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Fetlife Review 2023 - Your Guide to Everything About

Curious about how things work in the kink community? This article will guide you through everything you need to know about

Robin | Updated:

The BDSM, kinky, and fetish communities have grown in size in recent years, both online and in person. is one of the online platforms where people may experiment and explore their kinks. Its range of possibilities is quite broad and varied, broadening the community's reach to those who are prepared to explore different elements of their sexuality and limits. This article will give you a Fetlife Review and everything you need to know about Fetlife.

Fetlife Review

1. What Is Is Fetlife a Dating Site?

Fetlife bills itself as "The Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish, and Kinky Community." Having over 8 million members and over 40 million photographs and videos posted, the network appears to be anything but niche. After creating a profile with personal details and photographs, you may follow other users, message them, and add each other as friends. The FetLife homepage displays all of your friends and users' activity. When you publish content - photographs, videos, and 'writing' - you may choose whether it is accessible to all viewers or just your friends. You may also create new groups or join existing ones and search by location. 

2. How Does Fetlife Work? requires new users to establish a free profile and choose a gender, a sexual orientation from a list and the role that will define them inside the platform, ranging from dominating and kinkster to swinger and brat. Users are then permitted to publish photographs, films, and stories containing all kinds of extreme fantasies, some of which may be prohibited in the real world. The idea of the BDSM community is founded on permission and stating your specific limits ahead of each session, creating a safe zone where you can explore and experiment. These guidelines are, of course, well known on Fetlife.

3. Signing Up at

A welcome web page greets you when you first enter FetLife Review.

By just clicking the Signup to FetLife button, you will be brought to another screen where you will be required to fill out some basic information. This includes your preferred website nickname. Then, from the drop-down menu, select your sex. There are about twelve options.

You then select your preferred kink or fetish. A drop-down menu contains 67 functions to choose from.

The leftover parts need you to provide your date of birth, location, password, and a valid, current email address. Fetlife requires you to authenticate your register by publishing a cell number, where they will send you a verification code.

Fet Life claims that they will never use your cell phone number to contact you and that it will always be kept anonymous. While such enrollment barriers may be inconvenient, they result in a considerably more authentic account base. Actual people created the majority of the profiles on FetLife. This improves the user experience by removing false profiles and jokesters from the website.

4. Fetlife Login and Fetlife Profile Review 

Once you go to the website of Fetlife, you will see a page asking for your sign-in details. Once you sign in, you will see the homepage where all your friend's user activity is displayed. You may express yourself as much as you want with your profile. Your character page should be divided into six sections, each of which will allow you to display some personal information. The first point encompasses all of the facts you evaluate during the subscription. You may modify this post at any moment and add your notice there if you don't like what you're seeing. The next part included a list of key profiles on which you may concentrate your efforts. It is also feasible to make this material attractive to attract more users.

5. Making Contacts on 

Texting with other people is entirely free on Fetlife. It is designed so that the users can conveniently start a conversation after visiting a profile of the potential interest. If you're looking for a kink or fetish, use the search bar or the search loss to learn about other random people with the same interests as you. The content is similar to emails; you may contact people near you by clicking on "Perv Kinkster Regional'' on the chat page. Some users may or may not act accordingly; be cautious when sending messages. Understand members' profiles first to determine their profiles first. Otherwise, it is not advised to contact others. 

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6. Is Fetlife Free? Costs 

To some extent, Fetlife is free; you can quickly sign up, make a profile, view different profiles, post pictures, and videos, or even view your friends' activities on the homepage. Still, without a subscription, you cannot view advanced postings. You can see movies, discussion pages, and popular articles and selections you may potentially stumble across for free, but advance postings will cost you $5 per month to view. It is payable in six-month ($30), one-year ($60), and two-year ($120) installments; if you pay a total of $240, you will have lifelong access. Payment may be accomplished through credit card (Visa, V Spend, Bankcard, and Maestro), e-import while in Canada, Bitcoin or Paysafecard, or even swapping a present credit, so you're able to enough well-known stores.

7. Is Fetlife Legit?

Kinksters are no longer alone, thanks to fetish culture. Fetlife is a legal and legit website that people use to explore and play with their kinks in a safe environment. Fetlife encourages safety, consent, limits, and correct BDSM practice by being a member of a community of like-minded people. FetLife is a secure online dating service website since it does everything possible to keep its consumers safe. In addition, FetLife never discloses your personal information to third parties, websites, or other organizations.

8. Is Fetlife Safe? 

Fetlife is not safe. It has had some issues in the past, such as a woman being kidnapped by the suspect who visited the forum called Abduction 101 on Fetlife. The woman is presumed to be dead. There are many forums like that and many instances where Fetlife has been brought up in a criminal investigation. There was a case of distribution of child pornography or another case where a man raped someone he met on the website. Another issue of Fetlife is it does not allow people to name their abusers.

Another bone-chilling instance was when a person was raped when they were bound and gagged. The inability to identify abusers on FetLife, even under pseudonyms, contributes to the anonymous distance that encourages online abuse. It also deprives FetLife, and the virtual BDSM community in general, of the necessary self-policing and communication. Experiencing BDSM through a screen may appeal to less-savvy acolytes, but anonymity is like air for the evil actors who will prey on them.

9. Fetlife Review from Real Users

Fetlife has many mixed reviews. Here are some of the testimonies from Fetlife Review’s users we found on Reddit or Quora.

1. Fetlife has allowed kinksters not to be alone. They promote safety, consent, and boundaries and do BDSM properly by being part of a community of like-minded people. Just like Facebook, there are still not nice folk, but it's a great way to learn and grow - Mrs. McGowan.

2. It's one of the largest communities for Kinky people. You find genuine people with real interests. Real events, real Kinky stuff! I never thought there could be such a well-done community online for free with no surprises! The site is well done. The verification by phone is accurate. Uploading pictures and videos works like a charm! - Luca Proculo

3. *Plenty of abusers are allowed on, no robust system to exclude them.

*Can sometimes get lucky for kinky times but very rare.

*Extremely negative view toward male submission, general trend is the majority of people are unable to tell the difference between consensual (BDSM) power and nonconsensual (social/economic) power, hence widespread disdain for submissive men.

*Endless 'daddy doms' who are really just possessive and not kinky at all.

*Gender essentialism galore. - George Bouverie

10. Alternative: SugarDaddySeek - Enjoy Your Kinks Safely & Get Paid

While Fetlife is not safe to use, an alternative for Fetlife is SugarDaddySeek. Sugardaddyseek is an excellent and safe way to enjoy your kinks and get paid while doing so. SugarDaddySeek has significantly influenced the online dating industry. It made sugar dating socially acceptable, it has offered a secure and trustworthy forum for sugar daddy encounters.

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The premium dating service is rapidly gaining popularity and importance among online dating enthusiasts. It gets millions of views daily on individual profiles and boasts many registered profiles and successful matches. SugarDaddySeek is also rare because it is an exclusive website committed to aiding successful and beautiful people in creating an open and trustworthy connection in a safe atmosphere, allowing Sugar Daddies exclusively from the top 20 wealthiest nations.

The dating site links people who want to form sugar relationships . The platform is entirely free and allows for endless searches. Everyone is free to browse the user profiles and communicate with them. To find out more about SugarDaddySeek, sign up now! 


In recent years, the BDSM, kinky, and fetish groups have expanded in number online and in person. Fetlife is an online platform where users may experiment with and explore their kinks. Fetlife describes itself as "The BDSM, Fetish, and Kinky Community's Social Network." Fetlife is legit, but it has shortcomings because there is news of fake profiles and people visiting the websites forums and harming others and doing things like abduction. Fetlife has its share of mixed reviews. To use the website, one should be very careful. An alternative to Fetlife review is SugarDaddySeek, where you can explore your kinks safely and even get paid for them.

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