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How Much Do Sugar Babies Make a Month? Answers from Studies & Real Sugar Babies 

How much do sugar babies make? Read the studies & sugar baby interviews in this blog to know the answer & learn the tips to ask sugar daddies for money.

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How Much Do Sugar Babies Make

How much do sugar babies make?” There are a lot of fantasies of being a sugar baby. The standard images are pervasive that college sugar babies graduate debt-free, exotic travels are within arm’s reach, and luxury shopping sprees become nothing special once you find a sugar daddy. It seems, according to those glamorous sugar baby lifestyles, that sugar daddies have a bottomless pocket for you whenever you want to be spoiled. 

However, another voice in your mind is probably telling you to stay grounded because it sounds too good to be true. You’re better off doing some research, so you can avoid sugar daddy scams or being taken advantage of. After deep-dive research both on the studies and real sugar baby interviews, we're going to reveal the hard truth about the financial benefits of a sugar relationship in this blog. 


How Does a Sugar Baby Get Paid? Monthly Allowance Vs. PPM

Before we get into the topic, it is necessary to explain the allowance types in a sugar relationship. Since it takes time to build trust, no sugar daddies are going to offer sugar babies a steady payment right from the start unless he is a scammer who’s lying to you. 

PPM Vs. Monthly Allowance 

During the first few dates, most sugar daddies prefer PPM (pay per meet) which means sugar daddies give sugar babies a sum of money for each date. This can last for a month or 6 months. It depends on your situation. Some sugar relationships are even PPM the entire time. But usually, PPM ends when a sugar daddy and a sugar baby decide to enter a long-term relationship. Then the sugar baby starts to receive a monthly allowance which means a sugar daddy sends a fixed amount of money to his sugar baby on a monthly basis. 

Which Allowance Type Is Best for You? 

PPM is best for sugar daddies and sugar babies who are getting to know each other or who don’t meet on a regular basis due to busy work or long distances. A monthly allowance is less transactional, so it is best for sugar daddies and babies who want a relationship. 

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make a Month? According to Studies 

How much sugar babies make is quite personal, to be honest. Every sugar daddy relationship is different. There are no rules or patterns. Some sugar babies can go on multiple dates without asking anything in return, and others demand to be paid even at the first M&G (the first sugar date). Some sugar babies like their relationships to be PPM the whole time, while others agree to have a monthly or weekly allowance soon after a few dates. Moreover, some sugar babies don’t get paid but are compensated with gifts, such as luxuries, trips, rent, beauty maintenance, etc. 

If you really want an answer, according to Seeking Arrangement's stats, the average sugar daddy is 38 and makes $250,000 annually, while the average sugar baby is 25 and makes $2,800 monthly from their daddies. 

Due to the living expenses in different cities and personal situations, the actual sugar baby allowance may be higher. For example, in a study revealed by Seeking Arrangement in 2014, top cities for monthly sugar allowances reached $5000 on average. New York sugar babies were at the top of the list, receiving $5874 every month, followed by Las Vagas $5607, Los Angeles $5287, Miami $5267, Dallas $5123, Toronto $4898, Whashington D.C. $4786, Phonenix-Scottsdale $4734, Seattle $4587, and Ottawa $4567.

How Much Do Sugar Daddies Pay

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make? - According to Real Sugar Babies Interviewed on Money Magazine

No matter what the studies say, the reality can be entirely different. To have a comprehensive understanding of how much sugar babies make, we’ll walk you through some sugar babies interviewed in the magazines. How much do they charge? How often do they meet their sugar daddies? Do their sugar relationships include sex? Keep reading to find out. 

Jessica, 33 years old, becomes a sugar baby to ease her student loans. With the help of her sugar daddies, Jessica paid off the tuition for one semester before she even graduated. One sugar daddy pays her $1500 just for seeing her once a month. Another sugar daddy pays her $700 per meet and he sees her twice or multiple times a month. And her third sugar daddy offers her $2000 a month for dating her twice a week. In total, Jessica receives $4900 a month, not including the gifts or the dinners her sugar daddies paid for her. 

Yes, you heard it right. Jessica is dating with 3 sugar daddies at the same time. But regarding her attitude toward sex, Jessica said that she was never in a hurry to do that. Of the three sugar daddies Jessica met, she had sex with only one. 

Anna was an escort before she became a sugar baby. She charges about $100 an hour, even for overnights that include sex. She earns much more than before but she is not used to the emotional labor in the sugar industry. As an escort, she was paid for leaving but as a sugar baby, she has to cuddle or chat with sugar daddies for hours and hours. 

In addition, Anna stressed the potential risks of sites like Seeking Arrangement. According to Anna, on escort sites, if you want to solicit sex, you have to show your ID, reveal where you work or even list references from other sex workers. Sugar daddy sites, on the other hand, have no means to guarantee whether the member is valid or not. 

How to Ask Your Sugar Daddy for Money? - Dos & Don’ts

As is evident from the studies and real sugar baby experiences, you might earn a monthly allowance from $2800 to $6000. How to ask your sugar daddies for money? Don’t worry. You’ll find it easy after you’ve learned the dos and don’ts. 

Know What You Want 

Every sugar baby who’s looking for a sugar daddy has different reasons, be it student loans or luxuries. How much I should ask depends on your costs of living and responsibilities. Are you in debt? Do you have mortgages to pay? Or do you just want some designer bags and shoes? Only when you have a number in your mind can you set a standard that weeds out splenda daddies and find the qualified ones. 

Aim Higher for Your Sugar Baby Allowance

Your time is valuable. That’s why you are encouraged to be ambitious with your allowance. If you are still confused about how much money to ask your sugar daddy, the YouTuber and sugar baby coach Viva_LaFancy_ has a rule of thumb. Because 3 months’ rent has to be paid for renting an apartment, you need to make sure your sugar daddy pays you at least two months of your rent. If he is not qualified, he is out of the picture. 

Of course, you won’t get that much from the beginning. But you can figure out your PPM with that ideal amount and start dating your sugar daddy if he agrees with your price. Or, you negotiate with him to pay your bills, such as beauty maintenance, car insurance, etc. if you haven’t reached the stage of monthly allowance. 

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Sugar baby beginners may find it hard or embarrassed to talk about allowances with sugar daddies. But remember, the essence of sugar dating is about companionship in exchange for money. Some sugar daddies may text you all the time, bring you drama, or see you as their therapist. You deserve to ask your sugar daddies for money because you are providing them with quality time which makes them feel young again. 

Don’t Sound Like You’re Searching for Money

When you ask your sugar daddy for money, one of the biggest mistakes is to sound like you’re searching for it. What does it mean? If you come with “Can you buy me this bag?”, your sugar daddy might become judgemental, criticizing that you don’t need those things at all. However, smart sugar babies are just talking. In the conversation, they mention that, for example, the hot tub broke or the dishwasher broke instead of asking for money directly. This way works better because it boosts your sugar daddies’ egos who think that they are really helping someone out. 

Where to Find a Sugar Daddy for a Mutually Beneficial Relationship?

After learning all the information about “How much do sugar babies make?”, you’ll feel more confident to look for a sugar daddy. Theoretically, the sugar daddy lifestyle is getting more and more popular, however, it is still hard to meet a sugar daddy in real life. 

Most sugar relationships start online thanks to sugar daddy websites. So you can also give it a shot and it doesn’t cost you much but a bit of your time to create a sugar baby profile. And we’ve picked out the best sugar daddy site for you - SugarDaddySeek

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
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Though it is not as famous as Seeking Arrangement, SugarDaddySeek is the best for sugar daddies and babies in the US and Europe because this sugar daddy website only allows people from the top 20 richest countries to sign up. The standard sounds kind of extreme but SugarDaddySeek hopes to create a safe environment where no one gets scammed. Join it today and use this free sugar daddy site to live the life you desire!


According to the studies and interviews with real sugar babies, a sugar baby receives monthly allowances ranging from $2800 to $6000. How much you’ll get depends on you. It can be more than the average or less than that. Keep yourself confident and never settle for less.

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