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CitySweeties Review (2023): Is It a Dating Site Worth Signing up?

Here we will discuss the CitySweeties review. If you want to know whether it's appropriate for you? This review guide will help you.

Alex | Updated:

Currently, just a few individuals have not tried internet dating. The goal of those dating sites and apps is simple: to assist you in locating someone who shares your tastes, interests, and hobbies so you can meet and build personal and romantic interests.

When it comes to online dating, dozens of sites and apps are available. In this article, we are going to give you a full CitySweeties review. You can learn what it is, how to register, how to use it and lots more. Now, let’s get started.

Citysweeties Review


What Is CitySweeties?

CitySweeties is a dating service where everyone may meet a mate regardless of shyness or prejudice. Everyone is welcome on this site, including heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, and other members of the LGBTQ + community. is a dating website for folks who like Sex. All submitted profile images must be manually approved. This is an additional security tool to guarantee that accounts are genuine (not fraudulent) and to remove any ad-based or objectionable content. This implies that you will only encounter genuine folks seeking genuine interactions. Not anyone who is not a registered user of the service can see the user profiles. As a result, only the individuals you want to engage with will be able to view your profile or information. 


CitySweeties has the following features to meet your online dating needs:

  • Regional Advanced Search

It provides regional searches, allowing you to locate anyone interested in dating in your area. The ability to search for anyone's id in your area is the finest feature of the CitySweeties dating app.

  • Live Chat

The site also offers live chat to engage with other users in real-time. This makes it exceedingly simple to communicate with other users and arrange meetings. You will not have to wait for the other person to check their messages. You will be able to observe when they are online and communicate with them about anything you desire.

  • Highest Privacy

When using a dating app, your privacy is critical. Citysweeties is one of the dating apps that does not allow you to see the profiles of their website's users if you do not have an account with them. As a result, you can be certain that you will maintain a high degree of privacy when utilizing their site's services.

  • No One Can Intercept Your Messages

This dating site's data is sent through an SSL connection. As a result, intercepting your communications is technically impossible. CitySweeties is an excellent alternative if you want a dating app that protects your privacy.

  • Mobile App

The site does not currently offer a mobile app for download on the site. That does not mean you won't be able to view it without a computer. You may still log in and access all of the site's features on your mobile device. It features a completely responsive design that works on whatever device you like. This is the ideal approach to engaging with other people and arranging a sexual encounter later in the day.

How to Use CitySweeties?

You cannot download the CitySweeties App for your iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone and tablet since it has not been officially released on any platform. If you wish to utilize this Dating service, you must first go to the official site Www.CitySweeties.Com and register there. The registration form for CitySweeties requires a medium amount of information (containing 5-10 fields maximum).

How do you register?

  • Click the "Start Searching" button on the site to establish a profile.
  • Fill up the relevant sections with your selected username and password.
  • Select your Gender as well as the one you are interested in.
  • Fill up the location box with your address.
  • Continue By clicking the button.
  • Follow the instructions on the website to establish a dating profile.
  • After you have completed your profile, you may begin browsing for suitable mates.
  • The first step in finding the perfect date is to create an online dating profile.
  • This will evaluate your profile when you build it online and include your likes, interests, hobbies, and so on.
  • After analyzing the profile, it will begin recommending individuals based on your choices, interests, and preferences. 

Citysweeties   register


When you register on City Sweeties, you must validate your email address. This is a simple preventative strategy to avoid the formation of fraudulent or fake accounts. This increases the security of the CitySweeties experience and leads to a better overall platform experience.


CitySweeties does not provide any paid trial membership choices. There are no paid membership alternatives available at CitySweeties. CitySweeties has a coin and credit system that you can use to pay for premium features (such as sending messages, chatting with users, greater profile visibility, etc.). 

The coin system is only charged once. If there aren't enough coins, it won't automatically renew. Therefore you'll need to manually buy the necessary number of coins every time you want to utilize this service.

Here's what you should know about the prices:

10 coins are $14.99

25 coins are $34.99

50 coins are $64.99

100 coins are $119.99

200 coins are $199.99

CitySweeties - Alternatives

In the event that you are not interested in CitySweeties dating sites premium services, there are alternative dating sites available. You may utilize the following alternative dating sites:

1. Tinder - Best for Hookup

Tinder covers you whether you are searching for a quick hookup, a prospective date, a friendship, or an LTR (long-term relationship). It is essentially the first call for individuals new to the dating scene. If you want to beat the odds regarding online dating, you must swipe where everyone else is swiping. In addition, the profiles are short, which allows you to make rapid selections. Short dating profiles have the disadvantage of making it difficult to determine what individuals are searching for.

2. Her - Best for Lesbian Girls

The majority of dating apps are generally LGBTQ-inclusive. Even so, it is nice to have your app. Her dating app (Android/iOS) is aimed at lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women. It is a noble idea, but the app has flaws and quirks that make it difficult to use. Most of my LGBT female friends have informed me that the app is "just OK," not ideal and that they generally return to Tinder or Bumble.

3. SugarDaddySeek - Best for Finding Sweet Sugar Babies

SugarDaddySeek has made a significant contribution to the online dating business. Aside from making internet dating socially acceptable, it has established a safe and dependable venue for sugar daddy/baby interactions. The premium-dating site is quickly gaining popularity and significance among online dating lovers. It now receives millions of views on individual profiles every day and claims a high number of registered profiles and successful matches. SugarDaddySeek not only assists beautiful and successful individuals in developing open and trusted relationships but also simplifies, standardizes, and exceeds your expectations.

4. PlusCupid - Best for Chubby Women

The notion of beauty has evolved throughout time—men like BBW (Big Beautiful Women). PlusCupid app (Android/iOS) is a website that celebrates BBW ladies and the guys who respect them. PlusCupid is a dating site for BBW plus-size individuals. It's a website aimed at large, attractive ladies and their admirers. Most online dating services appeal to individuals who are slender and thin, yet this is a myth that this website has debunked.

5. AdultFriendFinder - Best for Swingers and Hookups

AdultFriendFinder is one of the most popular sex sites on the internet, and everyone joins for the same reason: to meet partners for being banged. Because the user base is often quite open-minded, people may easily be convinced to attempt non-monogamy if the perfect chance arises. Having said that, they do attract a large number of swingers or those who are interested in swinging.

CitySweeties Dating Site - FAQs

Is CitySweeties Safe?

CitySweeties is a dating platform that prioritizes your protection and privacy. Of course, it is your responsibility to protect yourself against fraudsters and fraud profiles by not sharing important information.

Is CitySweeties Free?

No, CitySweeties does not provide free trial memberships. It does not provide subscription services either. You must first acquire coins that may be used to send messages to other users which means you canpurchase premium features in CitySweeties using a system of money and credits (such as sending messages, chatting with users, greater profile visibility, etc.).

Is there a CitySweeties dating app?

No, the site does not presently have a mobile app available for download. That doesn't mean you won't be able to view it without a computer. You may still log in and access all of the site's features on your mobile device.

How to delete CitySweeties?

The website allows customers to terminate a paid subscription while keeping their online accounts operational. You have two methods for removing your profile from the site. You may deactivate your profile, allowing you to conceal it from other users. You may still CitySweeties login and reactivate your account using this option at any time. You may also remove your account by closing it.

Delete Citysweeties Account


This is the through CitySweeties review. In general, it’s a newly-raising dating site that has gained some popularity. And some people are eager to utilize the CitySweeties dating sites since it is so fresh. This indicates that compared to the older sites, you have a considerably higher chance of success here. You may use it without a monthly membership, offering strong security. All that is required is for you to make a purchase of tokens that can be used to send out messages. That’s all!

About the Author

Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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