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15 Best Places to Find a Sugar Daddy Online & in Real Life [2023]

Here are 15 best places to find a sugar daddy both online and offline. Check this article to find your best place to meet a real and rich sugar daddy.

Alex | Updated:

Finding a sugar daddy can be particularly challenging. If you are tired of having a hard time finding a high-caliber and want to nab a sugar daddy who can spoil you with affluence and be your mentor, these best places to find a sugar daddy will help you find that first-rate and successful man easier. So, whether you are already into the game or new and want to start in a regulated environment, these places come with the well-off men you are looking for. 

Best Places to Find a Sugar Daddy


Best Place to Find a Sugar Daddy [Online Dating Sites]

Online sugar daddy dating can be convenient and has proven to be working great for many sugar babies. It doesn't deliver the same energy and excitement as finding a sugar daddy in real life. And the convenience and pleasure of being able to access a large pool of sugar daddies who live in NYC, Atlanta, Miami, the UK, Australia and lots more online are wonderful. Here are the 5 best sugar daddy sites and apps to help you connect with well-off men who fit your needs.

1. Seeking – Best Overall Sugar Daddy Site for Sugar Babies

Is the world’s largest and best sugar daddy site with more than 10 million active users. It’s available in 130 countries around the globe. Every account on this app is legit. Every sugar daddy on this site must pay a membership fee from the start. The daddy-to-baby ratio here is great with an estimate of one daddy to 3 babies. Seeking is ideal if you are looking for an option that will help you juicy batting equal to 100%.


Besides, it provides female members with absolute free membership. The perks make it one of the best sugar daddy sites free for sugar babies. 

2. SugarDaddyMeet – Best for Finding Verified Sugar Daddies

Established in 2007, SugarDaddyMeet has earned its reputation due to its verification process. It has an enhanced and strict verification process to ensure you are not just there to catfish their users. SDM has also enhanced privacy protection to keep you and other members safe.  

Sugar Daddy Meet

The signup is free for a sugar baby. You get charged when you upgrade your membership to unblock more messaging features. In line with its mission of providing a safe, secure, and legitimate platform, SDM has the best customer support. Compared to other platforms, it has a smaller user base. Another pro with SM is it has zero fake and scam accounts. The cons are that it’s available in selected cities and has an established community to enhance connections.

3. Secret Benefits – Best for Finding Secret Benefactor

Secret Benefits is one of the best places to find a sugar daddy online as it offers users an option to seek a lifestyle upgrade. It also offers mentorship to users or simply an opportunity to network. It’s free to join and you can select a username, meaning your name remains hidden. The platform is ideal for singles who are looking for a benefactor who can give them financial support. 

Secret Benefits

You will have more chances to attract a sugar daddy if you upload a verified video of yourself. That way, sugar daddies can make sure that they are connected with a real woman rather than fake profiles or bots.  Remarkably,  this site is basically free for sugar babies. While you still have to upgrade your membership to message someone without limitation, view secret albums, and browse hidden photos. 

4. Elite Singles – Best for Career-Driven Sugar Babies

Elite Singles is the best place to find a real sugar daddy on your level. The platform is designed to ensure that guys who haven’t used this social platform can take advantage of its offers. The best part is ES features men of advanced age. The community on this app is large and the male-to-female ratio is decent. The platform uses a questionnaire system of pairing. You answer questions and you are paired with the right sugar daddy based on your answers. 

Elite Singles

It also has the wild cat feature that will randomly pair you with a potential sugar daddy. The downside of ES is it has no local roulette features. You must upgrade your membership to use more features. 

5. SugarDaddySeek – Best Sugar Daddy Site Free for Sugar Babies

SugarDaddySeek is one of the most popular sugar daddy sites to find a sugar daddy for free. The registration process is quick. You can throughout the signup process within 5 minutes. Then, you can use it to connect with thousands of real and verified sugar daddies in your area. The “Swipe to Match” allows you to swipe to like a potential sugar daddy and brings you to match results quickly. You can also take advantage of the “Instant Chat” feature, which allows you to chat directly with a sugar daddy. That double the chances of finding a sugar relationship successfully.

Send Profile to Spotlights | 10x More Exposure in 30 Mins

A simple click to bring your profile 10 times more exposure in 30 minutes. Harvest the huge number of match requests that are piled up.

Also, this site is LGBTQ+ friendly. If you are looking for a wealthy gay man to pamper you and give you financial help, it should be one of the best places to find a gay sugar daddy.  

Best Places to Find a Sugar Daddy in Real Life

Some women are averse to finding a sugar daddy online and prefer the more natural in-person method. They want to put themselves in places where they're more likely to find a sugar daddy. To maximize the opportunity to find a successful man, below are the 10 best places to find a sugar daddy with organic interaction.

1. High-End Boutiques and Luxury Stores

If you would like to flaunt expensive gifts, designer handbags, Apple products, and cash. These places are some of the best places to find a sugar daddy because online the last thing you will want to start chatting with a bot.  In boutiques and stores, you meet with a real sugar daddy. But as always, know what you want and be truthful to yourself. 

Luxury Stores

2. Rich Zone 

A Rich zone is a highly rated place like tourist destinations, underground swimming pools, privet in-house cinemas, and other high-end amusements. In these areas, show truthfulness and avoid showing off. It all begins with your mind. Be self-contentment and forget about social status. Train your mind to be sensible, bigger, better than to look rich and sound rich. It’s the best way you will attract the attention of the daddy.

3. Expensive Gyms

Expensive gyms have progressive programs perfect for you to mingle with sugar daddies. Signing up for some of these programs increases your chances because group training will give you the structure you need. Whether you are new or not, you will discover your class according to your preference. This spot is perfect for gym enthusiasts.

Expensive Gyms With Rich Older Men

4. A Local Charity

Rich men tend to go to charity events to donate and show their kindness and generosity. Reasonably, you may find a sugar daddy in such events. The obvious thing is you have to dress to impress. Don’t act slutty. Bring your personality and talk to people, network, and enjoy yourself. It’s that simple. 

5. Political Party Events

What is a better way to find your best suitor than political party events? Search for political party events in your area and shortlist areas where they will occur. Some of these sugar daddies are the ones who finance political campaigns. Present yourself but again, it depends on your preference and desires.

6. Private Clubs

Private clubs are the best places to find a gay sugar daddy. People having entrance to private clubs are either rich or respectable. Besides, to be a member is demanding, and if you are incapable. you may consider some other options. You can give a shot at Premium Golf Clubs or Luxury car clubs.  

Private Club

7. Places of Business

A restaurant in a rich district is where rich sugar daddies go. Lunchtime during weekdays is an appropriate time. This is when investment bankers, CEOs, and many others take a break from work to eat at a restaurant. Order something to eat and ask the waiter to clear the table so it looks like you are alone. If someone smiles at you, smile back.

8. Antique Fairs

These are areas where old items like furniture are sold because they are valuable and of their beauty. Sugar daddies will come here to spend their cash on antique jewelry, vintage wares, etc. This is a great opportunity for you to meet up with men of your taste and preference. 

9. Investment and Wealth Management Seminars

Yes, you heard it. Apart from learning how to invest and manage your wealth, you also connect with sugar daddies on a personal level. You can ask burning questions and that way you can attract the interest of some wealthy men. Be courageous and know how to present yourself. Handle yourself like a professional. 

10. Concert

A concert, cultural venue for wine, or scotch tasting is among the best place to meet a sugar daddy. Pay for a VVIP ticket because this is where men with money will sit and interact. Why not be among them share a drink, and connect? Survey for those concerts that you know will attract quite a several renowned personnel.


These are the best places to find a sugar daddy. If you want to find a successful arrangement with ease. The online sugar daddy site or app is surely the best choice. If you prefer offline places, you will not regret getting in touch and visiting any of the above spots. Get moving!

About the Author

Alex is a professional writer in the sugar dating area. Has more than 6 years of experience in Sugar Dating. Consultant on sugar relationship. He is also our sugar dating website & app tester and the top contributor.

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