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Top 5 Gay Sugar Daddy Websites in 2023: How Do They Work & What Are Their Prices?

How to find a gay sugar daddy is not easy. It takes time and patience, but more importantly, you need a gay sugar daddy website that works for you. 

Robin | Updated:

Gay Sugar Daddy Website

In the US, gay men used to earn less than their straight counterparts; a recent study shows that now they earn more. The reasons behind this are various but easy to assume some: the society has more LGBTQ acceptance, gay men are less likely to have children, etc. With numerous dating apps at our fingertips, it is the best time to look for a gay sugar daddy. 

Easier said than done, the bowl is much smaller than the hetero sugar dating’s. Sometimes, gay sugar babies who want to find a gay sugar daddy can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It takes time and patience, but more importantly, some trial-and-error to select a gay sugar daddy website that works for you. So this blog will introduce you to the 5 most popular websites for gay sugar daddies to feel young again and gay sugar babies to start a glamorous lifestyle. 


SeekingArrangement - The Biggest Gay Sugar Daddy Website 

The Best Gay Sugar Daddy Website

Founded in 2006, Seeking Arrangement, or Seeking, is the go-to sugar daddy website for any sugar baby who wants to find a sugar daddy. Gay sugar babies are no exception. Signing up at Seeking will bring you a much bigger chance to find a gay sugar daddy than the others due to the 40 million users it has in 130 countries. 

Moreover, the gigantic number of sugar daddies and babies is not a bluff. There are more than 1 million messages sent daily on average. Seeking Arrangement can say proudly that their users are active sugar daddies and babies instead of fake accounts. Additionally, 40,000 photos are uploaded daily on average, from which you can see how sugar daddies and babies trust Seeking Arrangement. 

The only disadvantage is probably the expensive price. But sugar babies are free to initiate messages, use the advanced filter, and change locations.  


  • Free for gay sugar babies and all the beautiful women.
  • Subscriptions

$109.99 USD billed every 30 days

$289.99 USD billed every 90 days

$274.99 USD billed every 30 days (Diamond)

SugarDaddySeek - Website for Gay Sugar Daddies from the Top 20 Richest Countries 

According to Cision PR Newswire, there are approximately 8 sugar baby males for every gay sugar daddy on Seeking Arrangement, which is higher than the 1:10 female-to-male ratio yet still difficult for a gay sugar baby to find a gay sugar daddy. If you want a better prospect, it is also advisable to have a sugar baby profile on a less competitive and much cheaper gay sugar daddy website SugarDaddySeek

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
  • Unlimited right swipes to meet local sugar baby, daddy, and momma
  • Large and active user base with quick responds
  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy

Although the new site may not sound familiar, you won’t regret signing up at SugarDaddySeek for the secure environment it provides. To weed out as many scammer sugar daddies and babies as possible, SugarDaddySeek only allows users from the top 20 richest countries to enter. Indeed, the standard is kind of extreme but you’ll find it easier to meet a gay sugar daddy near me if you’re in America, Canada, or Europe. 


  • $29.99/month for 1 month
  • $18.99/month for 3 months
  • $21.66/month for 6 months

Ashley Madison - Gay Sugar Daddy Website to Meet Married Gay Sugar Daddies

Gay Sugar Daddy Site

A sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship, which means both partners get what they want from each other yet they don’t become attached. Closeted gay sugar daddies with a family desire this kind of relationship the most. 

When they were young, society was not as gay-friendly as today. They had to hide their sexuality and live a “normal life” because of the stigma, discrimination, or violence. But things are different nowadays. Society is getting more and more open. Married sugar daddies, on the other hand, are longing for breaking free from the suppressed past when they are getting old and their children become independent. 

Ashley Madison, the first dating website for extramarital affairs, is a perfect fit for married gay sugar daddies to make up for the lost experience. If you’re a gay sugar baby who cares about privacy as much as your married gay sugar daddies do. You should give it a try. 


  • $309.99 for 1000 credits
  • $189.99 for 500 credits
  • $64.99 for 100 credits

Gay Arrangements - The First Exclusive Website for Gay Sugar Daddies and Babies

Gay Sugar Daddy Website Gay Arrangement

“Gay Sugar Dating Matchmaking at its best!” Gay Arrangement is ambitious to provide the best gay sugar dating experience in the industry. From the Onlineforlove’s Gay Arrangement review, this gay sugar daddy website has approximately 100,000 users. You may find it small but it is not bad for a niche gay sugar dating site.  

The site looks old-fashioned yet easy to navigate. Once you enter the website, you’ll see boosted or newly registered profiles. You can contact them with unlimited messages or flirt with someone by leaving a comment. However, when our test team wanted to create a gay sugar baby profile on the Gay Arrangement, the sign-up process kept failing. It could be because the site had been shut down or the site had some bugs at that time. You can give it a try again if you’re interested. 


  • $19.99/month for 1 month
  • $14.99/month for 3 months
  • $9.99/month for 6 months

Mintboys - Gay Sugar Baby Website to Find/Become an Escort 

Website For Gay Sugar Daddy

The gay sugar babies on Mintboys all look like someone from the gay porn industry. They are either masculine jock type with six-pack abs or youthful twinks. Whether you’re a gay sugar daddy into Asian, white, black, or Latino sugar babies, you’ll find one that would like to accompany you on this male escort website. Some of them are also good at giving massages. However, sex is not guaranteed on Mintboys, and you cannot explicitly pay for sex. You are paying for the escort's time only. 


  • Free to post ads but longer wait for approval, bottom of results, etc. 
  • $29.99 for 1 month
  • $79.99 for 3 months
  • $129.99 for 6 months

Freestyling on Grindr to Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

How To Find A Sugar Daddy On Grindr

Every gay man uses Grindr even if they don’t like it. As the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people, Grindr has something for everyone. Gay people use it for “right now”, friends with benefits, relationships, etc. It is also possible to find a gay sugar daddy on Grindr as long as you’re young, fit, and in the mood. 

And how to find a gay sugar daddy on Grindr is easy. You just need to browse the profiles or use the filter to find those who’re over 40 years old. Then you read their profiles, tap them, start a conversation with something that might interest your potential sugar daddy, and be smart to mention that you want him to be your sugar daddy in a subtle way. For example, you can talk about travels, careers, luxury lifestyle, mentorship, etc. Most of all, you need to curate your Grindr sugar baby profile with mouth-watering pictures. Bathroom selfies and messy bedrooms are turn-offs. Instead, you should upload sexy pictures with a clear face. After doing that, perhaps, you don’t even need to find gay sugar daddieson Grindr. They'll come to you. 


The number of gay sugar daddies is much less than that of gay sugar babies. On top of that, a gay relationship sometimes can be very open. A gay sugar daddy or baby may have different partners. It takes time to find your favorite website for gay sugar daddies because the competition is intense. However, there is no best gay sugar daddy website but the one that works for you or not. Try the 5 ones recommended in this blog to find out!

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Robin is a Content Marketer at SugarDaddySeek based in New York. When he’s not busy writing you can catch him playing tennis or binge-watching Netflix series.

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