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How to Find A Sugar Momma That You Actually Want to Mingle With

This article shows you how to find a sugar momma with helpful methods. Catch the chance to find your dream sugar mama and upgrade your lifestyle.

Alex | Updated:

Do you want to improve your financial status? Do you want to build a beneficial relationship with a successful woman? This article is going to show you how to find a sugar momma with various approaches that work great.

How To Find A Sugar Momma

Now, let’s take a look at it and choose some ways and combine it with your situation to find your dream sugar mummy in no time!


How to Find A Sugar Momma Using a Dating Website or App

If you want to find a rich and caring woman to upgrade your lifestyle, the most straightforward and recommended method is using a niche sugar mommy dating platform. There are 5 Reasons why you use a dating site or app that is best for finding a sugar momma.

1. It makes finding wealthy and mature women in your local area easy.

2. You can connect to your potential sugar momma anywhere and anytime

3. Top-notch sugar mommy dating platforms have the largest pool of well-off women and attractive young men. Chances are high to find a sugar dating romance.

4. You can rest assured that there is a strict vetting system to weed out scams and frauds.

5. You can mingle with a sugar mummy with messages before you actually meet.

So, what’s the best sugar momma dating site or app?

Here are 5 best dating sites or apps on the market that work well both for sugar mummy dating adventure.

#1. Cougar Life - Best for Male Sugar Baby

Cougar Life is the largest dating site designed for younger guys to meet mature and attractive women. It’s also aimed at younger men or women who are ambitious and career-driven and are looking for a mature, stable and wealthy woman to support them financially, mentally and emotionally.

Cougar Life

The sign-up process is easy and quick. You can complete the registration and start connecting to thousands of potential sugar momma in your area immediately.

Being scammed or catfished is one of the most common online dating issues. Cougar Life has a strong verification and anti-scam system to weed out troublemakers regarding online sugar dating, providing you with the best experience.

#2. Seeking - Best Sugar Dating Site and App

Seeking is one of the first dating sites and apps to hit the sugar dating world. Now, it’s absolutely the No.1 sugar daddy site on the planet.


It’s not the tailor-made dating platform that solely caters to female sugar babies or lesbian sugar babies. While it provides the premium and no-strings-attached sugar dating service, an increasing number of female sugar daddies (sugar mummies) or lesbian sugar momma jump right on the Seeking Arrangement. 

So, this is surely your go-to place to find a rich and caring woman to pay your bills & rent with a weekly/monthly allowance, buy you coveted gifts or be your mentor.

#3. Elite Singles - Best for Educated Sugar Baby

Elite Singles was originally designed as a dating app for educated and successful individuals but has since been used as a platform to facilitate connections between educated & aspiring men and sophisticated & affluent women.

Elite Singles

Elite singles is one of the best alternatives to sugar momma dating sites with advanced matching algorithms. It has been hyper-focusing on bringing members with real and high-quality matches for a long time.

Although Elite singles has a tedious registration and examination process, it prevents fake, cat-fishing and spam from the beginning. All told, Elite Singles is a safe and secure space to find a rich sugar momma for sure.

#4. Millionaire Match - Best for Finding A Millionaire Sugar Momma

Millionaire Match is a premier dating site for rich people. It can be used as a dating site for you to find a benefactor, life problem solver and mentor as well.

Millionaire Match

The Spark feature allows you to easily swipe to match ideal dates.

Also, the Discover & Search feature lets you explore tons of potential matches nearby.

Plus, the community function facilitates connections between members and makes it easier to communicate with people with shared interests and values. 

The setback is that Millionaire Match is not a dedicated sugar momma dating site and it deletes accounts that contain sensitive words like “sugar baby”, “sugar daddy”, and “sugar momma” in the profile.

So, if you want to find a legit sugar mummy on this platform, you don’t need to claim you are a sugar baby. Just use it naturally like using a generic dating site.

#5. SugarDaddySeek - Best for Verified Sugar Momma & Sugar Baby

SugarDaddySeek is a fast-growing sugar dating site for sugar momma, sugar daddies and sugar babies. It has a robust verification system that shuts the door on the fake member’s face and constantly deletes suspicious accounts. So, it’s safe to say that you can use it to easily plunge into the real sugar dating world.

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
  • Unlimited right swipes to meet local sugar baby, daddy, and momma
  • Large and active user base with quick responds
  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy

SugarDaddySeek allows you to browse unlimited sugar mama profiles for free with the Tinder-like model. You can also turn to “Instant Chat” features that allow you to message someone you like right away.

To add that, this sugar momma dating site is LGBTQ+ friendly. So, if you want to find a sugar momma as a woman, the advanced search filters allow you to effectively find a lesbian sugar momma.

How to Find A Legit Sugar Momma Without a Dating Site or App [5 Ways]

A sugar momma dating app or website can surely help you connect with rich sugar mama easier. While some people might want to try other ways to find a legit sugar mummy, maximizing the chances of developing a mutually beneficial relationship with a wealthy woman successfully.

Here are 5 actionable and proven ways that are worth your try.

#1. Join various clubs where have rich people

Join a certain club or rich people circles will bring you humps of chances to find a sugar momma. So what kind of clubs are exactly you can join to strengthen the connections with female rich individuals. Here are the 5 best clubs listed below that you can join to meet real rich female people.

  • Art collecting club. Many female art lovers like collecting art and craft things. And many of them are rich, elegant and sophisticated.
  • Fencing club. Fencing is a notable and popular sport among rich people. And there is more than 40% of fencing enthusiasts are women.
  • Riding club. There is an increasing number of well-off women who take riding as an entertaining pastime or hobby.
  • Golf club. Playing golf is another popular sport that rich people would like to choose. There are also many successful women among them.
  • Travel club. Wealthy women with adventurous spirits tend to travel around the world.

Of course! There are many other club like Skiing club, Polo club, Sailing club, Dancing club and lots more that you can join to find a sugar mummy. However, notice that you’ll not join them blindly. Instead, choose the right one based on your individual situation.

#2. Try participating in a cross-industry conference

Suppose you desire more opportunities for career advancement with the help of a successful woman. In that case, you can search “Cross-field communication meeting” on Google, Linkedin, or other platforms, and you will get a list of results that you can check out.

You can choose a suitable one based on your situation. Then participate in a cross-filed communication meeting where the organizer wants to deepen relationships with people in other fields.

Reasonably, a rich and successful woman may be the organizer. And there many female industry elites attend the conference. So be sure to communicate with them. They might be your potential sugar momma.

One thing to note is that when you communicate with someone, don’t be random and aimless. For example, make sure to know their occupations. Reasonably, occupations like lawyer, doctor, investment consultant and fitness expert. They are more likely to be stinking rich.

To add that, it’s necessary to prepare business cards, social accounts, and other items that show who you are, what you do, your personality and your activity in your industry.

The downside of this method is it can’t help you find a sugar mama directly because it’s mainly for business purposes. While there might be a chance, why not catch it?

#3. Go to where female rich people hang out

Going to certain places of well-off women’s interest is also a straightforward way to encounter a potential sugar momma. Here are the 6 best places to meet rich women below.

  • Luxury stores. Most affluent women are attracted to very expensive brands like Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chloé, etc. Going to their physical stores is surely a great approach.
  • Salons. Wealthy and successful women love to change their outside, making more look more charming and elegant. So, visiting a salon could give you the chance to connect with a rich sugar momma.
  • Residential area for rich people. Visiting the wealthier side of your town is an effective way to encounter a large pool of rich women for sure.
  • Charity events. Most wealthy and decent women also love to donate to charity. So, attending a charity event will bring you an amazing opportunity to find your potential sugar mummy.
  • Art museum. Many rich and elegant women with notable hearts would like go to art museum to seek a special spiritual satisfaction.
  • Concert. We all know that concert is one of the most typical places for wealthy women with good taste to cultivate temperament and edify sentiment.

#4. Take advantage of social networks

Social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are also your go-to places to find a sugar momma to mingle with. The core of this method is knowing how to expose yourself and how to search for a potential sugar momma.

Now, let’s take Instagram as an example. Finding a sugar mama on Instagram works basically the same as finding a sugar daddy on Instagram. The difference is that you will use exclusive approaches to attract potential sugar mummies or search for rich women in the right ways.

Expose yourself

  • Use hashtags on pictures. You can use hashtags that wealthy women might be interested in like #Jewels, #Chanel, #Travel, and so on. But you must make sure those hashtags are aligned with the theme of your picture.
  • Use the location tag. Adding a location tag to your post is reasonably a great way to boost the exposure in your wanted area.
  • Tag women who you think are rich. Tagging someone you think is your potential sugar momma helps you initiate a connection with her. When you tag her in a post, she will see the tag in her notifications. Then, there are chances that she will see it and decide to dm you to start the connection.
  • Open your DM. Opening your DMs makes sure you can see someone’s direct messages in time. This is great to prevent you from feeling regret for missing out the chance to find a sugar momma.

Search for a sugar momma

In like manner, use hashtags like #travel buddies #single #luxury cars or location tags like #NYC to search for potential sugar daddies in their wanted area and get straight into connection.

  • Search with hashtags. The same logic applies to searching for a potential sugar mummy. You will need to enter the relevant hashtags like #Art, #Fencing and #Louis Vuitton into the search box on explore page.
  • Search with location Tag. Also, you can use the geotag like #NYC to find someone in your local area. However, this method is a sort of aimless and time-consuming.

#5. Find a part-time job

If you have a lot of free time, finding a part-time job in the right place can increase your income and boost the chances of connecting with remarkable women.

Take a common part-time job as an example. Working in a membership bar will inevitably meet celebrity rich male women. Since you serve customers as a job to the last, it might be difficult for you to develop a deeper relationship because they know you serve them just for bulging your wallets.

However, if you continue to serve customers and gradually turn them into regular customers, you will have more face-to-face communications. So there is a possibility that you will develop a relationship with a rich woman.

This is one of the recommended methods for those who are confident and experienced in serving customers. If you feel that this method is also right for you, have a try now!


This article showed you how to find a sugar momma in multiple ways. Using a sugar mama website or app is surely the easiest way to find a wealthy older woman who can give you either financial assistance, a sugar companion or an extravagant lifestyle.

Here we also introduced other ways with various ideas and examples to help you catch yourself a sugar mommy. The core is finding a place where have rich women or potential sugar momma. This is a prerequisite.

Now, it’s your turn. Which method would you like to try first? Just make sure whether the method caters to your situation before you actually commit to it.

Good Luck!


About the Author

Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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