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What to Do If Your Sugar Daddy Asking for Google Play Cards

Is your sugar daddy asking for google play cards? Learn how to protect yourself from fake sugar daddy scammers who ask for google play cards or more.

Chelsea | Updated:

In the past few years, Google Play card sugar daddy scams have escalated at a rapid pace. According to reports, the first nine months of 2021 recorded an estimated loss of $148 million. The major cause of this scam spreading so fast is that the victims don’t report it to the government, which means no serious action is taken.  

Google Play gift card scams, similar to Amazon gift cards sugar daddy scam, provide fake sugar daddies with a different avenue to steal your money. If a sugar daddy asks for the Google Play card code, which is on the back of your gift card, you must avoid sharing it. Follow the article below for further info about this scam and how to avoid it. 

Google Play Card Sugar Daddy


What Is Sugar Daddy Google Play Card Scam?

Google Play cards are not for payment purposes. The use of this card is for gifts. It's a sign of a scam if the so-called sugar daddy asks you to pay them with a Google Play gift card. These gift cards are a of the popular sugar daddy scams because they are easy to find and buy. 

These scams might portray themselves in various ways, but their overarching goal is the same: to empty the victim's card of its funds and leave them with an ineffective card. 

Let’s have a look at the list of Google Play card sugar daddy scams below. 

1. FIRS, SIRS, or Government imposter

2. Email Messages

3. Reduced-priced goods or services

4. Family Emergency 

5. Technology Support

You should keep one important note in your mind about the Google Play cards, i.e., the use of this card is to buy games, apps, movies, and books through the Google Play Store. If a sugar daddy asks you to pay for them using your gift card, it’s a scam. 

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How Does Sugar Daddy Google Play Card Scam Work?

Unlike those real rich men, fake sugar daddies may often request that you buy them a gift card as part of their scheme. They will give you a variety of excuses as to why you need to purchase these gift cards for them, with the assurance that they will pay you back.

The sugar daddy will next request that you provide him photographs of the gift card's barcode and PIN. After this, he will deplete the funds on the gift cards and cease any further communication with you. You won't be able to get your money back since it's on a gift card instead of a credit or debit card. 

This is a pretty prevalent con that you must keep a sharp eye out for at all times. If he needs gift cards, he can purchase them on his own. There are no excuses for it.

The basis of this scam is on three different stages. Take a look at it. 

A. Initially, a fake sugar daddy looks for someone who is looking to find a sugar daddy on dating websites. They pose themselves as one looking for a sugar baby and wanting to build a relationship. 

B. The fake sugar daddy plays the identity of a potential sugar daddy, cultivates a connection with the sugar baby victim, and eventually offers to pay off their victim's outstanding credit card amount. If the victim gives permission, the person perpetrating the sugar daddy scam will get the victim's credit card account information. They further deposit phony funds into the victim's account, making it look like they have paid the debt.

C. Lastly, fake sugar daddies will ask for Google Play cards to pay for stuff outside Google Play.

What To Do If Sugar Daddy Scammers Asking For Google Play Cards?

What To Do If Sugar Daddy Ask For Google Play Card

The fake sugar daddy executing the fraud will send a message informing you that they are ready to pay off any expenses you have or purchase costly products. It leads you to believe that the sugar daddy has the answer to all of your issues due to this.

The fake sugar daddy will next make a statement that they are willing to assist the victim in getting out of the problem that they are in, but it is where you must identify them. 

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Follow the procedure below to keep yourself protected from such scams. 

1. If the sugar daddy makes a temporary payment to you, it’s a scam. Basically, it is a trick of manipulating you into believing that they will pay for your loans. Don’t offer your Google Play card code in this case if you are unsure about him. It is because he will disappear, leaving you behind with empty pockets.

2. Avoid sharing your personal or banking information with your sugar daddy. A potential sugar daddy won’t ask for your banking information. If you ask for it, it’s a red flag for you. They ask for Google Play cards to pay fees. Be cautious if he does this. 

3. Never provide the code of your gift card as a form of payment to a sugar daddy you don't already know. Once you provide the codes to him, it is quite possible that they will instantly start spending the money on the card. 

The above-discussed are some of the red flags that you must remember to avoid this scam. However, if you get trapped in any case, immediately report it to the police department and Google through different forums.  

SugarDaddySeek – Avoid Sugar Daddy Google Play Card Scam

Avoid Sugar Daddy Google Play Card Scam On SugarDaddySeek

Looking for a reliable dating platform is essential when you want to have a sugar relationship with a potential sugar daddy. When starting a sugar relationship, you must look for an authentic source to avoid a Google Play card sugar daddy scam

There is a bundle of choices available on the internet to find a sugar daddy. However, you must go for the SugarDaddySeek as it is a reliable and trusted source to find a potential sugar daddy. 

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Below listed are some of the benefits you will get from SugarDaddySeek.

1. SugarDaddySeek protects all platform information with a competent security team, artificial inspection, and AI verification.

2. Protects your profile, images, and messages. No leaking/sharing.

3. This sugar daddy website verifies all members' identities and faces.

4. The platform only accepts registrations from the top 20 wealthiest nations seeking an open, long-term relationship. 

5. SugarDaddySeek is an anti-spam platform that has strict rules against spammers. 


Why do sugar daddies ask for Google Play cards? It may be a scam that helps fake sugar daddies to steal your money. They request the code of your Google Play card to buy stuff outside the Play Store. You must refuse to give them the code of your Google Play card as it’s a trap. 

To avoid these scams and find a potential sugar daddy, you must go to SugarDaddySeek, which is a reliable platform for finding a verified sugar daddy. SugarDaddySeek keeps all your information safe, all its profiles are verified, and it resists fraud, keeping you safe from scams and traps. 

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