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12 Easy Ways to Tell If Someone Likes You [Tested Work]

Are you falling in love with someone and want to know if they are into you? There are 12 ways to tell if someone likes you.

Alex | Updated:

When you have someone you’re into, you are very curious about what he/she thinks of you. Whether you want to be close to someone or confess to them, you should at least know whether or not someone hates you.

If there was a way to tell if someone likes you, wouldn't you like to try it? So here, we’re going to introduce you to how to check if someone likes you in multiple ways.

How To Tell If Somone Likes You


1. Check the Time from Sending a Message to Replying

You can check if someone likes you by the time it takes to reply after messaging him/her. Men don't communicate as often as women. 

What you want to be careful about here is not the first message you sent to him, but the point is to look at the response time of the second and subsequent texts. They didn't see it the first time because they were at work, and depending on the situation, they may not be able to reply promptly. If the second and subsequent replies are within 5 minutes, there is a high possibility that he/she likes you.

However, if the content of the second message is like ending the conversation, or if you replied to it and there is no reply, They may not be interested in you.

2. Confirm by Eyes Contact

People you care about and people you like will follow you with your eyes even if you are unconscious. If you feel like you're making eye contact with someone you're into, chances are he's also likes you. That alone will tell you if he likes you, but what you should pay more attention to is how he reacts when you make eye contact.

Eye Contact

When you meet someone you care about, many people think it would be embarrassing to find out, so they look away from themselves. So when you meet someone you care about, just look him in the eye. If he hastily turned away, he's more likely to like you if you respond normally like "What?", you probably don't think much about it.

Another way to determine this is by looking at him during a conversation. If he looks embarrassed or looks down while talking, it's a sign that he cares about you.

3. Check the Reaction When You Sit by Him/Her

Physical distance is also a good way to see if someone likes you. For example, eating in the cafeteria, or drinking at a party, where you can choose where to sit and try sitting next to the person you are interested in

What will his reaction be then? If he hastily sits back down or looks down without looking at you, he's probably interested in you. If he's unresponsive or greets you in a nonchalant way, he probably isn't something you care about.

Sitting next to him not only appeals to him, but you can also check his feelings by watching his reaction. Even if you don't feel like it, you won't find out how you feel, so find a chance and keep it next to you.

4. Check If They Agree With Your Opinion

When you're having a conversation with your friends, during a meeting, or just chatting at a drinking party, will he be able to empathize with your opinion in a scene where you and he are both presents? In addition, when you two are talking, whether he is interested in your hobbies and special skills is also a key to reading his interest in you.

As human beings, regardless of gender, it is difficult to empathize with someone we are not good at. For example, even if you find out that you like the same thing in a conversation, you will not want to accept it as "a friend who likes the same thing." Because we all know that if you sympathize, the interest of someone will turn to you. So if he sympathizes with your likes and opinions, you can read that he likes you.

It is said that families and couples who live together tend to resemble each other because they like each other. It is precise because we recognize and accept each other's likes that we are in a relationship. Whether or not the guy you care about accepts you is the key to confirming your feelings.

5. Confirm by the Attitude When Talking Alone

If you get the chance to talk alone with the person you like, it's a great chance to find out if they like you. See how he reacts and what he does when you talk to him.

First, if you try to avoid being alone, this is understandably not of interest to you. Maybe you're not good at it. He probably likes you if he keeps talking to you even when you're alone.

Furthermore, if he is restless and fidgety while talking to you, or if he touches your hair or face, it is a sign that he cares about you. When a man is alone with a woman he is interested in, he suddenly becomes restless and nervous. Observing his body movements when you two alone seem to yield unexpected results.

6. Look for Clues in the Conversation

Pay attention to the content when you talk to him or when you talk online. There are hidden hints to make sure he likes you. Men want to know anything about women they care about. Some men ask about their hobbies, how they spend their days off, and about their siblings and family.

A man who asks you questions in rapid succession like this is likely to be interested in you and like you. The same is true for men who listen to you in depth. If he's not interested in you, he'll probably end up with a casual greeting. Also, it will be a hint to judge whether it seems to be happy when talking.

However, some men are reticent and are not good at speaking for themselves. If that's the case, make sure he uses the first person. If a man talks about himself like, "I like that musician..." or "You look like me," there's a high chance that he likes you.

7. Confirm Whether You Notice the Change

Men are clearly insensitive. Unless they're really used to dealing with women, or have siblings who are all women and understand women's hearts, they won't notice the changes around you. Women are sensitive to change, so they react quickly when their friends change their hairstyles or wear new clothes. Men do not have this.

But if he notices small changes in you, then he's watching you. If he notices the difference in your clothes and makeup, such as "Did you do your hair?"

A man who notices a change in his mental side has a high probability of liking you.

In addition, there is a high probability that a man will like you if he notices changes in your mental state that are difficult for others to notice, such as calling out to you when you are not feeling well or cheering you up when you are feeling down. Why not show up to him with a little change on purpose and see if he notices?

8. Confirm by the Reaction When Inviting on a Date

If you want to make sure he likes you, one approach is to go out of your way to ask him out on a date. You might be nervous, but you can easily tell by the way he reacts. I don't want to go on a date with someone I'm not interested in, so I can tell if he accepts the invitation or if he refuses. It's the way.

If they don't know you specifically, they'll simply say, "What? Why?" Then you can tell that he's a little wary.

If he's been interested in you for a long time and likes you, you might be surprised, but there's a happy expression on his face somewhere. This reaction will only surface for a moment, so check it out carefully.

9. Check If They Often Talk to You

It's not particularly useful, but if the person you're interested in calls out to you frequently, there's a good chance that there's a pulse. People want to have a point of contact with people they care about or like. It is the same for men to think that they want to get closer and get closer. Therefore, they will often talk to you if they are worried about you.

The fact that he calls out to you outside of business is proof that he wants to get closer to you.

It's different when someone calls out to you when they really have something to do. What comes is proof that I want to get close to you.

For example, if they work together, they will always say hello to you or come to talk to you during breaks. You can tell if someone likes you by how often they talk to you.

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10. Confirm by Asking Private Questions

If you want to make sure he likes you, watch out if he asks you private questions.

If a man asks you private questions, he is likely to like you too. While you want people to know about you, it's natural to want to know about the person you like.

For example, if you are asked about your blood type and birthday, you can judge your personality to some extent based on your blood type, and you can apply it to your compatibility fortune-telling. By knowing your birthday, you may be trying to send a gift and deepen the connection.

A more private question

Also, by asking about how you spend your days off and what you plan to do on your days off, what kind of things do you like to do? Anyone can ask an innocent question, but only someone you care about can ask you a more personal question.

11. Check If He Minds When You Talk to Other Men

If you want to make sure that someone likes you, you can show him or her that you are having a friendly conversation with other men.

Men and women will have casual conversations when you’re in a group, such as a company or a hobby circle. You can have a friendly conversation with anyone, but you cannot hear what they are talking about. Let's say you're having a friendly conversation with another man. If the person you're interested in likes you, they'll be watching you.


And when you leave the person, you were talking to. They may come up to you and ask, "What were you talking about?" If you don't have romantic feelings, you don't care who you talk to. If he cares, it means he's after you.

Men have a strong desire to monopolize, so if possible, they don't want the women they like to talk to other men. But he's not even a boyfriend, so he can't put restrictions on it, so he pretends it's nothing and asks for details. In the case of a man who is not good at communicating, he may be somewhat grumpy or cold. This is due to jealousy and is proof that he likes you.

12. Confirm Whether You Have Shared Hobby Later

When you want to get along with someone you like, it's effective to have something in common to shorten the distance from a similar relationship with those around you. For example, as soon as you discover something in common, such as age, hometown, sibling composition, blood type, etc., you suddenly feel closer. For men and women who don't have much contact with each other, hobbies are a common point that brings them closer together.

So just talk to him about your hobbies. Your hobbies might be different. However, if he later indicates that he's taken up the same hobby, then he's interested in you.

Men who start the same hobby

The same is true for men who want to find common ground with someone they like and want to get along with. If you have the same hobbies, the conversation will be lively, and it's also a chance to get to know each other better than you are now. If the guy you're interested in has started the same hobby as you, consider that he's appealing that he wants to get along with you.


How about an easy way to tell if someone likes you? Many men and women are secretly looking at someone they care about or like. That's why you can see if you like them by making eye contact or noticing changes in you. Some people are so shy that they can't even look at them, so please try the methods mentioned in this article and find the best way to tell if someone likes you.

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Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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