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Feet Finder Review: Is Feet Finder Legit to Find a Sugar Daddy by Selling Feet Pics?

Feet Finder is popular, and you may want to sign up at Feet Finder too. Before you do it, read this Feet Finder review to know the pros and cons of the website.

Robin | Updated:

Feet Finder Review

What is Feet Finder? Is Feet Finder a Scam or a Legitimate Service? Is Feet Finder Safe? This post is just what you need if you've ever considered monetizing your feet images on Feet Finder and are in the market for genuine Feet Finder Reviews. In addition, we will walk you through the process of creating an account, how to market yourself as a legitimate supplier of foot pictures, and, most importantly, how to make money with Feet Finder in the year 2022.  


What is Feet Finder? 

Feet Finder is a marketplace that facilitates purchasing and selling private photographs and movies of feet. It is aimed at those who are interested in either of these activities. It is one of the fantastic opportunities for passively earning money.

After you have successfully logged in, there will be an ID verification step for you to complete. As stated in Feet Finder's privacy policy, this step has been implemented for communication, ensuring that you will receive any special offers directed in your direction and verifying that all its members are at least 18 years old.

Sellers see Feet Finder as an opportunity to make good money off trading their feet images, whereas buyers regard this site as a store where valuable pictures may be purchased.

Because some people buy these photographs to satisfy their desire for sexual gratification, this website is classified as a fetish website. This is because they adore or touch representations of feet, which allows them to fulfill their sexual fantasies and express themselves sexually.

In addition, I like the straightforward website design, making it simple to explore and even featuring a specialised blog that discusses how to sell pictures of feet. But that's how I feel about the website; if you want to have your judgement on Feet, keep reading.

Who is Feet Finder for?

This platform is currently gaining popularity in all three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. So you should give it a shot if you are a lady or a male from either of these countries and have gorgeous feet worthy of being clicked on.

In addition, you must be at ease when it comes to revealing your photographs to the general world.

Prospective purchasers also have the option of making direct contact with vendors and making a request for a particular photograph. However, as a seller, you can decide whether or not a specific buyer is permitted to subscribe to your profile and view your listings.

How to Get Started on Feet Finder & Sell Your Feet Pictures?

Now that you understand what the Feet Finder app does, I'll walk you through the steps you need to take to get your foot photography business off the ground.

Step 1: Feet Finder Sign Up

First, you'll need to create an account.

Start creating an account by going to the Feet Finder homepage and clicking the sign-up button. Next, you can click on a button that says View/Buy Content or a button that says Sell Content.

To access the page for signing up, choose the latter option, read the instructions after clicking the last option, and click Continue at the bottom of the message.

Step 2: Verification of Identification Procedure

Because safety is of the utmost importance, this step has been included. At this point, you will need to snap two photos: the first will be of one of your government-issued identification cards, and the second will be a selfie of you holding the same card.

Because of this, the corporation can guarantee that all users with an account are at least 18 years old. Any person who is under the age of 18 and wants to open a budget won't have their age confirmed.

Step 3: Fill Out Your Personal Information Profile

The procedure of registering for the event has concluded with this step. In this section, you will be requested to provide some basic information. You must provide your name, date of birth, age, and email address.

It is clear that this is essential information; nevertheless, you should not worry about disclosing it to anybody else because the company's privacy policy states that they will not do so.

Step 4: Feet Finder Login

After completing the account creation process and verification, you will be granted access to the FeetFiner platform. You will be needed to provide the email address that you used during the account registration process, as well as the password that you choose, to gain access to your account.

The email is helpful because if you try to log in to your account but realise that you have forgotten your password, the company will use the address you provide to give you a link that will guide you through resetting your password.

How Much Can Feet Finder Sellers Make?

A picture currently costs an average of $22, while a video costs an average of $19. This is according to a post on the Feet Finder blog, which also mentions that some sellers have made more than $30,000.

You can boost the price of gorgeous foot photographs to whatever level the customer is ready to pay, with the lowest possible cost being $5. However, the lowest rate is $5.

At this time, the corporation deducts a fee of twenty percent from the total money made from selling your photographs. This sum is intended to cover the costs associated with the transaction and ensure the data's confidentiality.

For instance, it has been stated that a select few models have earned up to one hundred dollars for each photograph they have posed for.

The number of followers you have on your Feet Finder account and any other social media accounts, such as Instagram or Facebook, is a significant factor that will be considered when calculating the price per image. When you have a more substantial number of followers, you can charge higher fees.

Also, having more followers means there are more individuals you may tell about the site.

Is Feet Finder Free to Use?

No, Feet Finder is not available for free to everyone any longer!

Buyers can currently access the site for free, but sellers must pay a monthly subscription fee of either $4.99 or $14.99. The annual fee is discounted to $14.99. Feet Finder's premium plan for sellers is available for a monthly cost of $14.99 or a yearly fee of $29.99.

When Feet Finder first went up, the service was offered at no cost to buyers or vendors. Later, they discovered that the endeavour to make money by selling foot images rapidly expanded, with thousands of new people signing up to sell Content regularly. This information was revealed to them later on.

Even though a substantial number of purchasers were signing up and making purchases, the number of sellers continued to outnumber those of the buyers significantly.

Consequently, the corporation decided to implement fees for the sellers rather than imposing limits on the number of users who may sign up, publish Content, and make sales.

If you select the yearly plan, you will have the opportunity to save more than $45 compared to choosing the monthly plan.

Is Feet Finder Legit?

If you are wondering, "Is Feet Finder a Legitimate Website?" The answer is yes; Feet Finder has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, indicating that it is a legitimate and trustworthy website. In addition, it is one of the few sites devoted to the feet fetish that allows users to purchase and sell films and pictures of feet at reasonable prices.

There have not been any significant allegations brought forward at this time that call into question the legitimacy of the platform. Creators are paid on schedule, and the corporation will take 20% of your sales as payment for providing the service.

Additionally, it has a stellar reputation for its customer service, which goes above and beyond to ensure that your account starts earning immediately and continues to do so in the future.

Is Feet Finder Safe?

This question has a resounding yes as an answer to it! It is possible to begin selling foot pictures online and generate money using the website known as Feet Finder. In addition, you do not need to be concerned about the safety of your personal information to sign up for a Feet Finder account.

Your private information, such as your phone number or personal email address, will be protected by an obligatory verification procedure and will be maintained at all times. This will guarantee your privacy.

Additionally, Feet Finder uses encryption to ensure no danger of con artists leaking data from the company's database. This safeguard is in place to prevent fraud. It employs Sitelock to prevent traffic from being generated by bots, and all of its payment options comply with PCI standards.

Despite this, you still have a significant part to play in protecting the confidentiality of your information and warding off any fraudulent schemes that might be attempted.

To begin, you should make it a point never to disclose your contacts, sign-up details, or any other personal information that you have supplied with Feet Finder to any third party, not even your most profitable customer.

Feet Finder Review from Real Users: What Do They Think?

One individual refers to receiving communications considered "nonsense" from other users. They suggest Feet Finder implement a fee of fifty cents for each message that users send, which, although unusual, is not unheard of for platforms of this type.

An additional buyer criticizes that customers with bad ratings are less inclined to make purchases. Therefore, they recommend implementing a system that filters customers out based on their ratings. They all believe the website can be trusted and genuine and pays creators as promised.

Why limit oneself to reviews? Instead, check out this thriving feet seller community on Reddit for ideas on how to customize your pics to fetch high prices.

Can I Find a Sugar Daddy on Feet Finder?

You can find sugar daddies on the Feet Finder, but the main problem in finding them is the time; it is hard sometimes to find the best sugar daddy on Feet Finder. However, there are a lot of sites that help you quickly find a sugar daddy; one of them is SugarDaddySeek, which has many reviews that allow people to click on their site and easily find the best sugar daddy on the internet. 

Best Sugar Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy, Baby, and Momma
  • Unlimited right swipes to meet local sugar baby, daddy, and momma
  • Large and active user base with quick responds
  • Strict censorship to protect your security and privacy

Pros of SugarDaddySeek

  • Reliable
  • Easy to find
  • No scams
  • The specific site for finding a sugar daddy

Cons of SugarDaddySeek

  • Need premium subscription (sometimes).
  • Some people found difficulty in searching


As you can see from this detailed Feet Finder Review, Feet Finder is a safe, legit, and real place for people who have interest in selling and buying feet pictures. However, if you want find a sugar daddy on Feet Finder by selling feet pictures, SugarDaddySeek is a more appropriate platform for you. 


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