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How to Be a Sugar Baby Without Giving Sugar? [Dos and Don'ts]

Sugar daddy wants intimate interactions with sugar babies, but that's not always nexcessary. You can totally be a sugar baby without giving sugar!

Raya | Updated:

A sugar baby without giving sugar may sound unrealistic. But it can work in some special scenarios. Many college students have tried relevant tricks and methods to earn a lot to pay off their education loans - that's the point of today: getting involved in an online-only sugar relationship, sacrificing your time and energy but never your body and soul. 

Sexual stuff is sensitive, unignorable, and may bring you tangible allowance. But online sugar baby jobs can bring the same to you since being a sugar baby without giving sugar still has its market. Do bear in mind that there are some tricks and secrets in it that should not be scented by sugar daddies.

This page tells you how to be a sugar baby without giving sugar. The tricks involve how to find online sugar baby jobs, find a text-only sugar daddy, and how to ask online sugar daddies for allowance.How To Be A Sugar Baby Without Giving Sugar Cover


The Definition of Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy Without Giving Sugar

Sugar for babies indicates companionship, emotional support, and intimate contact. And the sugar for daddies indicates money.

  • The definition of sugar baby without sugar

To help understand the term no sugar baby, the definition of ordinary Sugar babies must be put here.

Common sugar babies: Those who receive a regular allowance from the sugar daddy to cover things like living expenses, bills, cars, clothing, and more. In return, sugar babies need to attend events together, lead intimate acts, or go out to a meal together. In this type of sugar dating, it implied that they're going to be a sexual link between the two people. With the right connection and agreement.

The definition of sugar baby without sugar: There are plenty of sugar daddies that are quite interested in having a sugar baby just for companionship or enjoying their time together. Some sugar daddies like the idea that they can be seen with their sugar babies or that they can take them to events. Going out in public and doing these types of experiences doesn't require a sugar baby to do anything that she's uncomfortable with.

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  • How about the definition of 'sugar daddy without the sugar'?

Mentorship sugar daddy: this type of sugar daddy enrolls you as his employee and gives you allowance in the name of salaries. You have to work for him in the real sense!

salt sugar daddy: this type of sugar daddy is not rich at all, but he wants the companionship of sugar babies. Basically they keep talk to you, shows their affection towards you, but never give you money.

scam sugar daddy: this is the worst type of sugar daddy who would rip off your money by all kinds of traps. Do be aware when a daddy adds you to his payroll, and the cashapp clearance fee scam.

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Three Types of Sugar Baby That Do Not Give Sugar at All:

Getting involved in this type of relationship may sound like you have to find a very specific type of sugar daddy. There are plenty of sugar daddies that are looking for sugar babies that are not interested in a sexual relationship. In order to define what you're looking for when he set out to find the perfect sugar daddy, here are some common terms for sugar babies that do not give sugar at all:

How To Be A Sugar Baby Without Giving Sugar Part 2

1. Be a platonic sugar baby:

Platonic sugar babies have a relationship where there will not be a sexual link between the participants. In a platonic relationship, the idea is that both parties are comfortable with friendship and the relationship will not move beyond a friendship or platonic relationship without sex. This is an in-person relationship that will often involve dating, going to events, spending time together and all without a sexual relationship.

2. Be a text-only sugar baby:

This relationship involves a text relationship or relationship over a messaging application. In these types of relationships, the sugar daddy and sugar baby will connect with one another over their phones and it may involve sharing some images but this is where the relationship starts and ends. As part of the agreement as a text-only sugar baby, the two will not meet in person and will only speak or write over the phone.

3. Be an online-only sugar baby:

This is one of the most popular ways to be a sugar baby without giving sugar. With this relationship, the two people will regularly meet and communicate online. The relationship here can be platonic or it may involve sharing sexual content online but the agreement is that the sugar baby and sugar daddy will never meet. This is one of the safest and most effective ways to have multiple sugar daddies. 

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The Easiest Way of Being a Sugar Baby Without Giving Sugar

Finding the perfect sugar daddy doesn’t have to require a long search or looking for a perfect relationship online over months. There is an excellent website where you can find the perfect sugar daddy. Sugardaddyseek is one of the easiest solutions for you to find this relationship. The site is 100% real and strictly censored with a massive user base and he claims to have some of the best success rates for sugar daddies connecting with sugar babies. 

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The best websites to be an online sugar baby without giving sugar:

Step 1   Hit the button below to register as an online sugar baby.

Step 2  Complete the profile. An attractive profile is halfway from success. Try using proper nicknames, self-intros, and public pictures to let sugar daddies know you better.

Step 3  Starts to find a sugar daddy. SugarDaddySeek allows users to manually filter sugar daddy users to find those who are near you. Or you can use the Match feature to automatically sift the profiles SugarDaddySeek recommends to you.

Being a Sugar Baby Without Giving Sugar's Dos and Don’ts

Becoming a sugar baby may seem like something that is pretty simple with the right website. Make sure that you are protecting yourself and follow these top tips before you try the process for yourself. 

  • Set strong boundaries and outline the limits of your relationship
  • Negotiate your compensation up front
  • Have a contact that knows what you are doing to keep you safe
  • Go on untrusted websites to find a sugar daddy
  • Give someone a break on compensation to “try” your relationship
  • Keep your relationship as a sugar baby a secret from absolutely everyone

Being a Sugar Baby Without Giving Sugar's Upsides and Downsides

After completing this guide you may be wondering more about some of the upsides and downsides to these types of relationships. Here are some things to consider if you are pondering being a sugar baby without the sugar for yourself:


-Can form multiple relationships

-Less attachment

-Easy to meet online

-Safer than a sexual relationships


-Make less than traditional sugar babies

-Can be hard to build long-term relationships

-May have to make more connections for compensation


How to be a sugar baby without giving sugar? This page gives plain answers - try online dating apps and meet as many sugar daddies online as possible. But during the process, do bear in mind that a sugar daddy without the sugar is still out there and you need to keep a wary eye on discerning them.

Easily Find Sugar Daddy & Sugar Momma
  • Rich,Generous sugar daddies, sugar mommas
  • Authentic, active sugar daddy & momma profiles
  • Lead a brandnew lifestyle-luxuries, gifts,hotels and more


About the Author

Raya’s been a sugar baby since college. She paid off her education loan with her sugar daddies' financial support. Now, she is a sugar baby with 6 years of experience who deeply knows how to work out with the sugar dating stuff.

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