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Ashley Madison Reviews - What is Ashley Madison and Is it Worth it?

Here are the ultimate Ashley Madison reviews. What is Ashley Madison? What’s the difference between Ashley Madison and other sugar dating websites?

Kathy | Updated:

When people are searching for Ashley Madison, they simply assume that they will have the opportunity for dates. Most Ashley Madison reviews concentrate on the site interface, rigorous verification process, and the number of members on the site.

 However, the truth is that Ashley Madison is much more than a best sugar daddy site. It’s an affair sugar dating website that can offer you so much more. Let’s take an in-depth look into the site to find out whether being on there is worth all the hype. In this Ashley Madison review, you will finally get an in-depth answer to the question ‘what is Ashley Madison’. So just keep reading to find our Ashley Madison reviews below.


What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison Reviews - All the Facts You Should Know

Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating website that caters specifically to married people, couples, and singles looking for a sugar baby and sugar daddy casual relationship. The judgment-free dating site specializes in low-key marital infidelity and was officially established in 2002. Throughout the years, Ashley Madison has earned a shady reputation. It has gotten a lot of attention as the very first prominent dating website for extramarital affairs.

Despite what some Ashley Madison reviews say, it is a popular dating site with a large number of people looking to expand their horizons. The platform has been heavily criticized for being a "business built on broken hearts," and also for allegedly lying about its customer base by setting up fake accounts or failing to prevent others from posting fake accounts. Darren J. Morgenstern founded the site with the catchphrase "Life is short. Have an affair ". The site’s name comes from  "Ashley" and "Madison," two popular North American female names that inspired the site’s name.

Ashley Madison Review - How it Works?

Unlike most free sugar daddy websites, Ashley Madison uses a credit system rather than a subscription model. Sugar daddies who use Ashley Madison must purchase credits in order to engage other users. The more credits you purchase, the cheaper they become.

Various actions on the site require different amounts of credits. Sugar babies, on the other hand, do everything for free on the platform, which is why the site has such a large female user base. Credit costs on the site are prone to change, may vary by region, and may be influenced by promotions and sales. Here's a rough estimate of how much credits will cost:

With the Basic, Classic, and Elite plans, you get:

  • Basic plan costs $59 for 100 credits or $0.59 per credit.

  • Classic plan costs $169.00 for 500 credits or $0.34 per credit.

  • Elite plan costs $289.000 for 1,000 credits or $0.29 per credit.

Reviews for Ashley Madison From Its Members - Is It Safe?

Ashley Madison Reviews From Its Members

The data breach at Ashley Madison in 2015 raised a lot of concerns among both new and old members. While the site's future seemed to be bleak, with the majority of members leaving and potential customers opting for competing with dating apps. According to a 2015 analysis by technology news site Gizmodo, almost every female account on Ashley Madison was never used.

 Multitudes of profiles enrolled to sugar babies appeared to be bogus, and millions were unused, according to the site, which conducted extensive tests on data stolen and leaked by hackers. Early reports following the hack claimed that 90% - 95% of female accounts were phony, but there was little evidence to back up this claim. 

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One thing is clear, the site has a large number of users. However, this is good for sugar daddies and sugar babies. But is Ashley Madison safe? The multitude of users means there’s more likelihood for scammers, bots, and the safety of personal information may not be guaranteed and many Ashley Madison reviews agree that this could cause future problems.

 It is obvious that keeping millions of users of a site in check is no child’s play and if the site was hacked in the past, there are questions of whether it can be hacked again in the future. Even though the site fortified their security measures, hackers are always waiting for a chance to get in. It would be unwise to think they wouldn’t do it again. Also read legit sugar daddy apps.

A Better Ashley Madison Alternative - SugarDaddySeek

A Better Ashley Madison Alternative - SugarDaddySeek

While most Ashley Madison reviews don’t mention alternatives, we’ll do things a little differently. If you’re looking for a better alternative to Ashley Madison, you might want to check out SugarDaddySeek. While it is a dating site, there are plenty of married sugar daddies and sugar babies of all ages that are looking to have a discreet affair. Joining the site is simple and easy. Once you register, all you need to do is wait for the verification process and you can proceed to find the person you’re looking for. What’s more, unlike Ashley Madison, SugarDaddySeek relies on the monthly membership system to ensure every sugar daddies and sugar babies experiences all the features.

A Better Ashley Madison Alternative - SugarDaddySeek

SugarDaddySeek has many types of people on the platform, including divorced, single, married, and many others. The site offers comprehensive user verification and facial recognition using an AI. The site also verifies income property in detail so you don’t have to worry about revealing personal information to strangers or talking to scammers. Simply click join now, and begin an affair dating now! 


Above is all about Ashley Madison reviews. Ashley Madison's credit plans are quite costly as we all can see. But it's even much harder to estimate how much they'll cost until you fully understand what you'll be able to do with them! Regrettably, the credit system isn't as simple as it appears.

 Every time you post or open a message sent by a different user, you will be charged five credits. In addition to this, according to various Ashley Madison reviews, the site has millions of users.

 This begs the question whether the site is still safe even after reinforcing security measures. For better alternatives, sites such as SugarDaddySeek works just as well, if not better. While the site has millions of users, each user has to go through a vigorous identity verification process. Besides, there are married people, singles, divorced people on SugarDaddySeek. In addition to this, the developers frequently evaluate user profiles to sieve out spammers and cons. The site is also highly secure and safe for each user.


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