can’t move or kiss you back. This brings anticipation, and makes the sex afterwards steamier.

18. Sext

Sext is an easy answer for how to have foreplay. Send your partner a dirty text while on your way home. It can be a sexy photo, or description of what you want them to do to you, or what you will do once you reach your partner.

19. Try different flavors of lube

Cover your fingers in a flavored lube, then suck on them and make your partner lick it off. You can also use flavored lube for better smell, and obviously, for the main purpose of lube, to make things smooth down there.

20. Give an erotic massage

You won’t even need to ask the question, “how to do foreplay” once you try the massage technique. Soft lighting, whipping out some massage oils, and touching your partner on different body parts, is the best way to foreplay. Relax their muscles before you move to the sexier parts of the body.

21. Watch a sexy movie together

This could mean X rated movies, if that’s your thing. Watching any movie helps us de-stress, so watching a sexy movie, that too with your partner, will help both of you to unwind after a tiring day, and get in the mood for some sexy stuff.

22. Act as strangers

The perfect way to add variety in how to do foreplay is acting as strangers to spice things up. This is different from role playing certain characters. Now, you have to act like complete strangers as that will bring back butterflies which you got on meeting your partner for the first time.

How To Have A Better Foreplay

23. Listen to erotica

Watching porn isn’t necessarily everyone’s thing, so if you want to spice things up, listen to a sexy audio story, or reach pieces of erotica to each other. This will give you sexy ideas, and will set the mood.

24. Share your feelings with each other

This is not something to cringe on, but in fact, one of the most convenient ways to have foreplay. Telling your partner what you like about them and what turns you on is key in having a good sexual life.

25. Act out a fantasy

Everyone has a fantasy they want to fulfill in the bedroom. Have your partner write down their fantasies, and write yours for them too. Choose one out of the list, and act out. Though you might find it cheesy initially, all will fall into place as you get comfortable with acting out different fantasies.

26. Mime each other’s moves

You can always learn a great deal about your partner when you observe their movements. Pay attention to the way they kiss and touch, and then follow the same way to turn them on.

27. Be spontaneous

Everything doesn’t always have to be planned. Being spontaneous can be sexy. Initiate foreplay outside the bedroom. Make more romantic ideas come to life by breaking through the monotonous sex routine, and infusing enthusiasm in your sexual life.

28. Relive old memories

Talking about old times can help you and your partner to reconnect. Talk about the time you had sex on the counter, or the night you had the best sex. Tell them you miss when they did some particular thing during sex, be it nibbling your ear, or biting your neck.

29. Surprise them

Who doesn’t like a jaw-dropping surprise? Wear something you don’t usually wear, and then help your partner pick their jaw from the floor. Surprise them in places they are least expecting. Touch their private parts in the car on your way home, so by the time you arrive, they will already be pretty ready for some sexual action.

30. Communicate openly

Communication is the basis of a healthy relationship and a healthy sex life. Tell your partner your likes and dislikes, and listen to theirs. Don’t be shy, and communicate openly about things that please you, and ask your partner to do those next time.

How to Do Foreplay with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

Learning the best foreplay practices come in handy when you have a sugar daddy or sugar baby who wants sex. You should keep their age, health, and other specifics in mind to maximize arousal and build a strong connection between the both of you.

If you have a sugar daddy, he might last less than you, so it is key to develop the mood in a way that he de-stresses, and is able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Similarly, if you are more sexually experienced than your sugar baby, help them feel confident by doing things they are comfortable with, and take it easy before things get intense.

Wrapping it up

That was a lot of foreplay talk, wasn’t it? You must be convinced by now that sex is much more than the physical act of penetration. Proper foreplay allows you to build a deep connection with your partner, and improve your relationship outside the bedroom as well.

Just remember, having sex isn’t just a matter of in and out. Well maybe it is, if it’s a mutually agreed quickie. Otherwise, foreplay is a marathon, not a sprint.


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