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How to Ask Your Sugar Daddy For Money?

If you have ever wondered how to ask your Sugar Daddy for money, you're in the right place. Learn the key tactics to getting your Sugar Daddy to buy you things.

Robin | Updated:

You’ve finally met someone who makes you feel special, and now you can’t wait to start your relationship. But there’s one thing that might be holding you back from being completely open and honest with your partner is "money". Being a sugar baby can be challenging. Asking a sugar daddy for money is the hardest thing that you will have to do. But you have to do it if you want to live the lavish lifestyle that comes with being a sugar baby. This post will provide tips on how to ask your Sugar Daddy for money – but only how to do so in a tactful, sincere manner.

How To Ask Your Sugar Daddy For Money


How Much Do Sugar Daddies Pay?

Sugar daddies are wealthy men who pay women to date them. The amount they pay depends on what they are looking for in a relationship, but it’s most common for sugar babies to receive gifts, cash and other perks in exchange for their company.

While there are no official figures on how much sugar daddies pay, there are some averages you can use to get a sense for how much your partner might be spending on you. These figures are based on a survey conducted with over 1,300 respondents from around the world. They found that the average monthly allowance from their partner was $3,000 – $5,000. This puts the annual average at $36,000 – $60,000 per year!

  • Monthly Average: $3,000 - $5,000

  • Annual Average: $36,000 – $60,000+

That's a lot of money to spend on someone else! While this figure may seem high at first glance it makes sense when you consider that Sugar Daddies often have more disposable income than most people do because they might don't have children or partners who share their expenses. They also tend to be wealthy individuals who can afford expensive gifts and trips without feeling like they're spending too much money

When to Ask Sugar Daddy for Allowance?

It can be difficult to decide when to ask sugar daddy for allowance. You shouldn't ask him for money every time something happens or every time you want something new. This can come off as needy and push your man away from you by making him feel like he has to spend money on you constantly just so that he can keep his girl happy. So what should you do? Well, there are many things to consider before asking your sugar daddy for an allowance. These are the beginner sugar baby tips explained below:

What is appropriate time to ask a sugar daddy for money?

The best time for how to ask your Sugar Daddy for money is when he has already expressed interest in you as his companion or girlfriend. If he has been spending time with you regularly, then it is only natural that he will start investing more time into getting closer to you emotionally as well as financially.

How sugar daddies might think about it?

Sugar daddies are not like regular people. They are in this relationship specifically because they enjoy the power that comes from being able to give and take money. So, if you ask for money too early in the relationship, you risk making yourself look needy and desperate. Sugar babies need to be careful about what a sugar daddy wants and how to ask your Sugar Daddy for money. If you do it too often, you might come across as greedy and materialistic.

What sugar daddies expect on this point?

If your relationship is still new, try not to ask too much. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t gone on a date with your sugar daddy yet, then don’t ask him for money either! Most men want to get to know their baby first before handing over large sums of cash or gifts. It’s important to let your man know that you are interested in him as a person before expecting any financial obligation from him — even if that means going on dates with multiple men before settling down with just one!

How to Ask Your Sugar Daddy for Money?

Have you ever wondered how to ask money from your sugar daddy? You may be wondering what the best way to ask for money is. Well, there are a few things you should keep in mind before asking your sugar daddy for money.

Be direct and honest about what you want: Do not beat around the bush or be too subtle about what you want from him. If you want something, just let him know and ask for it in a straightforward manner.

Find out what makes him tick: Learn as much as possible about his interests, hobbies and other things that he values in life so that when you ask him for money, you can do so in terms that he will understand best.

Never beg or plead with your sugar daddy for money: He may find this unattractive and unappealing. Instead, present your case by explaining why what you want will benefit him more than anyone else in his life right now-and why it is important enough to justify asking him for help with it.

Be prepared with an excuse: If you don't want him to know what it is that you want the money for, be prepared with an excuse as to why you need it. This can help alleviate any suspicion about what the money's for and also helps create the illusion of trust between the two of you.

Offer something in return: If he agrees to give you money, then offer something in return such as sex or companionship while out shopping or doing other activities together (depending on what kind of relationship both parties have).

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How to Receive Money from Your Sugar Daddy Safely?

You've been dating a sugar daddy for some time now, and he is ready to send you money. The question is: Do you know how experienced sugar babies achieve this? How do you receive the money safely?

Direct Deposit or Cash App: Direct deposit is the most common and safest way that a sugar baby can receive her allowance. It's quick and easy to set up.

PayPal: PayPal is a popular online payment service that allows you to send and receive money online without having to share your bank account information with anyone. Due to the fact that it's not as secure as direct deposit, some sugar daddies may choose not to use this method of payment when paying their sugar babies.

Cash: Some sugar daddies prefer to give their sugar babies cash rather than using an online payment service like PayPal or direct deposit. There are various reasons why a sugar daddy might prefer this method of payment including convenience (no need for an account) or anonymity (so nobody knows how much money he/she has).

Be Careful to Read the Signs of a Scammer Sugar Daddy

Scammers are targeting young women and men who are looking for love online by posing as wealthy older men. These scammers use fake photos and stolen identities to lure their victims into sending money, gifts or other valuables. As there are a lot of sugar daddy scams in the industry, sugar babies must be careful. It is very important for them to read the signs of a scammer sugar daddy.

There are several ways you can check if your sugar daddy is fake:

  • Ask for bank information

  • Demand a sugar baby loyalty test

  • Ask for cash app clearance fee

  • Promise something too good to be true


In a nutshell, A good sugar relationship is built on trust, honesty, and respect. Remember these points when you think about how to ask your sugar daddy for money. You can ask your sugar daddy for money. However, you will have to write a great profile and follow the tips above before doing so. And if he or she does give you money, then be sure to thank them for their generosity! It takes time and effort to date a sugar daddy, so treat him with the utmost gratitude for putting financial resources at your disposal.Avoid bothering your partner and being too needy; this could put you at risk of losing his interest and may prevent you from receiving the allowance that you want. 

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