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10 First Conversation With Sugar Daddy Examples: What Should You Say & Don't Say?

Start an interesting and stimulating conversation with sugar daddy. Learn how to meet sugar daddies and how to build romantic relationships with them.

Robin | Updated:

Sugar dating is a fun, adventurous way to meet new people. Sugar dating brings two unique people together and lets them get to know each other in a comfortable, relaxed setting to analyze their chemistry.

And if they really hit it off, they can begin dating again after they are done with the initial date.The first time you talk to a potential sugar daddy, it can be awkward. You're not sure what to say, where to start and an endless list of things to worry about.

However, if you're willing to put yourself out there and overcome any fears you may have about dating older men or anyone in general then I think it's worth it just for a nice experience and some stories along the way. Here are some tips for your first conversation with sugar daddy.

First Conversation With Sugar Daddy Examples


How to Start a Conversation With Sugar Daddies? [Do’s & Don’ts]

We're all looking for love, companionship and a little bit of fun. Finding a sugar daddy is a great way to meet someone new and get the relationship you want. If you want to know how to message a sugar daddy, here's what you need to know and some sugar baby tips for beginners:


  • Read sugar daddies' profiles

Read the profile of your potential sugar daddy. What do they write about themselves? Do they seem like someone who would be interested in meeting you? Are they looking for anything specific in a relationship? This will give you an idea of what kind of person he or she is and how he or she might feel about meeting someone like you.

  • Be Polite

Being polite is the first thing that you need to do before starting a conversation with a sugar daddy. You will not get his attention if you are rude and aggressive. Being rude will make him think that you are not interested in him and he might not want to talk to you. You need to be polite when talking to any person, especially with someone who is rich and famous.

  • Be Humble

Being humble does not mean that you should act like a loser or behave badly towards them. It means that you should show respect for them and their money. Being humble means that you should treat everyone equally without expecting anything from them in return.

  • Be Sexy

Being sexy will help in getting closer to the heart of your guy friend or sugar daddy by making him feel attracted towards you as soon as he sees you approaching his table at a restaurant or coffee shop. Holding hand and sitting closer to him make you more desirable to sex.


  • Don't be generic

You should try your best to avoid being generic in your profile. Try to be as unique as possible, because this will help make your profile stand out from the rest of them. Avoid being too personal or intimate when writing your own profile because if anyone wants to know more about you and what makes you unique.

  • Don't be desperate about money

Don't write "I need money" or "I'm broke" in your message as this will make them think that you are desperate and needy which isn't attractive at all! You can say something like: "I'm looking forward to meeting up with you tonight so let's keep it casual and enjoy ourselves!" or even just simply "It sounds great!"

  • Don't be too direct 

Daddies don't want women who will just strip naked in front of him for attention or sex; this type of behavior will make them feel uncomfortable.

10 First Conversation With Sugar Daddies Examples 

Make following conversation to find a sugar daddy which make you unique than others:

1. In order to send the right message, you should start by addressing your sugar daddy by name. For example, "Hi [sugar daddy name]," This shows that you respect him and are willing to work with him.

2. "I'm looking forward to getting started." This shows that you're ready and willing to go out on dates with him, but also that you're not overeager about it.

3. "I'm here because I want to know more about what you do and how you work." This will help him understand that you're not just after his money and power, but also the opportunity to spend time with him.

4. Continue with a few sentences about what kind of date you'd like to have (i.e., dinner or drinks), and how much time he can expect for his time with you—this will help him gauge whether or not he'll be able to make it work for his schedule.

5. "I'm so glad we're talking. I've been meaning to email or call you." It shows that you're a sugar baby open to spending time with him, and that you want to learn more about him.

6. "I don't know if this is a good idea—but what do you say we get together again and talk about it?" This lets him know that there are no hard feelings on either side.

7. "What do you enjoy doing?" This shows that you're looking for a long-term relationship rather than just a one-night stand.

8. "What are some things I could do with my time?"  This reduce misunderstandings later on.

9. "If you are interested in getting to know me better please feel free, comfortable and safe doing so!" Thi shows you want a limitless talk

10. "If you ever want to hang out, let me know! We can go see a movie or grab coffee or just talk about the latest issue of The Economist." This shows you are willing to talk about any issue in life. 

What You Should Not Say During Your First Conversation With a Sugar Daddy?

Making your first conversation with sugar daddy you have to be very careful with your words and actions. You should also consider the person you're speaking with before saying anything at all. 

Sugar baby conversation starters Examples are listed below that you should avoid:

  • The first thing you should not say during your first conversation with a sugar daddy is "I don't have any money." That's because it's a lie. You may be poor, but that doesn't mean that you don't have money.

  • “I’m in debt, so I need money to pay off my debts.” Always tell the truth, but don’t go into details unless you want to get into debt even faster!

  • The words you speak can make all the difference in how others perceive you. Following are bad choices during your first conversation with a sugar daddy:

  1.  "I'm looking for a sugar daddy."

  2.  "I'm broke." 

  3.  "I want to meet someone who has money."

Put It into Action: Start A Conversation With Sugar Daddies on Sugar Daddy Sites

If you're looking for a sugar daddy, then you may have just found the perfect place to start your first Conversation With Sugar Daddy.  SugarDaddySeek is a dating site that allows you to find sugar daddies that are interested in making financial arrangements with beautiful women. 

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  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy

Sugar daddy seek has a large number of users, which means there are many opportunities to meet people and start conversations. They have lots of resources and information on how to start a first conversation with sugar daddy and find out more about their needs.If you're interested in trying out sugar daddy seeking, here's how it works:

  • Sign up for sugar daddy seeking online, either through one of their websites or through social media like Facebook or Twitter.

  • Complete your profile as completely as possible, including your age and height, education level, marital status and other relevant information.

  • Wait for matches from other members who have similar interests as yours or have posted profiles similar to yours already on the site (for example: single mom looking for an older man). The more information you put into your profile, the better chance that someone will match with you!


The first conversation with sugar daddy is always the most important. If you approach him with an open mind, treating him like any other person, and showing that you are willing to make all the sacrifices necessary for him to see that your relationship is mutually beneficial.

He will be much more likely to open up about his desires and needs.If you're looking for advice on how to approach a sugar daddy, sugar daddy site is a good way to remain anonymous while seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement with someone who can provide the lifestyle you desire.

If you put in the work in your interactions and communications, then you'll have no trouble meeting a successful and generous man who is ready to spoil you today. All it takes is one conversation and an understanding of the rules of engagement to find yourself living out your fantasies.

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