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How to Be a Cyber Sugar Baby & Get Paid $300 a Day

Want to be a cyber sugar baby but don’t know how? This page will show you how to become a cyber sugar baby and get money from online sugar daddies.

Rhea | Updated:

We have heard a lot about traditional sugar babies, but there is a new trend in sugar dating - cyber sugar babies. They can get paid by texting only! Rare as it is, one-tenth of all sugar arrangements are built online. And the number of cyber sugar babies keeps rising! So being a cyber sugar baby is on heat! Find out how to become one of them and make money fast now!



What is "Cyber Sugar Baby"? Can I Become One of Them?

Cyber sugar babies are some sugar babies offering online relationships only, without meeting or physical contact. This paid pen pal relationship may be unbelievable, but it is happening. Believe it or not, cyber sugar babies get paid 300$ a day by texting only. But we must admit that not everyone can earn money or gifts by texting only; being a cyber sugar baby takes some techniques and time. Can you become one of them, and get your sugar daddy text only? Don't worry; as long as you have beautiful photos and are an excellent texter at the same time, with the help of this blog, you can be a cyber sugar baby!

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How to Be a Cyber Sugar Baby & Get Spoiled by Sugar Daddies

There are various ways to become a cyber sugar baby; before jumping right into a particular platform, ensure it is suitable for online sugar dating.  

Get Paid by Texting on a Cyber Sugar Baby Website - SugarDaddySeek

For beginners, sugar dating websites would be the most efficient way to be cyber sugar babies. But why joining sugar daddy dating sites can be your first choice?  The reasons are as follows. 

  • Sugar daddies are pretty open about finding a sugar relationship, so it would be time-saving for sugar babies to look for them online.

  •  On some well-designed sugar baby sites, efficient search tools with filters reduce search time.

  •  Online sugar daddy sites generally offer greater security out of strict security rules. 

As mentioned before, a reliable sugar dating website can significantly help you. Like SugarDaddySeek can easily find online sugar daddies or mummies securely. All the members on this website are strictly verified of identification with registrations from the top 20 richest countries with strong financial backgrounds. 

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If you want to be a cyber sugar baby, SugrDaddySeek can ensure you securely find online sugar daddies. This website is safe and straightforward to use.

Step 1  Join in SugarDaddySeek

With one click, you can join SugarDaddySeek. Create an account. 

Step 2 Create an eye-catching profile

 After joining a sugar dating website, you must work on your profile. But only put some things on your profile directly. Here are some points for you while you are creating your profile.

  • Using a fake name and location-A real name and location may expose barely everything about you!  So some SDs can track and find you, which can be extremely dangerous. 
  • Post 3-5 beautiful pictures-Let your pictures speak for you. Being a cyber sugar baby, stunning pictures are needed for sure. Like selfies, pictures of your body, traveling pictures… These kinds of pictures indicate that you live a high-quality life, and it is more likely to attract rich guys.

  • Show your hobbies- Hobbies bring the chance to meet online sugar daddies. Some sugar babies add their hobbies to their profiles. Like “cat lover” or “love Game of Thrones,” the conversation begins if someone has the same interests.

  • Use “spotlight” to boost your profile-SugarDaddySeek can boost your profile in a short time, so you have more chances to be noticed by sugar daddies or sugar mommies.

Step 3 Find potential online sugar daddies

You should know that it is challenging for cyber sugar babies to find someone who pays for texting only. It might take some time to find online sugar daddies. So say “Hi” to everyone you are into. Do not be afraid of texting them; you can tell them that you are looking for online relationships “temporarily” and are “considering” moving to where they are. By doing this, some sugar daddies may think you are serious about this relationship, and you will meet them up, so you can win their trust. You might get a bucket of “not match,”  but you can receive one or two “yes ” simultaneously.

Step 4 Start Exciting Conversations

After setting up an attractive profile with potential online sugar daddies, as a cyber sugar baby, you must know how to connect deeply with them. Because deep connections bring you money. 

  •  Reply SDs’messages on time-some sugar daddies are lonely and needy, so they want to talk to someone to meet their emotional needs. Once they can’t find companionship from you, they may never give you money.

  • Share your daily life-make they feel that they are “involved ” in your real life, Like sharing your outfit for today, what you have for dinner, or bringing up what you have been busy with (tests, personal projects… ). Ask them about their thoughts. So they feel that you are real. Then they are more willing to give money.

  • Make them feel young again- Bring out some hot topics, discuss them with older sugar daddies, and send funny sugar daddy memes

  • Send some pictures-Not just post pictures on your profile, you can also send some lovely pictures to sugar daddies. Sugar daddies are indeed willing to pay for your great photos. You can also learn how much I should charge for pictures.

Cyber Sugar Baby Con

Other Ways to Be Online Sugar Baby - Privacy Risk and Time-Consuming

Social media and regular dating apps can be ways to become a cyber sugar baby, even though they were not designed for sugar dating relationships. Finding sugar daddies on these platforms will cost a lot of time and effort, and what’s worse, there might be privacy leaking risks. 

Be a cyber sugar baby on Instagram

Instagram is a well-known platform with all kinds of users, so there are sugar daddies, rich men, and scammers. If you want to know how to find rich old men on Instagram so you can get more information about them. You can follow these steps.

Step 1 Create a specialized account-you can create an account for being an online sugar baby with a fake name and location. If you have a specific account for sugar dating relationships, you will be more likely to be noticed by potential sugar daddies.

Step 2 Post beautiful photos-Instagram is an excellent platform for you to show something about yourself. So choose some beautiful pictures and post them online.

Step 3 Find sugar daddies- you can start by searching for hashtags like #sugardaddy or #sugarbaby, then find relevant accounts. You can also follow some supermodels to check their following lists; there might be some wealthy men. 

Step 4 Send direct messages- Once you have found some sugar daddies or affluent men, it is time for you to send them direct messages. Don’t say too much but tell them basic information about yourself and that you are looking for an online relationship. But sincerely, you have to know that many people won’t be interested in online relationships only.

It indeed takes you some time to find rich guys and ask them to be your online sugar daddies, but with effort, there might be a chance. But be cautious, there are plenty of scammers.

Tinder can help you become a cyber sugar baby

With some tips, you can become a Tinder sugar baby.

Step 1 Create an account and edit your profile, but you have to know that a profile directly shows you want to be an online sugar baby might be banned from Tinder. You can add “online relationship friendly” in your bio. 

Step 2 Change your location to places you want them to think you are, like New York, Boston, Denver…

Step 3 Spend some time searching for wealthy men who need company. You can set the age range to 30-45, which is more likely to find a rich older man. But don’t let scammers fool you. 

Step 4 You have to switch to another platform to chat with your sugar daddy cause some words are not allowed on Tinder. 

Using dating apps can take a lot of time to select target sugar daddies or mommies, so some cyber sugar babies consider regular dating apps time-consuming if you want to get money fast.

To sum up, if you were wondering how to become an attractive cyber sugar baby, the best option would be to choose SugarDaddySeek as your companion. Before looking for potential online sugar daddies, read some tips below to get paid smartly.

Tips and Tricks for Cyber Sugar Baby Beginners

Don't rush into online sugar dating; here are some tips for cyber sugar babies.      

  • Protect your identity. Make sure you safely find sugar daddies. Unlike traditional sugar babies, cyber sugar babies do not want to meet sugar daddies or sugar mummies in reality. So all cyber sugar babies need to keep in mind that don't use your real name or post your real location.
  • Don't expect a huge amount of money. Unlike traditional sugar relationships, cyber relationships can’t get too much money. Online sugar daddies might not be a big spender.
  • Bring out your financial needs naturally. Don't push SDs to give you money, especially online sugar dating. Cyber sugar babies should not ask for money at the very beginning. Be patient, and wait for a time to bring out financial needs.
  • End nonsense conversation in time. You need to know that you might meet some weird guys even on the best sugar dating websites. Like someone in a hurry to meet in real life, someone who talks nonsense, or even scammers, so ghost them if necessary.
  • Don't give your bank account. Some apps need actual names and numbers to get money; once SDs find it is not the same name, they will take you as a scammer, so apps like Cash App can receive money without accurate information.


With all these ways to be a cyber sugar baby, you can choose the best. But we sincerely recommend sugar dating websites like SugarDaddySeek can make you find sugar daddies in a simple, safe, high-efficiency way. And remember those tips so you can get what you want from online relationships.

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