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A Comprehensive Look at Fundmysugarbaby - Pros & Cons and How to Succeed in Sugar Dating

Fundmysugarbaby is a fast growing online community for sugar dating,this blog covers things you must know before you jump right into this site.

Rhea | Updated:

Various sugar dating websites on the internet can assist you. But be cautious; finding a legit sugar dating website can be hard, but once you make the right call, sugar will be in the air. Just like this popular sugar dating website, Fundmysugarbaby, where you can explore various sugar options. 




Fundmysugarbaby - More Chances for Dating & Money-making 

Fundmysugarbaby is an online sugar dating website where thousands of sugar daddies and babies sign-ups and find the best match for themselves. In this online sugar dating community,  sugar babies deliver customized content (pictures, videos) to sugar daddies through subscription plans. This blog has sketched the detailed Fundmysugarbaby review to give in-depth information to prevent you from roaming rogue!
What makes fundmysugarbaby special? The followings are the key features of Fundmysugarbaby.

Key Features of  Fundmysugatbaby

Custom content plan
Custom content plans allow sugar babies to set up different plans, including recurring payments. Sugar babies can create descriptions and set up prices and currency preferences according to their interests. For example, the following sugar baby charges $250 for personalized videos considering the length and content.


On Fundmysugarbaby, You can find various Groups according to your interest. If you are looking for cyber relationships or want to have just a "friend," these groups will ease your search. You can also search according to the group's status, such as Active, Newest, and Popular.


On this online sugar dating website, you can get all the latest updates on everything happening on this platform in the activity section. For example, You can check sugar daddies and babies connecting. You can have updates on the ones you are following and check the Activity status. You can also analyze which members are the newest and most popular. 


Fundmysugarbaby Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use -This website has very simple and clear functions. Every function, from activity to joining a group, is easy to operate, especially for the aged sugar daddies. It has also made a part dedicated to dictating how sugar daddies or babies can set up their profiles. 
  • Safe - Every sugar baby eligible to sell content must first verify their age and provide the website with a verification selfie. It is done to ensure that sugar daddies remain safe from any fraud and scam. 
  • Online only - Fundmysugarbaby is an online website perfect for cyber sugar babies.  Sugar babies can maintain their relationship by messaging and video chatting with their sugar daddies to keep them content and happy.
  • Security - Dealing with sugar babies who are not verified can breach the security of the sugar daddies. Moreover, on the activity, everyone can see if any Sugarbaby posted a picture and can save it. It might lead to the leakage of photos without the sugar baby’s permission.
  • Less active users - Even though many users have signup for this website, the active users genuinely interested in sugar dating are very few.
  • No mobile app - The most significant drawback of the Fundmysugarbaby website is the non-availability of its app. It hinders the fast response and communication between sugar daddies and babies.



Simple Guide to Using Fundmysugarbaby - How to Succeed in Sugar Dating

After knowing this website, here is a simple guide to operating Fundmysugarbaby to help you succeed in sugar dating. 

For sugar daddy:

Step 1 To signup on the Fundmysugarbaby, fill out the signup page, which includes email, password, nickname, Birthday, country, and time zone (optional).

Step 2 Purchase the one-time PRO sugar daddy plan after signing up to become the official sugar daddy on the website. With this plan, you can have unlimited connections and purchase a customized plan from sugar babies.

Step 3 Sugar daddies can find their perfect match by free browsing or on the activity section and in groups. 

For sugar baby:

Step 1 Signing up procedure for sugar babies is the same as the sugar daddies. But to become the featured sugar baby on the website and start earning, you must verify yourself by uploading one profile photo and one verification selfie, including a handwritten note depicting "Fundmysugarbaby"

Step 2 Sugar babies need to buy paid membership plans such as basic, premium, and platinum to start selling their content and to contact sugar daddies.

Step 3 After that, to attract the sugar daddies, set up a sugar baby bio along with 3 or 4 (PG 13) photos on the profile page.

Fundmysugarbaby Membership Plans - Costs and Expectations

FundmysugarbaFundmysugardaddy Free Services

Browsing on this online sugar dating website is completely free. People can browse the activity and groups without purchasing any paid membership plans. Good deal to preview the inside without having to pay. 

Fundmysugarbaby Membership Plan

sugar daddy only
Sugar daddies have to purchase the one-time pro Sugardaddy plan at the price of  $49.99. With this plan, sugar daddies will gain a blue verification badge, a featured profile, unlimited messaging, and connections with Sugar babies, moreover, the guarantee of payment protection and the leverage to make an anonymous payment.

sugar baby only
Sugar babies have three different paid membership plans varying in their features. Let's have a look at these plans.

  • 80% Basic: it is a monthly plan priced at $9.99. Sugar babies can message/chat with Sugardadies and have standard price plans with this plan. They receive an 80% amount minus the processing fee and a 30-day payout.
  • 90% premium: its price is $29.99, and it also is a monthly plan. SBs can send photos, video chat with SDs, and have standard price plans. They receive a 90% payment minus the processing fee and a 30-day payout.
  • 100% platinum: this plan is priced at $49.99 and has greater features. SBs receive 100% payment minus the processing fee and early payout in 14 days. It includes unlimited chatting/video chatting with the SDs. Moreover, SBs can set custom prices and plans in their preferred currency.

How much a sugar baby earns, depends on her ability to attract Sugardaddies. If SB sells the content five times a month, she can earn up to $200. Although, they can also highlight that they are hoping monthly allowance. SB can set up an allowance target of up to $2000, but they can increase it once they complete this target.

Fundmysugardaddy Alternative Worth Trying - SugarDaddySeek

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
  • Unlimited right swipes to meet local sugar baby, daddy, and momma
  • Large and active user base with quick responds
  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy


Although Fundmysugarbaby is a great website to try online sugar dating, some drawbacks turn off its game. 

The best alternative to this website is SugarDaddySeek which covers every con of this website and comes with enhanced features to up the game. When you say you have it all on the online sugar dating website, you surely haven't tried SugarDaddySeek. 
SugarDaddySeek is a simple and safe website that securely helps you find a sugar partner. Sugar daddies and babies on this website are 100% manually verified to avoid scams and fraud. Each sugar member is strictly verified with face recognition. Sugar daddies are accepted only from the 20 richest countries of the world who are loyal to their words and want to pursue a long sugar relationship. It is the best website to ensure financial support and a luxurious lifestyle for sugar babies. The best feature that makes SugarDaddySeek stand out in the crowd of online sugar dating websites is that it is mobile-friendly. The more quickly you respond, the more sugar you get.
Want to know the best part? This website has an”Advanced filter“feature. So, are you looking for a specific height, body type, location, distance, and occupation? SugarDaddySeek got you. Just filter your specifications and get to meet your ideal sugar partner.  Moreover, thousands of active members are on this dating site, where you have multiple options—still searching? Naah!


Fundmysugarbaby is an effective website that can be a good source of earnings the sugar babies. They must be active, responsive, and have an excellent profile page to make it more enticing. Paid membership plans can be a good investment for sugar daddies and babies. But, Comparing it to the SugarDaddySeek, it has advanced features and is more user-friendly, which makes it outshine Fundmysugarbaby.


About the Author

Rhea is a professional content writer who mainly focuses on sugar dating guides. When she is not working, you can see her in the gym.

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