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How to Ask Someone to Be Your Sugar Daddy? [Tutorial]

How to ask someone to be your sugar daddy? What is the best adult website where you can get a sugar daddy that will meet your financial needs? Let’s read this article!

Raya | Updated:

A sugar daddy is totally different from a lover or a hookup. If you want to get some financial support from a boyfriend, you may not get what you want. But if you ask a wealthy sugar daddy, he will give you all types of gifts, and cards, and probably will take you on a luxury trip every now and then.

Yet you cannot ask anyone to be your sugar daddy given that the sugar bowl still serves a small group of people and it may be offensive to ask someone you matched on Tinder such a question.

But you can feel all at ease to ask someone you find on a sugar dating website like seeking or SugarDaddySeek, they know how the game plays. Let's now dig deep into how to ask someone to be your sugar daddy.

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Sugar Daddy


The Quick Answer for How to Ask Someone to Be Your Sugar Daddy

Before asking yourself how to ask someone to be your sugar daddy, it's essential to understand that sugar daddies are mature and experienced people with proper etiquette and demands. Communication is essential when scoring a sugar daddy for a win-win relationship.

#1. Rule number one

It's also important to clarify all rules with your sugar daddy before digging up how to ask someone to be your sugar daddy. Whether you're looking for a sugar daddy to pay your bills or pay for a meeting, communicating what you need is a perfect way to have a healthy relationship. Let your sugar daddy know your limits and be ready not to go beyond what they would like. If you want a weekly salary or expect him to pay your monthly bills, let him know so that he can understand what you need from the beginning.

#2. Rule number two

The next essential tip for answering ‘how to ask someone to be your sugar daddy’ is understanding how to ask for money and financial favors. While this might sound challenging, remember that it's normal, and you must be polite and try not to sound too demanding. From there, you can visit places where rich men visit or check out rich sugar daddy websites for finding sugar daddies like SugarDaddySeek to try your luck. 

#3. Rule number three

After identifying a potential sugar daddy, there are many ways that you can use to ask them to be your sugar daddy. For instance, you can decide to have a coffee date with them and come out straightforward about your intentions during that date. You can also message them directly on their walls with your intention and the relationship you want with them. However, nothing beats asking someone to be your sugar daddy from a dating website because you already have similar goals and intentions.

The Directest Website for Seeking SB SD Relationships

Over the last few years, sugar daddy sites have risen in popularity as people seek companionship or financial security. Unfortunately, some websites don't do due diligence in vetting their members, inviting fakes, scammers, flakes, and leeches. If you are looking for a sugar daddy website to get a sugar daddy without the fear of being scammed, SugarDaddySeek is your perfect site. Let's take a look at some of the odds that make SugarDaddySeek the best sugar daddy dating site.

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
  • Unlimited right swipes to meet local sugar baby, daddy, and momma
  • Large and active user base with quick responds
  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy

Advantages of SugarDaddySeek

Income verification

SugarDaddySeek is a fantastic website with many features for people seeking a sugar daddy. One of its most significant advantages is the income verification feature. The feature requires sugar daddies to verify their incomes and photos when signing up for the sight. This helps to protect sugar babies from being scammed by broke guys with fake profiles.

Search for nearby users who match your requirements

Most users on sugar daddy dating sites prefer finding a partner close to their proximity so they can meet in real life. It's why we've ensured that our site has a geolocation feature. Switching on the feature can suggest matches in nearby or preferred locations per your selected proximity range. 

Swiping to find the right person

SB SD dating sites can sometimes be infiltrated by individuals who aren't necessarily who they portray to be, making it a turn-off. This is why at SugarDaddySeek, we have implemented a feature that allows members to swipe until they find their perfect match. So you don't have to worry about being scammed or meeting failing to find your ideal match.

Spotlight your profile to get more exposure

At SugarDaddySeek, we take our clients extremely seriously, so we have developed a feature to help clients spotlight their profiles to enable them to get more exposure. Using this feature, members can keep their profile up to date, which is essential for getting their matches quickly.

How to use SugarDaddySeek Website?

Below is a step-by-step guide to finding a perfect sugar daddy in SugarDaddySeek.

Step 1. Create and sign up for your account in SugarDaddySeek.

Step 2. Make a profile that tells people you're looking for an SB SD relationship. Create a short description of yourself.

User Center Interface

Step 3. Match with your sugar daddy using Search and Swiping features and chat with your preferred person before officially meeting in person, and ensure to meet in public when you get compatible.

Search Interface

How to Open the First Conversation with Sugar Daddy?

Approaching someone online is challenging and even more difficult considering the context of sugar dating. Questions like how to ask someone to be your sugar daddy and how to get money from them are examples of challenging questions for an SB SD relationship. While there are no perfect topics to open a conversation with a sugar daddy, remember that there are some specific rules of etiquette. You don't have to do something extraordinary or say something super special. Let’s see from the example below.

First conversation with sugar daddy examples. You can start by greeting them, saying that you liked their profile, and then pointing out the specific things you liked about them. After that, tell your SB that you think you have a lot in common and would like to chat with him. That's all you need. It's the ultimate formula to begin a conversation with a sugar daddy and to stand out from the crowd.

What to say when a sugar daddy asks what you are looking for?

 Your sugar daddy might ask you the question, "what are you looking for in an arrangement" again and again. It's a popular question many sugar daddies ask as it acts as a talking point to break the ice. While many sugar babies do not know what to answer, you can take this question to explain your situation and get financial benefits from him. Turn the tables and ask for favors. Some of the things you can ask from him include the following:

  • Ask to be spoiled financially
  • Ask for material gifts
  • See how he thinks of an offline date
  • See if he would like to take you on a tour

Excuses to Ask for Money from Sugar Daddy

You've finally met a perfect sugar daddy who makes you feel special, and you can wait to go on with your relationship. But there's one thing that might be bothering you and stopping you from being completely open and honest with your SD, which is money. Asking for money from a sugar daddy is one of the most challenging things you'll have to do as an SB. But wait! You have to do it if you want to live the smooth life of being a sugar daddy. So what are some excuses for asking for money from an SB?

A reasonable excuse for getting money from a sugar daddy involves asking them to pay your internet bills. Tell the sugar daddy you are out of the internet and that you would like to be online for more hours to remain in touch with him. If your sugar baby is business minded, you can ask for a tuition fee to resume classes. Other excuses include the following:

  1. Asking for rent
  2. Asking him to pay your bills like electricity, water, and internet
  3. Asking him for dates
  4. Requesting for vacations


If you're wondering whether to join SugarDaddySeek, we can guarantee it's worth a trial. Login to our website today and be assured of getting a perfect sugar daddy that will satisfy all your financial needs before you realize it.

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About the Author

Raya’s been a sugar baby since college. She paid off her education loan with her sugar daddies' financial support. Now, she is a sugar baby with 6 years of experience who deeply knows how to work out with the sugar dating stuff.

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